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09 March 2017
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There are no boundaries and limitations in the world today. Globalization with technology has enhanced the prospects of businesses all around the world. Companies are now competing on two fronts in a global playground that consists of hundreds of direct and indirect competitors. Therefore, it has become ever so important for companies to position themselves and their products appropriately on both fronts. One front is the tangible market while the other is the online market also known as e-commerce.

As per the figures of 2015, the global online market stood at an astonishing $1.6 trillion. This shows the strength of e-commerce and the capacity that it has to generate sales and revenue for the businesses around the world. When the potential is obvious, it is important that companies resort to techniques such as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the ideal way of increasing the visitor traffic to a company's website or social media page. Whenever a certain product or type of product is searched online via any search engine, various answers are shown on the screen. For a certain business to show above everyone else is done through SEO and by an expert.


An SEO expert is a professional with profound knowledge and understanding of the right techniques and usage of tools to give great results to the hirer. They do not only focus on website promotion but various other things as well including social media marketing (SMM). But, to begin with, a expert would first perform an SEO audit of the company's website. The SEO audit is a complete process of gauging the search engine response to a company's website in a number of different areas. This audit would help understand the current response of the company's website and the type of changes it requires to notch up the ladder in the search engine. Those recommended changes would then be run by the expert after consulting with the company and owner of the website. These changes can help increase the position of the website on search engines.

The Search Engine Optimization expert would position the website so perfectly that the business would start to reap benefits of it in terms of higher number of visitors, more views, increased product and brand queries and greater sales. Other benefits of hiring an SEO expert include the ability of a company to focus on its primary task of producing, purchasing or fulfilling order without worrying about the image online. That would be well-handled by the expert which in turn would only see a rise in revenues for the business. Moreover, they can also assist with SMM.

Social media has taken over the world. On the top three social media websites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are 1.8 billion, 317 million and 500 million users, respectively. The power of social media is evident with the numbers. Hence, SMM means taking your product or service from one place to billions of those users online. The aim of SMM is to offer such quality content, daily, weekly or monthly that subscribers would want to view and share it. The more they share, the better chance a company has of getting their products liked and sold. Furthermore, SMM does not promote the relevant and associated product on the social media page of a company but anything that can keep the subscribers of the page, engaged.

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