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Websites have a more complicated form and wider possibilities compared to a regular webpage. A website gives access to more complex marketing, information, and entertainment tools. This group features: dating websites, news websites, classifieds websites, property search websites, online exchange websites for various business sectors, auction websites, etc. We have a long-term expertise in creating all sorts of websites. When designing a website, we analyze our client's target audience, goals, and expectations. We carry out functional design and technical specification of the project. Its complexity only limited by your fantasy. 

Website creation includes:


  • preparation of the technical specification and the prototype using Axure software
  • creating a unique graphic design
  • outlining a project based on the suitable content management system, or one of the available frameworks, depending on the project requirements and your expectations
  • integration with the external websites
  • adjustment for different types of users and access level
  • additionally, we offer the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, as well as adding the API for these applications
Business website development includes

User experience
Dedicated content management system
Enhanced security standards
No technical limitations
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Why Your Small Business Needs A Website

If you don’t care about moving ahead of your competition, growing your company and your customer base, and increasing your profits, then you probably shouldn’t keep reading. Since you most likely care about all those things, and are therefore still reading, we are here to let you know that if you don’t have a business website, then you really need one. A company website is necessary to stay relevant and competitive in today’s online-driven economy. As a full service web agency in Chicago, we have enough experience and knowledge to tell you that not having a website nowadays is essentially not an option.

For small businesses, it’s even more important. Growing your customer base and your company is already more difficult whether you’re starting out or you’ve been a small business owner for years. Having a website created to accompany your business is an incredible push towards relevancy, rapid growth, and a better revenue stream.

Not Convinced? Here Are 10 Reasons Why

  1. Your customers are going to expect it. And that really should be the only reason necessary to convince you on why you need a website for business. However, we will still list the other nine. But the majority of consumers expect and assume that a brand will have online content about their business and their products/services. If you don’t have one, and a potential customer goes to search for you online and can’t find you, they’ll most likely turn to your competition.
  2. 9 out of 10 consumers use online reviews to make decisions on their purchases, so being online can provide potential customers with social proof about your brand. Whether it’s through Yelp or even personal reviews on social media, if a potential customer can find a large group of positive reviews then they will feel like they can trust you as a brand.
  3. With a business website, you can represent your brand and control the narrative exactly the way you want. If you incorporate a blog into your business website, it can also increase your authority and credibility while getting your message and personality to people.
  4. You can reach a substantially larger amount of potential customers then you would through traditional print methods of marketing.
  5. You don’t necessary need to know how to use code or technical website development skills. As a Chicago-based web agency, we highly recommend using a professional’s service to create a unique and custom website for your business. However, technically, there are plenty of website-building platforms (like WordPress) can help you get a basic, template site up and running ASAP.
  6. You should assume that all of your competitors have taken the leap into enterprise development, and they all have their own websites. Over 70% of consumers turn towards online searches to find out more about companies they are considering purchasing a product from or rendering services from, so if you’re not there to find then that potential customer will be going right to your competitors.
  7. Having a business website (whether it’s a simple website or an online store) means your company is getting noticed 24/7, not just 9 to 5. And you don’t have to pay staff to watch the website. A website can be found at any time of the day, without a potential customer needing to do anything except look you up on the internet.
  8. You’ll be able to take advantage of SEO to show up in search results on Google. This seems obvious because of previous comments, but a search engine algorithm is something any business owner can use to their marketing advantage.
  9. Your company web page can also benefit your employees. Companies that decide to go forward with corporate website development can create a portal-type website with information and instructional materials for your employees to take advantage of whenever they want. Even if it’s not meant specifically for employees, having a website available to consumers can help your staff remember certain information about the brand and products/services by have information they can reference.
  10.  The best part? You will have one place to showcase all of your products and services. You can put anything you want on a website to show the best parts of your products and services, whether it is videos, tutorials, images, PDFs that customers can download and print, or anything you want!

How Wezom Studio Can Help

So, are you convinced now? If not, you may want to go back and re-read the article. The bottom line is this: having a website is necessary if you want to stay relevant and competitive in today’s economy. As more and more people rely on the internet and online searches to make buying decisions, if you’re not present in their searches, then they will pick your competitors over you every time. Word of mouth and traditional print marketing just can’t keep up with the explosive marketing opportunity that comes from creating a company website. The process of building one, however, can certainly feel intimidating or even impossible. And that’s exactly where we come in.

At Wezom Studio, we can help any level of business with enterprise website development. We are a full service web agency based out of Chicago, and we know how to create an exceptional business website. We can help you provide your customer base with convenience, 24/7 visibility, and increased marketing opportunity. Whether you’re an ecommerce store or not, we can bring you these benefits as well as SEO, customized features tailored to your business needs, responsive web design, and even mobile app design.

If you want to go forward with creating a unique and exceptional business website, then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio! Do you have any experiences with or question about business websites and website development? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us. 

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