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01 June 2017
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The focus of the article is to provide an in-depth review of title tags and the way it supports increasing visitors traffic and search engine ranking of a website.

After so many innovations in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), the question that is widely asked is, are title tags still a worthy option? The recent studies and experiments have shown that the right title tags are still very much an integral part of SEO and do help in bringing a positive change in inwards traffic and ranking.

The part of title tags that a lot of people are unaware of are the benefits of the associated click-through rate. The latter can substantially improve the traffic if the former is done properly and the interrelation has been tested to produce positive results on several occasions.

In the world of SEO, not everything tends to produce results for everyone. It is left to trial and error. The following are title tag experiments that one should perform and gauge the one that produces the best results.

Meta tags

1. Numbers

Be Specific - Numbers can attract the interest of viewers. The fact that the human brain tends to point at content that is different or specific, therefore, it is highly advisable to use numbers. Prominent headings or subheadings containing numbers can get better attention and subsequently better click through rate. For example, "5 places to visit for vacations" or "top 4 secrets to a healthy marriage".

2. Dates

Manage the dates – As per the various experiments conducted, it was found out that date specified content works, for most people. For example, "Best movies for May 2017" or "10 music chartbusters of 2016". People tend to look for month wise or year wise information. Therefore, WordPress or Yoast Plugin users can get their data updated after every passing month or year. Though the date related changes would not fit all scenarios but for certain keyword searches, it would.

3. Length

Nail it – The issue that individuals and companies face when using a catchy phrase is that they remain undecided on the length of the phrase. Some make it too short, while others stretch it to an extraordinary length. An example of both is ‘Boots' or ‘Leather boots, Italian leather, comfortable sole, black, sturdy welt, formal wear, Armani'. Even though both are fine but at the same time, both will not be able to get the right buyer. The reason is the same as mentioned before, being specific.

As per the research, it was found that an optimal length of a phrase should be in between 50 to 60 characters. And when the same phrases were optimized, they produced healthier results. In this case, it would be "Black Italian Leather Boots'.

4. Synonyms and variants

Companies and individuals do tend to find the top keyword for them in a certain title tag through Analytics or Google Search Console. For example, a courier service providing company may spot ‘reliable courier' as their top keyword. But, it is not necessary that people would be searching for reliable courier only, they might be searching using synonyms or variants keywords such as ‘fast parcel delivery', ‘east coast courier service', etc. Therefore, it is ever so important that companies and individuals include the variant in their title tag. In this situation, the above can be changed to ‘fast and reliable courier service covering east coast'. That is within the recommended 50 to 60 character limit and includes the main plus the related keywords.

The best way of finding the best and associated keywords is through Google Search Console, Keyword Explorer and others. They would provide the much-needed information that can be used for developing the perfect title tag.

Google search console

5. Call to action

The recent trend has shown that companies and individuals are not interested in inserting call-to-action keywords in title tags such as download, buy, watch, learn, listen, etc. It either sounds like a cheap attempt to attract the buyers or does not go well with the rules of the company, but the trend has definitely changed. Having said that, adding a little spice to the title tag through a call to actions words can work wonders. These can indicate that the viewer can perform two actions at the same time, view the product or service and acquire it.

6. Top referring keywords

A lot of time companies and individuals that are trying to construct a fine keyword included title tag for their product or service tend to forget the other referring keywords. In other words, people may be searching for similar or referring keywords through which people end up being on their website. This is a concept that is not too popular because it is way too advanced for laymen. Therefore, whenever someone is trying to optimize their page for SEO then they need to pay close attention to the title tag from which they are trying to receive visitor traffic and the one through which they are actually receiving it.

Whenever someone is trying to search for a keyword on a search engine, a similar or more popular keyword automatically appears on the bar. This is the referring keyword that is commonly used and hence, one must include it in their own keyword.

7. Questions

Curiosity killed the cat and rightly so. Whenever people are curious, they become eager and it is the same case when it comes to keywords or title tags. Asking a question as part of the title tag always works well. The main reason is that a question opens doors to places that people are not aware of. For example, ‘holiday spots' is a keyword or title tag that companies may use. Though, it may attract some but one is more likely to receive a higher click-through rate if the keyword had a question and it sounded something like ‘which holiday spots to visit before you die?'. This would make people wonder and in order to fulfill that emptiness, they would click. 

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