How Long Should Content Be?

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How Long Should Content Be?

Creating a blog post is not enough to promote your business ideas. You need to do it right to achieve at least some kind of significant results. One of the most common questions all business owners have is about how long articles and everyday posts should be. Does it really matter how regular you are about posting and how intentional your blog is? Does the length of your text influence the results you get? To make a long story short, yes. Everything mentioned above influences the effectiveness of your blog and the promotion of your business online.

Today, we are going to talk on how to find the right length for your articles to make your blog as effective for the niche you are working in as it is possible.

How Long Should My Blog Post Be?

When it comes to running a business in 2017, a blog and a website are the essential elements of this process. It positively affects the marketing and getting more customers in a very short time. How much time you spend on your online content and how long it directly influences the results you get and the time needed for those results. Before creating your business blog you have to take into account these factors to make an informed decision.

SEO web content differs from the post you share on your company's official accounts on Facebook or Twitter. As it has concrete requirements and rules, which have to be stuck to. Let's have a closer look at them.

Firstly, you have to understand that each single blog post doesn't have to be the exact same length. But, in general, you have to follow a certain kind of guide, which has specific lines and limits for «How long should a blog article be». Every business owner has to make this decision by himself using the tips and guides we are going to share next.

How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

  • Meet the expectations of your readers. You have to analyze your audience to understand what they expect to get from your blogging activity. If your audience is represented by extra busy entrepreneurs or just by people who do not have a plenty of free time, make your articles short and sharp. If you are not sure what your customers want to get from your blog, just ask them. Check the activity and the traffic of your platform after the first couple blog posts. Make a survey, using a social media. There are plenty of ways to clarify what your audience is expecting to get.
  • Define the type of content you want to share. If the content you are sharing online is initially complex and complicated, it means you cannot avoid long content articles. You will probably need to use a lot of words to try to make a point. In case, you want just to share the physical products with the potential customers, you do not need a lot of information to post. Just a couple of words.
  • If you are looking for concrete examples, remember the following. Google engine ranks better the pages, which are around 350+ words. It starts to validate it as some kind of useful information. But the trends in writing are a little bit different. Longer writings are slowly becoming more popular on the Internet in general. It may be articles around 900-1000 words or even more. At the same time, longer content has risks of losing some part of the already existed audience, which prefer shorter and sharper information. The one thing you have to remember, that blogging is not only about making people read your content. It is about making them come back in a form of the customers to get your products or services. Never forget this when answering the question «How long should a blog be». So, carefully analyze whether a longer content is something that can really work out in your business niche. As it requires the writing of a higher quality.

How Long Should a Blog Post Be for SEO?

SEO marketing rules are something you cannot avoid when making a decision of how long your content should be. To tell you the truth, if not following a bunch of these SEO standards, your potential clients may never know about your blog at all.

So, how long should a blog be for seo?

1.   Creating at least 3-5 keyword phrases for your blog.

2.   High-volume, but low difficulty content.

3.   Unique content. This way your blog has better potential to reach the audience and to be perceived by search engines and users as well.

4.   Consider including pictures, video content, and links to other blogs or websites into your post. Reference other works and articles in the network.

5.   On-page SEO. What is it? It is defining a primary, most important keyword to include it in your post. This is the one keyword, which is going to match the title, the URL, and the headline. Define two more keyword phrases to mention them in the meta description, images, etc.

6.   The number of words, which is around 500-700 words is a good variant for business to get across the point you want to make with your post.

7.   If your blog post is over 1900-2000 words, it is better to break it into two. An interesting fact that only around 7% of all bloggers create content longer than 2100 words. So, maybe it is one of the ways to stand out with your content. Look at the first 5 articles in your business niche in Google. That is an approximate number of words you should stick to in order to rank your blog higher. Compare and get the answer.

Use these tips to write your next post in order to get the best results possible. They will be hugely helpful and transformative for your traditional marketing strategies.

How long should a good blog post be? Hopefully, now you know the correct answer to this question.

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