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How 3D Rendering Can Be an Effective Marketing Strategy

Nobody can deny or disagree with the fact that a well-executed and well-designed image of a product has high marketing value. A high-quality image of a product can be used in anything from press releases to web pages within the company website to promotional video development. This can be achieved by using 3D modeling and rendering, which is a process of creating graphics of physical objects that provide a 3-dimensional view of it. A company that provides 3D rendering services, while it can be a cost to the business, is well worth the investment for marketing purposes. As technology progresses and there is a shift away from traditional photography or illustration, companies have become more and more reliant on 3D rendering services and 3D illustration. The designers who create the image find it streamlines their design process without losing their creative flow, and companies find that it can be a more efficient way of producing marketing materials which cuts costs. If you’re in the Chicago area, the best company for 3D rendering and modeling is Wezom Studio. Keep reading to learn more about how this process can be extremely beneficial to marketing, and how Wezom Studio can help.

Benefits of 3D Rendering and Modeling

A rendering company can provide photo realistic visualizations that will give an accurate and detailed representation of anything from a building to a product object. We have all seen the perfectly lit and glossy photographs of product shots that look as though they were taken by a professional with the highest end camera. However, the vast majority of the time it is a computer-generated graphic of the product. 3D modeling and rendering can reduce product costs because it is more flexible than a photograph and so an unfinished product can be made to look how it’s supposed to be finished. Or it can be more flexible in its ability showcase an object from a variety of angles, without needing a different photograph for each angle. An image can also be much easier to alter and change as product features may change because of the fact that it isn’t just a photograph. This is applicable to almost any industry; designers can work with business owners to take an object and create a realistic visualization of the finished product. Not only can this help with advertising and marketing, but it can also help business owners take an idea and make it into a fully-formed product without the need for manufacturing and production. All of this leads to the best benefit of 3D design services: using a talented designer to create a 3D model takes less time and is more cost effective.

The cost of 3D modeling and rendering varies depending on the type of work you need done; the level of complexity and work used for 3D modeling in the entertainment industry is going to be an entirely different kind of cost then product creations for a company. If you’re a smaller business, you’ll be looking to work with a 3D modeling company, to maximize products and make them look realistic.

So, who uses it? A wide variety of industries use 3D visualization services for a variety of needs. For example, the entertainment industry uses it to create their 3D games, films, and videos. When you see films that include realistic characters that aren’t actually real (fantastical characters and the like), these characters are actually created with the work of 3D modeling and rendering. It is also popularly used in the manufacturing and architectural sector, as well as engineering and medical industries. 3D architectural visualization companies work with the housing and development industries to create realistic reproductions of how a finished and designed home or building may look. However, these services are applicable to other industries because it can help professionals better understand the object by using 3D views.

If you’re in the Chicago area and you need to work with a professional 3D modeling and rendering service, then turn to Wezom Studio! We have extensive experience in developing 3D objects and exceptional 3D modeling and rendering for promo video development, editing, and advertising. Our knowledge in these areas can allow us to help you with anything from the simplest to the most complex task. We are capable of maximizing objects, mechanisms, models, and actions to transform an idea and a process into a realistic installation.

If you want to work with a professional 3D modeling and rendering agency, then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio!

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