3 reasons SEO belongs at the beginning of a project

07 August 2017
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is mostly brought in by content marketers after finalization of the project. Once the blog post or a marketing campaign is completed, SEO tends to kick in and hence, related keywords are then inserted into the content. But, the sad part is that this routine is not only out of date but also very unproductive.

The latest SEO research techniques can enable the content marketers in knowing the types of visitors they receive, the buying intent of the visitors, and the type of information and format that is been required and preferred by those visitors. Such in-depth knowledge helps in driving a more adequate content strategy.

When SEO is brought after the completion of everything else, it is impossible to make the most of the benefits that SEO is capable of providing. In order to succeed in reaping maximum benefits, every part of the content needs to be optimized and SEO should be made an integral part of every project, right from the start.

1. Keywords should lead the content that’s written, not forcefully inserted.

There are several ways to gain ideas for content. Some come from fellow colleagues while others come from fellow marketers but SEO content should only be inspired by the online users and their needs. And the number one platform to retrieve such information is none other than Google.


Beneficial content strategies should begin with the keyword, as the keyword is the key to understanding the mindset of the visitors. The procedure of gauging the right keywords is the gateway into knowing the needs of the visitors, the content that would suffice for those needs, and creation of the appropriate content.

2. Content should be written as per keywords research

In the quest of learning user intentions, marketers are helped by keyword research in creating the content as per user needs. This would mean understanding the information required, the viewer of that information and the point where visitors are in their pursuit to make a purchase.

Apart from other advantages, keyword research can assist marketers in getting vital content details:

  • The kind of information required? There are two types of information that is shown when keyword researchers are made. The first one is known as learn intent. The self-explanatory term means that whenever a search is made, basic or initial information is only provided such as baseline definitions and guidelines.  The focus is on offering general information. The second one is purchase intent. This means that whenever a search is made, product information, prices and related reviews are shown. The idea here is to encourage the visitor into making a purchase.
  • The person acquiring information? Marketers tend to customize content as per the nature of the audience. If the audience is individuals then the content would be technical and detailed. But, if the audience is corporate personnel then the information would be systematic and high class.
  • The pitstop on the buying process road? The user making keyword search that prompts basic information is at the pitstop of building awareness only without any awareness of their problems and needs. The user making keyword search that results in products, prices, etc. is the one that knows about its needs and wants to make a purchase to satisfy that need.

3. Google’s ranking system can be understood through SERP analysis.

Google’s ranking system works through algorithms and the only way to understand is via SERP analysis. A solid analysis would help determine the best info, content, keywords, etc. for a certain industry. By knowing this, marketers can gain top ranking position and without this analysis, every effort would go in vain.

Google ranking

The page one search results provide the adequate list of factors that are valuable for a certain market. By knowing the top trends in the list of factors such as page load, page retention, visualized content, and other similar trends, marketers can gauge the most profitable ranking factors that they must aim towards achieving. For example:

  • When the results of a certain search show videos then it indicates that people using that certain keywords are interested in videos.
  • When the results of certain search show content with more than 3000 words then it indicates that people using that certain keywords want detailed information.
  • When the results of certain search show visuals such as tables, gifs, slideshows, etc., then it indicates that people using that certain keywords favor visual content.

Knowing the top trends in ranking factors would give marketers the edge over others in understanding the needs of visitors and subsequently, creating the best content, in the most favored format and at the most suitable time.

The current content can be bettered with SEO research.

Even if the content is online, it can still be improved and edited. SEO audits is an excellent way into understanding and utilizing new ways of enhancing engagement and rankings without having to redo everything. It would aid in pinpointing least responsive content, add targeted keywords and perform research regarding user preference.

  1. One needs to begin by highlighting user intent. If the search results for the targeted keyword indicates towards learn intent content and the webpage is all about purchase intent then either the content needs to be upgraded, edited or new content needs to be added.
  2. The next step is knowing the pitstops in the journey. If the webpage has more of building awareness pitstops and less of purchase making ones then proper content needs to be added to cater every level of every pitstop in the journey.
  3. Lastly, one needs to check whether the content that is written is for the right type of visitors with the right information in the right format. If any of those things are unable to match and satisfy the needs of the visitors then correctional action needs to be taken and that too, urgently.

Productive content strategies can only be derived through latest SEO keyword research techniques.

Performing keyword research after the completion of the project is a fruitless effort. Being aware of user intent before the start would help in playing the game perfectly. This would further help in increasing visitor traffic and notching up the rankings as comprehensive information would be available beforehand. The information would include the sort of keyword being searched and the content that is being asked for.

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