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Augmented Reality allows you to place virtual objects in reality - and we can develop this for you!

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What You Need to Know About Augmented Reality Apps

Remember when Pokémon Go became the most incredibly popular game? Whether you were in Chicago, San Diego, or a different country, you could see virtual characters walk around your house, down your street, or through a building. This game was due to the incredible creativity of AR development, or augmented reality app development. Just when you thought all you needed to stay ahead of the technology curve was to create a responsive mobile design for your website, AR technology came into play. Apple and Google have both taken full advantage of the augmented reality world in order to create a variety of new apps that can take how we think about technology and app development and turn it on its head. Want to learn more about what an augmented reality app could do for your business? Keep reading to find out how AR technology can benefit your business.

So, What Is Augmented Reality?

AR developers create apps or devices that places virtual objects in reality (through the app or device) and give you the ability to interact with them. This is incredibly effective and captivating because it enhances our perception and our experience. Honestly, Pokémon Go is simply the beginning for what is possible with augmented reality. This technology works by taking the digital images and superimposing them over objects in the real-world. It is similar to virtual reality, but takes it a step further by allowing you to interact with them. With Pokémon Go, you could be walking down the streets of Chicago or any city or town in the country finding and catching Pokémon characters; with virtual reality you would’ve only been able to see them, not interact with them.

This may seem more than is necessary for any old business, and some people may worry about the augmented reality app development cost. However, as this technology develops, it will become more common and mainstream and will most likely have a reduction in cost as development technology becomes more streamlined.

So, other than Pokémon, you may be wondering who else is using augmented reality. Well, there are a handful of industries who are beginning to take advantage of AR technology.

  1. The commerce and ecommerce industry. Think: virtual fitting rooms. This is a legitimate possibility and use for AR technology and it can also help reduce the amount of fitting room stress if someone can “try on” a piece of clothing in the privacy of their home.
  2. The manufacturing industry. AR technology in the manufacturing industry can help project managers see what work will look like finished, and also can be a replacement for print maps and plans.
  3. Education and training. Some leading educational institutions are actually starting to move towards augmented reality and away from traditional classrooms. Training programs can also be provided to employees through augmented reality.

Augmented Reality can also be incredibly beneficial to your marketing.

  1. It’s new and unique, and is guaranteed to be more noticeable. You won’t need to create a buzz when you have an AR app because the buzz will be created for you.
  2. The buzz that happens from an AR app will create word of mouth marketing and could potentially cause your business and app to go viral.
  3. With augmented reality, there is no shortage of personalization and expression of the user’s individuality. It can be a chance to really interact with customers by allowing them to have a way to express their uniqueness and personality.
  4. With augmented reality mobile app development, you’re going to increase your customer retention. With such a new trend and an exciting technology, people will be consistently coming back for more.

How to Go About Getting an AR App Developed

This is still new technology, so it is important that you choose your augmented reality app developers carefully. Due diligence with your research is necessary, so a thorough online search to find the few experts around the globe who truly excel and are experienced in this niche technology market. The cost of getting an augmented reality app developed depends on the complexity of your app as well as a variety of other factors. If you need your project to have specific operating system applications this can alter the end costs.

Chicago based, full service web agency Wezom Studio is dedicated to seeing you through your project from the inception of the idea all the way through launching and promotion. Our professional web development services and our team of talented experts are dedicated to making your project a success. We have a five-step project process that will guide you through what’s necessary to create an augmented reality application. First, we will assess the needs of your business and determine what functions and features need to be included to best suit your business and your target audience. Next, we work with you through the design problems. You come with a vision, and we come with solutions to make it a reality. Then, we work on the design and development behind the scenes work, which leads us to test our work. We will let you check whether you are satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the application as an independent process in order to give us notes on what needs to be changed and adapted. After we help you launch and release the application, we can help you and walk you through the necessary marketing strategies to get it in front of as wide of an audience as possible.

App development, particularly AR app development is a new marketing with new technology and it means to get the best finished product you have to work with the best. If you’re interested in working with us to create your perfect augmented reality application, then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio. Do you have any experiences with or questions about Augmented Reality? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!

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