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Yin Yoga

Serenity Yin Yoga

The Yin Yoga mobile app

Imagine that your body is agile and healthy, your mind is calm and balanced, and that you feel energetic and happy.

Only a few Yin yoga sequences can have that impact on your life

Yin yoga is a tranquil and restful yoga.It has been described as unbearably nice or nicely unbearable, but above all it is easy—it suits all body types and personalities.

Everyone can do Yin yoga, at any time, in any place.You do not need special equipment, and do not even have to change clothes.

My wish with this app is to get you in better shape.In it, I have collected 30 of my most popular Yin yoga classes. You’ll find short sequences that you can perform any time of day, to longer classes that will revitalise your whole system. I have also included a longer guided Still Rest and a Mindfulness Meditation.

I will guide you into and through the positions as if you were practicing in one of my classes.The positions are also described in words and the beautiful photos from my book Serenity Yin yoga.

I will time you to three and five minutes and support you as you stay in the positions.

The best yoga is that which is done, and with this app, it has never been easier to start and sustain a revitalising Yin yoga practice at home.

My hope and expectation are that Yin yoga will renew your energy and vitality, and make you flexible and calm.

Lie down in the simple positions, relax, and just be.

If you do Yin yoga once a day, that’s fantastic.

If you do it once a week, that’s fantastic, too.

If you only ever do it once, that’s also fantastic!

— Magdalena

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