Claiming and Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile

27 February 2018
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Google My Business is one of the best tools to help small businesses to grow and increase their visibility in the eyes of their customers and prospects. You can use it to verify and edit your company info in order to enable your customers find you easily and tell them your story. But how do you get the best out of it? As our post progresses, we shall shed more light on this subject in areas such as how to claim your business on google and how to do a business profile. Keep reading to discover more.

How to Claim a Business in Google

The journey to claiming and optimizing this tool starts by answering the question “What can google do for my business?” Before getting anything out of it, get and claim your account on Google. Start by finding your profile and going through all the processes of claiming and completing it. In the process, Google will email you a postcard to which you may respond via email or a text depending on the state you are in.

Optimizing Your Profile

After claiming your profile, start optimizing it because this is the most important stage of the whole process. This section will share out ideas on how best you can optimize it to boost your online visibility and connection with your clients.

  • Incorporate Quality Pics

The first way of optimizing your profile when filling it with content is using high-quality pictures to grab and retain the attention of your readers. Additionally, such excellent images will give your readers a clue of what they should expect to see from your enterprise and products. When you optimize these pics and balance them with the right quantity, you stand higher chances of getting more clicks on your website than when you populate it with mediocre and fewer pictures.

  • Optimize Google My Business Insights

Besides mastering how to find your google profile, it is advantageous to optimize Google My Business Insights. With this tool, you can receive valuable information concerning how best your profile is faring especially how your customers interact with it. A good example is where the tool tells you about how your clients locate your listings, where they locate it on Google, their actions and responses, and how much people view your images. Armed with such information, you can enhance your listings by making necessary adjustments. For example, if your images are not attracting enough views, you could boost their quality to make them more effective. This way, you will be in a better position to compete since the tool offers insights regarding how better or worse your competitors are performing in the same category and space.

  • Incorporate Enough and Current Info

Another way of optimizing your profile is populating it with sufficient information because quality can only make an impact when it is served in right quantities. For example, if two burn patients are suffering from 1st and 3rd degree burns come to a qualitative specialist, he or she will not prescribe the same treatment quantity because their burn degrees require different treatment levels. Likewise, apply the law of dosage and give your visitors just enough information to help them visit your website and respond favorably.

But why is this vital? The reason is that first-time visitors to your business would be interested in finding enough information about your business before making decisions. Therefore, give them enough of it to enable them to click more. But remember, you have to keep updating it to allow your customers make decisions based on current facts.

  • Don’t Forget On-Site SEO

Are you still asking “I know how to set up a google places page for my business, but how can I optimize it? If you are, then pay attention to onsite SEO. Also, you ought to blend it with offsite SEO to get optimal results.

With this coverage, you are now up to date with what you should do to claim and optimize your Google My Business profile. We hope that these insights on how to claim google places and optimize it will help you to take your business to a higher level of visibility in a highly populated online environment.

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