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Content Strategists: What You Should Know About Them
In an information age where content is king, it is no longer tenable just to have information, especially where it involves an online audience. The reason is that the Internet is filled with excess information, and hence, your content is most likely to be swallowed in a sea…
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How to recover from google penalty: best ways
Web developers and SEO-marketing specialists know that popularity of a website depends mainly on its rank in search results. Therefore, search engine optimization (or SEO) is used to attract new visitors who can potentially become clients. The most terrible thing for each SEO manager is Google penalty. If your site has suffered from Google…
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Why Your Business Needs a Blog
To stay ahead of the competitors and to expand the horizons of your business, you have to keep up with the times. For industry, it means following the trends and the innovations. One of the easiest ways of following this is implemented through owning your online business blog. Whether you are an Internet marketer or a traditional business…
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