Creating a Website for Your Service Business

18 October 2017
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Are you a service provider who wants to establish his or her presence online? Do you want to create a website for business but have no idea how to break the ice and get moving? If you answered “Yes,” take time and read this post to learn all the steps and requirements that will assist you in carving yourself a niche on the Net and reap the advantages of going online. Here, we share out some of the tricks and secrets that will enable you to achieve this milestone for your service-based enterprise.

Preparing the ground

A wise man once said that success happens when opportunity meets preparation. This maxim applies in every stage and sphere of life, including your desire to succeed in your site-building project. Below are some of the preparations that will position your project for success.

Define your main purpose

First, take time and sit down to analyze and determine the purpose of your envisioned website. You should determine whether you need a platform to disseminate information about your services, a direct e-commerce platform for selling, or both. By making this selection, you will set the stage ready for your target audience, since your visitors have a single intention—to know what you can do for them. When you determine its purpose, you get a better position for detailing the project further. For instance, an e-commerce site would be more complex, costly, and hence, it will take more time to design and build it compared to a simple information website.

Choose your online identity 

Planning how to make a website for your business, you ought to pay attention to your identity. After determining the kind of website that you desire to create for your business, you will now establish your online identity. When doing this, you should choose a name that resonates well with your target audience. In addition, factor in the ease of remembering the name by keeping it short so that it does not confuse your customers. Lastly, you have to choose whether you need an .org, .com,. net, or a .biz domain – they are perceived by users differently, and we recommend giving this aspect enough consideration to make everything work out in your best interest.

Find a home for your site

Once you have made up your mind and are telling yourself, “Good hosting is what I need to create a website,” it’s high time to begin preparing for hosting. This preparation stage is critical, since you will have to get a place to host your site. Choose the kind of hosting you need based on the budget you possess or the complexity of your website. For instance, you may opt for a shared hosting if you have a limited budget, or a private host that gives you your own dedicated server. The latter option is costlier, but it is better in the long-term, since you don’t have to struggle with other “neighboring” sites competing for bandwidth.

Create your pages

After getting over the preparation stage, you now need to move on and instruct your designer and developer to start creating the pages. You should now build the user-friendly home, service, and contact pages. It is also desirable to create a blog section of your website where you can post educative content concerning your services. Don’t forget to design every page with clear calls to action regarding what you want the visitor to do after visiting your website. For instance, you can choose to direct them to buttons where they can learn more, sign up for subscriptions, reach out to you, and buy. It is also important to include adequate details in your contact page so that your audience can reach you easily. Other components of how to create a business web page include letting the visitor know where you are located, your phone number(s), your email addresses, and postal address.

Common challenges on the way

Is building a website a hassle-free affair? Not at all! Therefore, expect and prepare yourself to overcome difficulties before you can have a great service site. Here are some of the challenges you are most likely to encounter.

Limited time

The first challenge you need to prepare for is limited time. When it comes to the service industry, such as medical and legal professions, you are limited to working within fixed times of the day or night. The limitation becomes more complex especially if you’re the lead professional in the team.

Proving that you can perform

Another challenge regarding how to create a website and sell products is proving your exceptional performance. It is necessary to convince the customer that you can deliver quality services by:

  • Proving to them that you have sufficiently met other customers’ needs
  • You can maintain customer privacy
  • Show your ability to customize your services to meet their unique needs.

Fitting within your geographical delimits

Based on the type of service you offer, you will have a limited geographical scope. For instance, a web designer can offer web-designing services to customers from across the world. But the situation is different for a plumber in New York, since he cannot offer his services to a household in Tokyo. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare yourself for such challenges so that you can sharpen your edge and compete well in your local space.

How to make a good business website: Strategies to get you moving

Besides the challenges we have seen above, you can utilize these strategies and move on successfully.

Prove you’re credible

Dealing with online customers will take more time to build a loyal relationship with your buyers as a way of establishing your credibility in their hearts. For instance, you will have to build a credible standing and develop a cordial relationship with your customers, since you are not a retailer dealing in tangible products that users already know about.

Be particular 

Additionally, it is necessary to be particular and assertive in the way you present your offer. Don’t just assume that telling your visitors what you have done to make other clients happy will be enough to convince them to use your services. Take time, look at what other sellers are offering, and determine the following facts:

  • The way you will deliver your services
  • Your specialty in any given field
  • The qualities that distinguish you from the competition
  • Any form of guarantee you offer to clients
  • If you offer similar services at a higher or lower level.

Get listed                                                      

Another strategy to move forward successfully after creating your site is getting listed in your local directory. This way, you will be better placed to benefit from the local searches around your area.

Optimize it for mobile use

In our modern day, all technology is going mobile, and any business that ignores this trend is bound to fail. So great is the migration to mobile platforms that in the last few years, the number of people who access the Internet by using mobile devices has risen beyond 65%. If you want to achieve much with your site, make it mobile-friendly so that your clients can access you anywhere, anytime.

Help customers to reach you easily

Another strategy in how to design a website to sell products is making your website an easy tool for outreach by customers. Design your site pages in such a way that they enjoy an easy and seamless connectivity between your selling copies and points of contact.

Showcase your corporate culture as a key to distinction

Since you incur cost to create a website for a business, it is in your best interest to get the best out of your efforts and money. Therefore, you need to consider creating a strong corporate image for your service business so that it does not look like another sole proprietor with an online identity. It is necessary to showcase your corporate culture to customers and to know what you stand for. Here are some of the things to incorporate into your corporate culture:

  • Your staff images and credentials as a way of showing the world that you are a team
  • Your mission, vision, purpose, and core values so that the people can know what you accomplish and how they may benefit from it
  • A detailed “About Us” page that shows your current and prospective buyers where you are in the market and what you are heading to
  • Your social responsibility policy, so that your customers learn how you pass on their money to benefit the society. 

Building a site for a service business is a great step towards establishing your presence and activities online. The process has its challenges and joys at the same time. However, by following the steps and insights we have discussed in this post, you will be in a better position to succeed in every stage of the way.

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