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Why You Need A Mobile App For Your Business

As technology changes, business need to adapt. The increasing reliance of consumers on their smartphones and tablets has business racing to catch up with mobile solutions of their own. While many companies have begun to understand the importance of responsive web design and mobile optimized websites, there is a new mobile solution in town that is taking the business world by storm: mobile apps. Working with a professional service to create an app for your business can benefit your business and user experience across the board. Regardless of what industry you may be involved in, turning to a company that specializes in enterprise mobile solutions will be worth your investment and can increase growth in your company in ways you never expected. If you’re in the Chicago area, you can turn to Wezom, an experienced and knowledgeable company that is filed with dedicated app developers that want to work with you to create the best mobile solution for your business.

Not Convinced? Here’s Some Reasons Why You Need an App

If you’re still unsure you want to break into the world of mobile development enterprises, then maybe these benefits will change your mind.

  1. An app will improve the customer’s experience more than a mobile browser. Including, most importantly, their customer service experience. They will be able to access your services and products at any point in the day, and there could be a section to deal with customer service questions that is easily accessible within the app.
  2. A business app boosts your branding. The logo and your company’s name will be constantly visible on your customer’s screen on their mobile device. You will be constantly showing your brand to your customer whenever they look at their screen. Which, according to statistics, is over two hours a day for the average American. If you take the step into enterprise mobile development, you will have a major advantage over your competitors that haven’t stepped up as well.
  3. You can consistently remind your customers of your existence with push notifications. If used correctly, push notifications can be hugely useful towards sales. If you have an upcoming sale, or a new product, or a special one-time-only promo, your customers can be told about it right away, right on their mobile device!
  4. A mobile app can be a streamlined marketing tool, particularly when it comes to integration with social media. Customers can easily share their experience with your app on their social media platforms, which is essentially free marketing.
  5. It can also be used with loyalty programs or promotions. If customers get some sort of reward in a loyalty program, but they need to have downloaded the app to get it, this will increase your downloads and return customers. 

Not only will you build more return customers, having an app makes your business more attractive to new and potential customers as well. Let’s face it, most people who want to do some online shopping on their mobile device feel that using an app is easier than using a web browser. And part of that is true; mobile pay is usually more secure on an app, the loading and user time is almost always shortened, and the general user experience is more fluid and streamlined. If a potential customer wants to check out you and your competitor’s products, and sees that you have an app they can download, they will absolutely be more drawn to your business. It makes you stand out as a business ahead of the game and utilizing current technology, but people generally want to take advantage of the easiest and fastest way to do things. In this case, a mobile app will be send both messages to your potential customers. Whether you’re a small business in Chicago, or a large global corporation, the benefits from investing in mobile apps for businesses are applicable across the board.

Convinced? Here’s How You Get Started

Now, unless you happen to be skilled in app development (or you have someone on your team that is), you will almost definitely need to find a company that specializes in app development for business. You will want to get in contact with a reputable firm that is well established in app development. With something as complex as building an app, experience should be at the top of your list of qualifications in a business to hire. You need a company that will be able to create a well-designed and effective app that will be flexible and versatile as your business adapts. If you restructure your business, change your branding, or introduce a new business plan, an app needs to be able to evolve right alongside your business. This requires knowledgeable developers who can create a scalable, quality business app. Hiring an experienced professional will provide you with a service that uses the most innovative technology, and is willing to push the boundaries and experiment to give you the best app experience.

There are a number of professional business app development companies across the United States, but there is only one Wezom Studio. Located in Chicago, we are a full-service, professional web agency that can provide you with the best work and the most dedicated designers and developers for your project. We have knowledge and experience in mobile apps for businesses, and are more than prepared to help you achieve your vision and conquer your goals. If you’re ready to get started on taking your business to the next level with a creative, streamlined business app, then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio! Do you have any questions or thoughts? Leave a comment below to share them with us.

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