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David Austin
16 January 2018
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To stay ahead of the competitors and to expand the horizons of your business, you have to keep up with the times. For industry, it means following the trends and the innovations. One of the easiest ways of following this is implemented through owning your online business blog. Whether you are an Internet marketer or a traditional business owner, expanding your business into an online platform is the unavoidable process in order to be successful in 2017. Building your brand in the offline area is no more as effective as it was a couple years ago.

Today, we are going to discuss the importance of building an online platform for almost any industry we have for now. You will know how blogging can help your business and what steps you have to do in order to succeed in this area. As transferring your company's activity to a new, digital level is not so easy as it seems at the first sight.

How Can a Blog Help My Business?

If you still do not have a blog, you need to change your marketing strategy immediately. Why?

A lot of successful big and small companies have already understood that running the marketing strategy through the online platform is much more effective than keeping everything offline only. Internet helps entrepreneurs not only to reach the targeted audience but to expand it more through online marketing strategies. We are not talking about general blogs, which do not have a concrete idea to follow, but about proactive and intentional ones, which bring traffic to the website. The business marketing blog is not only a great way to inform your clients about something important for you but also to communicate with them, providing the understanding who you are and what your company is.

Having a blog is a great way to generate traffic, connect with the customers, educate, draw people in, and increase sales in your business. But the critical part is that blogging for your business have to be done right in order to achieve great results. When a blog is done absolutely correctly, it increases the traffic to your website. That is a fact. In 2017 blogging has already become a very important component of pretty much every business. Still, there are a lot of questions on how to do everything correctly in order to achieve positive feedbacks and how concretely a blog influences a market and a niche. And sometimes integrating your business with an online platform requires extraordinary efforts from the traditional business owners.

How Blogging Helps Your Business

Online blogs generate traffic. How? By increasing a SEO search. The search engines work in the way that they look for the links, which are generated by the blogs. Thus, your business becomes more noticeable for the potential clients.

  • Blogs provide more updates on Google. They make your website look active and attractive for the Google engine, which ensures a better ranking. Blog means frequent fresh information.
  • Online blogging provides your audience with a deeper understanding of the philosophy of your business. It shares your brand story, gives a deeper understanding for the customers, etc.
  • It is a FREE but effective way to promote the industry. It is also a good addition to other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), which can be filled with the parts of your blog's content – graphics, photographs, quotes, statistics, etc. One blog post a week can be pretty enough for an average company.
  • Giving the information without knowing how drastically it can influence your business. You never know how far your blog content will go and extend your expectations. Via a blog post, you can reach the biggest players on the market sooner than via an official website only.
  • Customers love to know that behind the company they choose to work with are real people. So, they want real information about those real people, understanding your company culture and the people behind it.
  • Online platform helps to highlight the authenticity of your activity, services, or products, which your brand can offer to the clients. It is a critical connection for achieving success in the industry.

The goal of the blog is very simple – to get the customers go back to your blog and your website. The more they stay on your blog, the more they learn about your company. The more they know it, the higher chances they are going to get something from it. So, the goal is always to bring people back to your industry, market, company. The benefits of starting a blog are that blog is like a soft sell. It differs from having posts on Facebook or Twitter because you don't own these social media platforms. Thus, you can't control and manipulate them when they are changing the algorithms or something like that. Contrary to this, a blog gives you a full control of the content you produce on it.

But how to blog for business correctly? Are there any tips and trick you should know as a beginner?

SEO Basics for Bloggers

1.   The first and the most important question most business owners have is what to post about. The variety of ideas is wide. For example, it can be a behind-the-scenes of your business activity, the process of making the products, sharing your company's story and the story of developing the products, information on product knowledge, Q&A posts, etc.

2.   Search preferences. Enable custom robots header tags when creating a blog post in the settings.

3.   Do not skip using the meta tags. They increase the blog ranking. The meta tags will appear after your blog address in the Google search. So, write useful, but short and essential information about your company's activity in meta tags.

4.   Like any other business strategy, blogging requires commitment and stability. You can't just post once a month and wait for greater results. Figure out a specific online strategy for your company particularly.

These small but effective blogging tips for business can drastically change your marketing strategy in a positive way if implemented immediately. Remember, that blogging is equally good for both big companies and small businesses. Statistics show that the people who have the blogs have much higher chances of getting the sale than those who don't own the platform.

Hopefully, this article has given you a deep understanding of how a blog can help your business and why it is difficult to imagine a successful company without a blog in the nearest future. So, go and start a blog if you have not started it yet to bring your business to a brand new level.

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