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When it comes to automating cargo transportation processes, it is crucial to not only implement logistics software and build routes correctly. But also it is important to rationally manage the entire fleet to make it work as efficiently as possible. Fleet management software is something that helps to cope with this task.

Fleet management system what is it?

Fleet Management System

Digitalization has affected not only route management because a one-sided approach cannot produce significant results. For maximum efficiency, we recommend implementing several systems at once and integrating them. Among them is the Fleet Management System - a specialized software that helps optimize and digitalize most of the processes related to vehicle management to increase the efficiency and profitability of your company.

What are the capabilities of the software for fleet management?

software for fleet management

By implementing a fleet management system, you get a whole range of opportunities:

  • monitor your fleet in real-time: be aware of the location of vehicles, their plans, fuel consumption, technical condition, and the time of the last inspection and maintenance;
  • harmonize data between all your systems and departments: thanks to comprehensive integrations, your software itself exchanges information with each other, instead of your employees entering data into each system manually;
  • increase safety: we are talking not only about the safety of your data in the system, we are talking about the safety of your drivers, who will be warned about the state of the roads, and also that it is time to take a break from the road;
  • track statistics: data analytics will help you conclude the strengths and weaknesses of your company, make predictions for the future, and identify and correct existing errors and shortcomings.
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GPS tracking

gps tracking

Thanks to the introduction of GPS fleet management solutions into your cargo transportation processes, it will become much easier for your drivers on the way: they will see the entire route on one device, automatically correct it in case of changes in deliveries, and will also be aware of the situation on the road, if any section is being renovated or traffic is closed for any other reason. And your clients will be much more pleased to work with your company if they can track the delivery of their cargo or parcels on the map, know the approximate delivery time, and adjust it if necessary.

The benefits of digitalizing fleet management

digitalizing fleet management

  • control of engaging and location of vehicles;
  • monitoring of the state of transport vehicles and frequency of technical inspections;
  • fuel consumption tracking;
  • even distribution of the load on vehicles and drivers;
  • safety of drivers on the way;
  • control of the work schedule of the vehicle fleet;
  • increasing delivery productivity;
  • increasing customer satisfaction;
  • the ability to track cargo in real-time;
  • cost reduction and optimization;
  • increasing the company's income.
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