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09 June 2017
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Dedicated search engine searches are the best source of diverting visitor traffic towards a website. And the traffic can result in potential customers and profits if the process is properly completed. Therefore, any size website can compete in a competitive environment even if it has no visitor traffic at the moment.

Hence, making it vital to note that optimizing small sized website only starts with on-page and mobile factors.

On-Page & Mobile Factors to Optimize

On page optimization is vital for websites of all sizes but it is ever so important for small sized websites. One would need to improve the small size website for a better structure, keywords, content, tags, links, etc., and most importantly for mobile phones and usability.

The following areas would further help attract more visitor traffic and potential customers towards the website.

  • URLs Need To Be Easy To Use.

The popular content management systems (CMS) would allow for URL change and edition. For example, all one needs to do is enter the post’s title into the title section in WordPress and it would change it into a URL. Simple and easy for anyone to understand.

  • Keywords Must Be Part Of The Title

Using various or too many keywords in the title can be difficult to understand. Therefore, it is important to:

  • Look for the ideal keyword and then insert it into the title. Google Keyword Planner would not suffice here and one needs to be more innovative.
  • The title should be striking. The point to note is that the title should not be very complex, it should indicate towards the content that it contains and lastly, should catch the viewer’s attention.
  • Visual Content Can Do The Trick.

Visual content that includes images, videos, presentations, graphic interchange format (GIFs), etc. can be the key to success of a website. The reason is that visuals are easier to understand as compared to other formats and it tends to keep the reader engaged for long.

  • Heading Tags Can Also Be Useful

The H1-H6 heading tags are critical for search engines and subsequently visitors in understanding the purpose of the post. The other H2-H6 subheading tags do not do the above but they keep the viewer related to the content. The latter should be kept as educational and elaborative as possible as most viewers only scan through the post instead of reading the entire thing.

  • Targeted Keyword Should Be Part Of The First Para.

Not the most popular technique used these days but having the main keyword(s) in the first para or first sentence can help users in understanding the forthcoming pages and content. Would influence them in either reading on or stopping.

  • Having Links To Other Associated Content.

Website navigation as it is called, is crucial for SEO purposes for the following reasons:

  • Impactful website navigation can help the website in keeping the visitors on it for a longer span of time, enhance the engagement metrics and indicates to Google about the higher value of the website.
  • The links of top pages or content to less successful ones indicates relevance and also assists in improving value and rankings.
  • Lastly, it gives a better picture of the website to search engines. To optimize better, only link pages that are relevant to the future of the website.

It is worthy to note that website navigation can offer the ultimate user experience to the visitor because it makes it handier for them to understand the content. But, the website needs to make sure that the links help in achieving the real goal of sales and profits.

  • Optimize Image Alt Text

Alt text can help Google in ranking the website better so one must be well-equipped in optimizing it. This is more important if the visual content is used. Google automatically puts the visual content in their index. And the website owners want their images and other visuals to rank better for certain searches then they must be well optimized.

All images must have alt text and one per page must have the main keyword in it.

  • Social Networks Share Buttons Are Useful

Social networks have nothing to do with SEO as much but it can be helpful in sharing the content of the website with the masses. Social network share button on the top or bottom of the article can be considered.

  • Long Post above 800 words

The ideal post should be above 800 words and below 2500. The reason that even though Google does rank short content but it considers a longer one (above 800 words) as more reliable and valuable.

  • Optimize for Better Speed of the Website

Since 2010, the general ranking or mobile ranking of a page depends a lot on the load time or speed of the website. The mobile ranking is mainly influenced by AMP and mobile first index.

Page speed is obviously critical because users do not tend to wait for slow websites to load because it signals bad usability and poor user engagement.

Generally, a website must have a score of 70 to 80 points for desktop and mobile in PageSpeed Insights.

  • The website must be mobile friendly and responsive.

In today’s age and day, a responsive and mobile friendly website is a must for the following reasons:

  • Mobile optimized websites rank higher than others in mobile search.
  • Out of the total digital minutes, 71% are spent on mobile devices in the US in the year of 2017.
  • 87 hours per month is spent on smartphones by an average American.

Even though, conversion rates for smartphones and portable devices are low as compared to desktops, it is still more used for search engine searches when compared to PCs. Smartphones can serve as an entry point to a website’s conversion process. Therefore, one must have a good smartphone interface for users to return at a later time to convert via desktops.


On page and mobile optimization is important when getting a higher rank in SERPs. Therefore, one website must optimize it for search engines and user friendliness. It would help in increasing visitor traffic and search engine ranking.

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