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18 April 2017
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Link building, which is also considered as a type of search engine optimization (SEO), is arguably the most difficult forms of digital marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This article would guide you through the wilderness of link building and its benefits to SMEs.

Link building primarily means increasing the authority of a certain company (SMEs on this instance) and its pages through links on other websites. While keyword research, on page optimization and local SEO is comparatively easy to do, link building is not.

Google messaging on link building is rather confusing and naïve. They speak about making sure that other website links to yours but at the same time they ask you to avoid link building as it can cause more damage than doing you good. In such a situation, what should SMEs do? This article would help SMEs in knowing the right way of link building and increasing their authority, simultaneously. 

Is link building still used in the year 2017?

As per the results of’s Search Engine Ranking Factors, domain level link and page level link features are the two most popular ranking factors. These are closely followed by keyword research and content features. The reason mainly is because all these factors are on page and easily controllable by the website owner. However, according to Moz Local Ranking Factors research, after on page form of SEO, link building is the most influential tactic of SEO.

The quality of links, the spams related to it and subsequent penalties.

Over the years, people have discovered that the benefits and financial gains associated with search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO are endless. Therefore, they have started to count the steps backward to success. Even though Google has not been able to stop or resolve the issue of reverse engineering, the importance of relevant and quality link building for continued success is unprecedented. 

Local SEO

local seo

Local SEO means being the king of search engine visibility in a locality. Even though, it has faced a stiff challenge from ads and has been forced to a much smaller local pack, it is still the number one tactic for SMEs to generate views and sales.

On-page optimization

The self-explanatory term of on page optimization means optimizing anything to everything on your website. Either it would be a part of local SEO, if the company is competing locally. Otherwise, domain level and page level optimization needs to be top notch to be able to mount a challenge on a wider front.

Leverage existing assets & relationships

SMEs only require a few suitable and worthy links to reap maximum benefits and to get their website going in the right direction. Either from their supplier or an associate government department, anything similar would do.

Link building guide for SMEs First of all, companies need to have content text on their website that includes the primary keywords. This would automatically help them rank higher, courtesy of SEO. Furthermore, this will certainly create a road towards more visitors and subsequently higher sales. Link-building philosophy

There are two aspects of link building. The first is creating something attractive and worth reading after which comes the second part of connecting the content. The first aspect does not mean creating false information to gain authority. It actually means having something unique, that the competitors do not have and something that would help the company earn important links.

But, why would a website want to be connected to your website? The answer is because you have quality content and the second answer comes from Google Search Console Help. Google links a certain page to the other page on the basis of the votes cast by pages. Meaning that important and quality content websites weigh heavily and hence, get linked to good websites.

To make it more simple, check the follow step by step guide:

1. Quality content for target audience

To help your company market better, you need to create quality content for your target audience and that too regularly. The idea is to keep them attracted and glued to your content. The better the content, the more valuable feedback would be. The content could be anything from a new product ad to something as audacious as the latest happening in the market. It should be charismatic and worth reading.

2. Promotion

Just like every marketing strategy in the world, proper and focused promotion is necessary. This would mean writing superior articles and creating a link to your original content within. The aim should be on writing such informative and top quality articles on third party websites that a link within would add value to it. It wouldn’t be for SEO purposes alone but also to make the reader’s experience, a better one.

The way of going about it is simple and effective. Firstly, create authoritative and valuable content for SEO purposes. Then write small articles on other websites associated with the main content. Then create links to the articles to the main content. Mostly, the links would be to the home page or main of your original website. 


The thing to be wary of you should only offer quality content. This is because you are trying to gain authority and at the time if your website is ever tested for SEO audit then it must pass it will flying colors. You should focus on hitting two birds with one stone. No fluffing allowed.

Moreover, you should focus on quality rather than quantity. You must not try to write too much for your customers, in fact, write less but a thought provoking or sales attracting content. A company can easily slip towards hitting a SEO wall or start cheap sales tricks. This may look good but its long term results are very damaging. It can seriously harm the integrity of the website and company and once the integrity is lost, there is hardly any way to bring it back. 

Last but not the least, always find a way to measure the success of your content writing and link building through a SEO audit. This will help you in gauging results and gearing up for the future.

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