7 Management Hacks for SEOs

16 June 2017
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Around 2 trillion searches are made annually via Google and 93% of the online activities begin with those searches.

The fact that Google makes over 600 changes every year, it becomes increasingly difficult for SEO managers to get proper results. Therefore, this article would focus on 7 time-management techniques for SEO managers to fetch valuable results.

  • PPC ads can the pathway to being No.1.

Instead of shuffling through keywords, enhancing on-site optimization and link building, one can simply purchase a few pay per click (PPC) ads through AdWord. This can help the websites gain a no.1 spot, as per the words of Larry Kim, founder of WordStream.

Pay Per Click

Google prefers well-known brands, hence, making it difficult for small brands to ever beat the big guns. For example, homemade drinks will never be able to outrun giants such as Coca-Cola. Even if the SEO managers try their utmost, they will never be able to rank-up the homemade drinks brand above Coca-Cola or Pepsi. However, PPC ads can do the trick.

PPC would also assist in understanding the critical keywords for future search. Otherwise, keyword research can be a hectic affair. AdWords can skim the website through the line and also inform the website owner regarding its future course of action.

  • Conduct a website audit

Conducting an SEO audit into the website would identify the shortcomings and strengths of the website. This is essential on a yearly basis because it would give proper feedback on the guidelines that the website must adopt in order to progress with time.

  • Healthy competition between SEO and PPC manager.

It is important to point out that whenever a certain competition arises between two people, it brings the best out of both. The same is the case between SEO and PPC managers. If someone is looking to get the best out of their SEO manager for their website then a certain word in favor of PPC managers would get them going.

Wezom Studio

SEO manager would give more than 100% to prove that PPC managers are not better than them and subsequently, cannot fetch better results for the website.

  • Crowdsourcing

A lot of time, even the best of SEO managers can get help from unlikely sources such as the crowd. User-generated content (UGC) as it is known, is the content (posts, articles, videos, images, etc.) that are created by the end-users instead of the website itself. It has many benefits such as the following:

A review and subsequent rating by the end-user of a certain product or service helps to increase the social proof. Social proof is the acceptance of a product or services by other users on the social networking websites.

It helps in diverting more traffic towards the website. The more the social proof, the higher the traffic. More traffic then means more conversions.

The higher ratings can put a content on SERPs as well which would automatically result in achieving more click-through rates.

Posting of photos of a product helps in improving image search visibility.

Marketing campaigns backed by UGC has 20% more of a positive impact on buyer's decision to make a purchase.

Coca-Cola is a great example of UGC. Almost everything on their website was created by its consumers.

  • Focus on SEO processes.

Instead of wasting time chasing hacks, it is important to put in place practical SEO processes.

With time, it has become a known fact that getting head around the entire SEO is difficult. Simply because it is way too complicated and huge. Therefore, it is vital that flawless systems are implemented to get a better understanding of it.

SEO strategies tend to fade, techniques evolve but staunch search criteria remain the same. For example, keyword research tools may vary but the technique to perform the activity tends to remain constant.

The same can be said about page speed. Large images can be detrimental for a website. Therefore, one must edit them and post them elsewhere. These easy to perform steps can save a website because 74% of the total visitor traffic navigates elsewhere when the page does not load in 5 seconds.

Moreover, try optimizing and writing only relevant content. One can begin by making a checklist which the SEO team should follow and that too only with a good process in place.

  • Outsourcing

Whenever the word ‘outsourcing' comes up, the thought of running from post to pillar comes to the mind. Trying to accumulate everything together at one place and communicating with people from different fields, appears very hectic.

All this is true to a large extent but there is no harm is enduring slight discomfort and getting the tricky bit of the work completed by someone else. In fact, it can be very fruitful for the entire job.

In this day and age, no one can provide ‘full-service'. So, there is no point in trying to be the jack of all trade. Certainly, when the option of outsourcing is readily available. It can improve results and at the same time, allow better time management on everyone's end.

  • Scheduling

It is time to set priorities and scheduling. According to social scientist David Meyer, a person can lose 40% productivity when it moves from one task to another. So, instead of hitting mental blocks frequently, one must schedule everything to get the best out of oneself. It will help in allowing the brain to free enough time for everything.


Optimization is the key to success. Not only SEO optimization but time optimization as well. Instead of managing multiple things at the same time, it is crucial that one prepares for everything in advance. This would allow even the most competent of SEO managers into becoming more productive and having enough free time.

One should not think about performing all the activities at the same time. This would only result in breaking one down. SEO managers should develop a workable process and fit everything in it.

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