Since 2000 we have been providing industry leaders with IT solutions and comprehensive e-marketing services. We have already carried out more than 2000 projects for clients from all over the world. We cooperate with small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as with global concerns.

The cooperation with experts from various spheres combined with up-to-date technologies and expert knowledge has made it possible for us to provide our clients with top-notch IT solutions for everyday business processes, as well as comprehensive e-marketing services.
The quality of our services is a priority issue for us which is proven by the most prestigious awards in the digital industry. For us they are a source of pride and a motivation for further work.
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Web Development Company Chicago

Wezom web development Studio is an assortment of services including consultation, analytics, the creation of unique design solutions, the formation of optimal structure and content fulfilling on websites. With the experienced and competent web developers, Wezom is more than just a web development company Chicago.

Our company creates convenient and effective websites and web systems for various business fields, based on advanced web technologies. Wezom, the web development agency Chicago executes all the services to fully meet the requirements of the market and its clients. Our portfolio consists of web projects regarding different categories such as online stores, visiting websites, corporate websites, online catalogs, landing pages, non-standard internet solutions.

If you prefer the services that are on offer by our website development studio then get in contact with us for an effective and powerful selling website.

Development of website for business

Wezom the web development agency Chicago offers more than typical solutions to its clients. It constructs unique projects that consist working with a large amount of data, are fast in nature, user-friendly and flexible for promotion.

Created by the team of experienced web developers, the website will:

  • Effectively work in attracting new customers and serve existing ones.
  • Rapidly increase sales.
  • Inform customers about promotions, news and special offers in a timely manner.
  • Enhance the image as a successfully developing company
  • Be continuously in touch with the target audience.

The website developed by Wezom helps in properly solving different business problems. A well-made website is the ‘face' of the company on the internet. The popularity of the company, its brands, and further capabilities depend on that website. Therefore, the development and implementation of the project should be entrusted on capable and professional developers. Wezom is one of the few web development companies in Chicago that creates truly unique and technically sound websites that can become a source of profits. It can also help in enhancing the company's image.

Wezom is a web development studio that creates fully functional websites as per the latest web development trends courtesy of its years of experience, the number of competent employees, and a wide range of successfully completed projects.

Stages of development of internet solutions for business

Web development is a complex yet coherent process where the quality of the entire projects is dependent on the performance of every stage. Moreover, Wezom approaches the implementation of each project, responsibly by paying attention to the smallest details. Following are the stages:

1. Analytics of the client's business.

At the first stage of web development, the goals and functions of the project are determined and the requirements of the target audience examined. This will create an impactful business tool.

2. Determination of the optimal structure of the site.

The structure of the web resource in determined at this stage which is the key to providing information to the users. A superior structure of the website suggests easy and quick access to the right content and it is one of the main criteria of judgment of website quality by users.

3. Creating a prototype.

A concept driven prototype website consisting of all elements is created at this stage. The design of all the pages is structured as per the corporate style and preference of the customer. It is vital that the graphic design is combined with the website's content and subsequently content's organization. Therefore, web designers and content managers have integrated working relationship.

4. Layout.

After layout approval, the development is transferred to the layout. This stage involves the integration of graphic design, text content, and software. Furthermore, the layout process also includes the checking of compatibility of various pages of the website on different internet browsers including PCs and mobile devices.

5. Programming.

At this stage, all program elements are connected and the required functionality of the web resource is provided. The implemented solutions at this stage are based on the application of new technologies and advanced techniques for working with databases and generating pages of a website with downloaded content.

6. Filling.

In the final stage, the website is filled with texts, graphic images, audio, and videos. The effectiveness of a web resource depends on the quality and relevance of the content. Useful, relevant and interesting information attracts more customers and keeps them on the website. Therefore, for the implementation of this stage in the web development process, there will be an involvement of content managers and copywriters. They both will write unique selling texts that are perfectly integrated into the structure of the web resource.

After the website is filled and tested, it is placed on the selected domain of the client. Further, host settings are conducted and training is given to the client to work with the web resource.

Web development agency Chicago gives special attention to SEO during the process of website creation. Optimized and properly configured for SEO, the website heads to the top of SERP and becomes more profitable.

Advantages of Wezom Studio web development services

The following are the advantages of the high conversion and productive Wezom web development services:

  • Adaptability on the type of device.
  • Relevance from the point of view of marketing.
  • The efficiency of loading, which is one of the basic requirements.
  • Effective rapid promotion.

Wezom, the web development company in the US that has the ability to implement a high complexity project in a short time span. Our company guarantees an individual and dedicated approach, transparent conditions for cooperation, high quality of projects.

Cost of web development

The cost of each project is calculated individually. Our company will mention the preliminary amount of expenses after knowing the requirements of the technical assignment. But, the exact price will be announced after conducting a detailed analysis of each stage of web development. It is important to understand that a unique, technically complex website would come at a high cost. The more you invest in its development, the better the result would be and the higher the result.

Transforming ideas into sales

The website developed by the Chicago web development company Wezom will help in the growing of sales, attracting new customers and gaining a competitive edge. Order a website of any kind, and our clients will receive a unique, modern, convenient, functional tool for sales along with top class communication with customers. If you are not sure about the overall website needs then send us a request and we shall guide you into getting an optimal website.

Wezom Studio is a web development company Chicago that is trusted by hundreds of clients and you can become part of our wide range of client. Contact us for a free consultation and let Wezom Studio become your reliable business partner!