mobile case
Security button

The app allows customers to send an alarm signal to the security provider.

Project description
Industry: security
Application: alarm systems for security providers
Product type: mobile app/SaaS
Price: subscription fee

Alarm Security Button is an app designed to transmit an alarm signal from a customer to a security provider. The app doesn’t use centralized security monitoring systems: it’s a completely independent solution. Its purpose is to warn the security provider company in case of danger.

Rapid response team can easily find the user through geolocation. In case the GPS signal is lost, an additional backup channel of voice communication is used.


Person under protection:

  • A smartphone app with the "ALERT" button that allows you to quickly notify the security team about the danger and ask for intervention.
  • A medical bracelet integrated with the app allows you to send an alarm signal and automatically launches audio/video streaming from your smartphone.
  • The evidence is stored on an independent server so that people who may take possession of your smartphone cannot delete it.
  • The app and the bracelet are integrated with GPS, Google Maps and indoor positioning SDK (allows you to locate a person on a specific floor accurately to 3 m).

Response team:

  • Receives information about the threat and a request for intervention.
  • Automatically receives the address from which the intervention request is sent.

Security provider:

  • Requests are automatically assigned to response teams.
  • The person who coordinates activities at the headquarters can monitor all activities from the time of receiving signal till the end of the intervention.
  • Previewing the time and place of the request.
  • Previewing the time and place of the response team at the moment of receiving the request.
  • Monitoring route and arrival time.
  • Monitoring response teams.
  • Intervention management.