Basic Seo for Website and Long-Term Revenue

19 December 2017
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Basic Seo for Website and Long-Term Revenue

Internet has made human life funnier and much easier, providing a unique opportunity to communicate, earn money, study, and relax. Hence, it is quite natural that today, every company wants to promote its goods and services in the Internet with the help of the quality, attractive website. This is a reasonable decision because the presence of a website attracts new clients quicker than a simple TV or newspaper advertisement. Conversely, the absence of a website looks weird because people have already used to looking for everything online.

What is Seo Basics?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is a modern term familiar to programmers and marketing specialists working in the sphere of web development. The main idea behind the introduction of SEO is that it is not enough to launch a website: if you want to sell some goods or services, it is also necessary to promote them properly. In other words, it is important to promote a website so that Google, Yahoo, and other search engines will choose your website from the similar content and show it on the first page. Certainly, it is always possible just to pay for it, but search engine marketing basics include many different parameters such as the good quality of content, convenient site navigation, checking of keyword query syntax, etc. Therefore, search engine optimization can improve your site from different points of view and make it relevant and user-friendly. So, what is basic SEO? In general, it can be said that SEO is a comprehensive set of measures, which helps to increase trust rank of the promoted web page and its position in search results.

Seo basics tips

Several Basic Seo Tips for Beginners

Before starting search engine optimization of your site, you should understand that Google, Bing, and other search engines use a great number of different ranking parameters, and it is challenging to meet all these requirements. For example, Google uses more than 200 parameters simultaneously; that is why, our basic SEO guide will be very useful for you:

  • Pay your attention to meta data.

If your site needs to be optimized for search engines, the very first thing to work with is metadata –  the information contained in meta title and meta description. Each page of your site should have a unique meta title. This content should be brief and contain keywords that would attract users’ attention. Meta description is also very important, as it is a summary of the page for users. It briefly states what the article or web page is about so that people could decide whether the link is worth accessing. You need to remember to pay your attention to the length of meta description, as it shouldn’t exceed 140-150 characters with spaces. It should contain keywords as well but shouldn’t repeat meta title. Perceive meta description tag as a short advertisement that encourages users to learn more about your website.   

  • Site navigation.

Google SEO basics include many different parameters, and convenience of site navigation is one of them. Site navigation should be as simple as possible to create a user-friendly interface of your web page. If an average user cannot find necessary information at your web page quickly and easily, he or she would leave your page looking for this information somewhere else. Therefore, if your site doesn’t have simple and intuitive navigation, it needs to be restructured to get to the top of search results.

  • Text formatting.

Many people perceive information visually; that is why, it is extremely important to learn how to format texts on the web pages so that they look good. It is unacceptable to publish any post in your blog or text at the website without proper text formatting. Therefore, don’t forget to use H1, H2, H3 tags to mark the title and different subheadings on the page. Use italics and bold font to attract users’ attention to some information in the text. Quality text formatting helps users to find information quickly and makes the text easier to read and understand.

  • Uniqueness and high quality of content.

The content of each page should be unique. Otherwise, this page (and the whole web page as well) can be penalized by Google and other search engines. To achieve high uniqueness, use different online tools to check this parameter, for example, Copyscape.

Moreover, it is also important to publish high-quality content. The text should be clear and logical and promote your product or service effectively yet unobtrusively. Every reader is your potential client, so don’t neglect professional writing services if you cannot create quality content on your own or don’t have enough time for it.

  • Links to other sites.

Search engine optimization basics include another potential way to increase traffic to your web page. Pay your attention to all external links at your website. It is important not to link to spam websites, sell/buy links, or have broken links at your web page. These three aspects are often taken into consideration by Google when inflicting a penalty, and you certainly want to avoid such situations. It is recommended to use some external links, but you must be sure that these sites are reliable. Otherwise, both sites can be banned by Google.  

Hopefully, these tips will help you optimize your site in order to get to the top in search results very quickly.

Basic Seo Optimization and Its Influence on Revenue

Internet users are very fastidious and don’t like to waste their time looking for necessary information. Hence, an average user will choose a company to provide certain goods or services among companies from the very top of search results. Therefore, it is extremely important to practice different basic SEO techniques to increase conversion, i.e., to increase the number of new clients and money.

Marketing specialists say that the results of search engine optimization are usually seen in several days up to several months. Therefore, be patient and do not expect the short-term revenue increase. Moreover, all search engines always change their ranking parameters, so optimization for search engines is a continuous but essential process to make your web page more popular and attract more customers.

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