Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

14 September 2017
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Online marketing, just like its offline version, is subject to trends that define and transform the way businesses market themselves. Every year, new trends come and go, while others remain constant for years. But for a serious online marketer, keeping your ears on the ground to move with the online market trends is essential if you need to remain relevant and at the top of your game. As we move towards the end of 2017, we expect new trends to shape the coming year. But before you prepare for them, do you have an idea of what the landscape will look like? If you cannot answer this question confidently, then you need to pay attention to the details of this post, since we will share some of the hottest trends that will dominate the coming year

Viral content

We start our journey into 2018 with one of the most important pillars of Internet marketing—content. Here, we are not just referring to any content, but viral content that will spread the word out there so that your brand can benefit from the prospects of increased awareness. The reason is that no conversion ever takes place in the absence of awareness. That is why if you want your brand to stand out of the norm and mediocrity, hallmarks of some of your competitors, you need to learn how to develop content that spreads like bush fire. To “infect” your content with the right “virus,” you need to craft it in a fun-packed, genuine, relevant, and witty manner to keep the reader yearning for more as they engage their sharing gears.

Viral content

Niche online marketing: Mobile videos

Another trend we expect to reign in the coming year is the use of mobile videos. The reason is that images have by far overtaken text content because an average human being enjoys watching videos and responding to pictures more than they do with written content. If you want to prove this statement, try sharing an article on social media and wait to see the number of shares and likes it will receive. Afterwards, try posting a photo or video and then compare the response. You will be shocked to see the huge difference. For instance, 2016 alone saw the number of daily videos people watch on Facebook rise to a ridiculous 7 billion mark, with half a billion people watching an average of 14 videos daily! Moreover, shareable videos are also soaring in revenues with the market expected to hit $13 billion by 2020. So, stay ready with your cameras and put on your creative caps to take advantage of the widespread innovations that will revolve around live videos and videos embedded in emails.

Voice and IoT Technologies

As 2018 approaches, prepare for more of voice searches dominating new online marketing. The reason is that 20% of all Google searches are done via voice search. In addition, the number will increase to 50% by 2020. What is more interesting is that such searches play a significant role in advancing SEO and content marketing.

Geo, local, and hyper local on mobile search results

With the steady rise of mobile telephony, no serious marketer can underestimate the power of mobile devices without undermining their businesses and efforts.  The reason is that mobile gadgets constitute more than 60 percent of all internet access and searches. Additionally, they give you an opportunity to follow users everywhere they go, all around the clock. Since the battle for audience and customers begins with access to them, the person who contacts them first will have an upper hand.  Additionally, a recent Google study shows that more than 76% of people using their mobile devices to search for something in their vicinity end up at the business premises within a day. In addition, more than one third of those searches leads to sales. So, if you thought you must get the best results out of your customers’ searches from people who are oceans away, you need to change your mind because the sale you are looking for could be right there—in the neighborhood.

Niche online marketing Geo, local, and hyper local on mobile search results

Blending SEO with content conversion

Another trend that will help in solving some of the internet marketing problems we faced in the past is the blending of SEO with content conversion. In the modern online world, it is impossible to talk of successful online marketing without integrating SEO into the marketing mix. The relationship between the two is like the one between a glove and hand. The reason to watch out for this alliance is that it helps you to achieve the three most important results in marketing, namely:

  • The conversion of visitors into customers
  • The increase of traffic on your website
  • Enhanced engagement with your audience. 

To drive this point home, you need to understand that 53 percent of online marketers believe in the instrument role of SEO efficiency in securing long-term marketing success. Moreover, organic searches control 51 percent of the content people consume on the Web. But how can your position yourself to benefit from these possibilities? Here are tips to help you make 2018 a memorable year for your SEO efforts:

  • Analyze progressive customer audits so that you remain in touch with their dynamic interests and preferences
  • Analyze how clients use various forms of content across different channels and devices
  • Set measurable and realistic SEO goals for your content
  • Optimize SEO data to discover prospective consumers
  • Analyze to discover what drives prospective clients’ interest and favorable action.

Online internet marketing trends: The place of micro influencers

Micro influencers are some of the people who will shape online marketing in the year 2018. These guys are more influential and a better match for your online campaigns simply because they are likely to get more comments on their posts than influencers who have more than 100,000 followers on social media networks do. Unlike macro influencers, these ones have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers on the social media. So, what makes them valuable partners for your campaigns in the coming year?

Online internet marketing trends

First, these influencers post about particular niche internet marketing topics. Moreover, they have loyal followers who trust and see them as peers. This position gives them an advantage over the other “big boys” with millions of followers. Moreover, they have the trends on their side, since 90 percent of consumers tend to trust recommendations from their peers and trust a mere 33 percent of online adverts. Additionally, around 32 percent of web users in 2017 have activated ad blockers, making it necessary to get another organic and relational way of circumventing that blockage in the coming year.

Social media marketing

The recipe of trends that will dominate and shape online marketing next year is incomplete without the social media. But what are the underlying factors behind the central place that social media will play in next year’s online marketing prospects? Here are some of the facts you need to ponder over as you brace yourself for the year ahead.

  • Companies and marketers are adopting a social approach towards telling stories and using content that appeals to emotions because people are more likely to spread and share something they have an emotional connection to
  • According to Top Rank Blog, Facebook still leads the park as the most popular social media platform.

With such facts, how can you prepare yourself to get your fair share of the pie? Here are tips to help you tap into the immense potential social platforms carry:

  • If you are spending time on social platforms without getting maximum yields such as generating leads and promoting your brand, you need to consider reducing it
  • Establish the feelings of your clients regarding their interaction with your brand on social media.
  • You need to find out which platform favors your business more and focus your presence and activities there. For instance, it you get more results on Twitter than LinkedIn, you will need to intensify your campaigns there. 


If you are still wondering what is trending online marketing this year and will still dominate in 2018, consider chatbots. For example, Facebook has incorporated them into its Messenger. In addition, other companies are using them to improve their communication with clients, answer FAQs, and provide fresh, relevant information regarding their products and services. That is why many companies are now integrating chatbots into their customer support systems. Therefore, if you are seeking to bolster your news web marketing effectiveness, consider optimizing them in the coming year.

To sharpen your competitive edge in the marketing and advertising industry as 2018 sets in, you should be a very lucky person. The reason is that internet marketing is dynamic, and traditional approaches seize working day by day, requiring new responses and creative solutions from your side. That is why we brought you these trends so that you can know and prepare yourself for the new year. We wish you the best of luck in your online marketing efforts as the year 2018 draws closer!

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