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An integrated system of graphic shapes and symbols serves as the visual communication of your brand.  

Stylistic unity used throughout your informational, media and physical space will immediately identify you to your clientele.  Great, recognizable style in branding is the hallmark of top notch companies. 

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What does creating a recognizable image involve?

Corporative identity branding starts with designing a logo and general style. Your brand represents the firm itself, and comes across in everything from color, logo, motto and mission. Choose colors that suit your taste, and get the opinion of qualified designers. Certain colors affect people – making them want to buy – while other shades only provoke the buyer to toss the business card immediately.

Corporate branding design affects every aspect of the life of the company, right down to the souvenirs, the Internet resources, the packaging, and more.

Brand identity becomes your company’s signature. Wezom will help you develop a logo that is unusual, simple and memorable. Our experts have nearly a decade of experience creating vivid and memorable advertising campaigns, including the all-important logo and other branding components. 

This is your chance to really stand out. Company identity designs will help you rally the team, unite them by one idea, stimulating the growth of income and activity. Many psychologists confirm the positive effect of the general style on team spirit.

Corporate brand identity is worth every penny you spend. Corporate identity will be your assistant: customers quickly focus on your familiar combination of colors and lines. Thus, the brand style will be an indirect source of profit. In addition, promotion on social media is easier as your brand becomes instantly recognizable.

Identifiers can be very different: visual and even auditory. Think about how often you recognized music from any advertising and identified it with a particular brand. With Wezom you will find reasonable pricing, a diversity of offerings, and quality of workmanship. Our development work will actually save you money!

What are the qualities of a successful and profitable website? It has to be moderately bright, well-thought out, making a nice impression at first view. In addition, the site can be called successful if it captures a visitor for a long time, and provides useful and interesting information. What needs to be done in order to achieve success for your website and business? It is simple: you have to use the service of experienced professionals, including web designers, programmers, and managers who work as a coordinated team. Therefore, the best solution is to turn to a graphic design company. An experienced team will do their best to make your logo or site work for you.

One of the most famous graphic design quotes states: “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” The professional designers at Wezom Studio will not make a void decoration, but will elaborate a tool for your company’s promotion.

Our graphic design service is affordable. We ensure optimal cost-quality ratio for our customers. We pay individual attention to every customer. We are ready to offer you services that open up new business opportunities on the Internet.

Wezom Studio provides the following graphic design services:

  • site design and redesign (with preservation of the existing structure);
  • slide shows, banners;
  • logo development;
  • corporate style;
  • promotional items.


An impression of a website consists of numerous components, starting with the first image on the main page and ending with contacts. Here, every detail is important, so cheap graphic design solutions are not an option. A far-sighted business professional understands that an attractive web resource, which calls to action, helps to improve the mood, inspires confidence, and is the face of his or her business. To create such a site you need to turn to a professional graphic design studio. Only a team of skilled and experienced designers, fluent in vector graphics, with a great work ethic, can meet the challenges of today’s Internet businesses.


Even if your site has served your company for several years, and has a recognizable corporate graphic design, it is not an excuse to leave everything as it is. To stay relevant with current trends, it is necessary to introduce some changes and improvements both in layout and content. The redesign is required in order not to become a boring relic of the past, to meet modern requirements and be competitive in terms of graphic designing.

The site may need the following changes:

  • adjustment of its structure;
  • addition of flash animation or slide shows;
  • introduction of forums and chat rooms.

Redesign by a graphic design agency Wezom Studio is a modern successful tool to attract new customers and preserve loyal ones. Moreover, prices for this service are truly affordable.


The more successful the site is – the more it needs to be recognized. Creation of a logo the best serves for the purpose of brand recognition. A properly developed logo should match the name of the company, corporate colors, and graphics. It may contain an indication of goods or services manufactured or provided by the company. Therefore, the logo and corporate image should be carefully considered and created by means of custom graphic design.

Another important sphere is the creation of promotional items like business cards, bags, envelopes, and other souvenirs with the logo in the corporate style of the company. To handle such tasks, the team of Wezom Studio consists of creative personalities passionate about art. We work in professional programs and have diverse experience in various areas of web