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Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR)

Pokemon Go represents example of the capabilities of Augmented Reality. It has become possible for virtual creatures to walk down your street! Now This technology can be utilized in your business with the help of a reputable augmented reality development company.

Augmented Reality devices allow you to place virtual objects in reality and make them interactive, intensifying our perception. In the foreseeable future we will witness a whole new spectrum of capabilities beyond our imagination. This technique is just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible.

The Augmented Reality technique is one in which digitally created images are superimposed over the real- world objects. You may be familiar with virtual reality -- augmented reality goes a step past VR technology. AR technology was used in fighter jets for target recognition.  Now developers have put it in the hands of the Smartphone users.

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The Augment Reality Technique Explained

Augmented Reality developers are now capable of creating a virtual view of targeted products on both Android and iOS mobile phones. Simply, your camera can see things you can’t see-- that’s what augmented reality is.  Augmented Reality is heavily used in entertainment, retail, and manufacturing industries.   Medical experts also utilize this technique in critical operations.  

 The augmented reality technique works by using an app installed in the smartphone. The smartphone’s camera recognizes the marker and analyzes it.  The tool installed in the app identifies the marker (barcode) and then create a virtual image related to that product or object. You can see it clearly on your smartphone’s screen. The augmented reality development experts prepare an app through which the AR software recognizes the distance and type of image and then create a virtual representation of the targeted object. You can enjoy the features offered by augmented reality development only if you have a smartphone with fast 3G net speed and a quality camera.

  Which Industries use Augmented Reality products?

The augmented reality products are being used by many industries across the world, as mentioned above. Business owners have recognized their benefits and ability to boost sales. They are using this technology as a key resource to promote their businesses. Augmented Reality apps allow users to view the products featured in magazines to get complete details on their favorites.

 Use of Augmented Reality in Education and in Training

Leading educational institutions across the world are now moving away from traditional classroom platforms. With the help of an augmented reality specialists they can create true to life illustrations, diagrams and procedures. All indicators are showing that students faster using augmented reality applications.

 Leading business organizations and institutions are beginning to create more realistic training programs for employees through AR.

More and more decision makers incorporate augmented reality app costs into their budgets since the technology has yielded such positive results.

 It is still quite new, so choose a developer carefully

Augmented Reality apps are a relatively new technique currently trending in the industry. There are only a few experts around the world who excel in this niche market. Conduct a thorough online search and find the best firms for your project. Take information on Augmented Reality pricing and then place the work of development in the hands of experts. Whether you want to use this technique in your business, institution or anywhere else, the expert will provide the best Augmented Reality product based upon evaluating the needs of your business. The investment versus reward is huge. You gain cutting-edge solutions with regards to your business needs at an affordable price.

Mobile applications are not just fun games or utility programs for iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc. – they are powerful marketing tools for your business. This fact makes mobile app development services so popular in today’s commercial sphere.

 How do web applications support business?

People spend more and more time with their smartphones or tablets. They use them as sources of information and entertainment.  For business men and women, mobile applications development is a new and very promising channel of communication.

Today’s trends indicate that mobile apps are a must marketing tool for companies.  A one-time investment in mobile apps development services enables entrepreneurs to be constantly in touch with the customer. For huge corporations, software for smartphones may be used for optimization of internal communications and file exchange. Thus, by developing mobile apps, companies make a confident step into the future.

Functions of Applications

For those entrepreneurs who have not yet decided whether they need to turn to mobile application development services, we provide a list of useful functions performed by such software.

  1. Dissemination of information. They help to keep customers aware of company’s news, inform about special offers and services.
  2. Creation of an image or its improvement. Interesting content, easy-to-use interface and high-quality phone application development will determine customer loyalty to your business.
  3. Optimization and automation of business processes. It is not just a toy, but a serious communicative tool, contributing to the strengthening and improvement of internal processes.
  4. The tool of making profit. You can earn both by selling apps, and acquiring goods and services by means of apps.

 Professional Services

The decision to integrate a mobile application into your business on the map and allows you to compete with others who already have them in place. Don’t make a hiring decision based only cost.  Trusting seasoned professionals with your project ensures a successful project, finished on time.


In essence, our team has adopted a philosophy of “getting it right the first time.” That is the goal for expert web developers at Wezom Studio. The process of our mobile web app development services takes place in the following stages:

  1. The first stage involves us coming to you and assessing the needs of your business. We evaluate the target audience and what software functions will best suit your business.
  2. Next, we involve you in the design process. Being prepared with ideas is recommended, however we come prepared to help you find effective solution for custom mobile application development.
  3. Our team works on designing the web develop application to be functionally sound, visually creative, and user friendly.  When creating high-quality software, every detail is significant.
  4. At the fourth stage, we test the results of our work. We offer the customer to independently check the efficiency and quality of the applications only after we have tested it under different user scenarios ourselves.
  5. After the application release, we help bring it to market, publish the information on it to draw the attention of the widest possible audience.

It is obvious that mobile web application development is a complex process that requires the best performance from experts. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose an experienced and reliable agency for this task.

Cost of Services

The final cost for your mobile app development project will vary depending upon its complexity. Projects involving customer specific mobile applications with regards for iOS or Android use can significantly alter costs.  Clients should expect that an actual cost assessment for the development of each individual custom mobile application to be detailed by contractual agreement. The contract will outline all the specifics, such as the timing and all stages of work through completion and launch.

Wezom anticipates that during the project, customers sometimes initiate changes that diverge from the original plan. It is safe to say these unknowns can affect the price structure.

Wezcom team members are dedicated to partnering with you for the complete life of your project. Starting with its inception, design plan, creation, launch, and promotion, Wezcom Studio offers a full range of professional web development services –  both simple and complex interfaces for retailers, online stores and more. In short, our team of talent is committed to being an integral component to the success of your ideas and projects. Our commitment is to help you navigate your business promotion made possible by our expert web development design services and marketing team.