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How to Create Your Own Brand Identity

Some people have the idea that brand identity is simply a logo and picking some colors to use consistently. But it is way more than that; it is a way to separate yourself from the competition, and can influence how your customer views and perceives your company.

As a company that specializes in brand design in Chicago, we understand just how important building a brand identity is to the success of a business. But, we also understand how difficult it can be to achieve. Keep reading to learn more about how to build a brand identity-and how to make it a good one.

So, what is a Brand Identity?

For some companies, they have turned brand identity design into its own form of artwork (Apple). But, for most business, the process of building a brand identity or corporate identity graphic design contains a composite of style elements that affect how customers perceive your brand. For this article, we will use the essentials: visual elements. This includes colors, fonts, logo, images, and design system.

The Elements to a Successful Brand Identity

  1. Make your brand identity distinct. This is an example of when to be a leader, not a follower. You want your identity to stand out, to be unique, and to be distinctive when it’s put up against your competitors. This will give you a competitive edge because the more distinctive you are the more memorable you’ll be. The more memorable you are; the more customers will keep coming back to you.
  2. Make your brand identity memorable. Back to the Apple example, when was the last time you saw them showcase their name on any of their products (or even the boxes for their products)? You probably have never seen their name, only their apple logo. That’s because their logo is memorable enough to make an impact visually.
  3. Make your brand identity flexible. Your identity should be able to grow and adapt as the brand evolves. You should anticipate that your company will experience growing pains in terms of scalability, and your brand identity should be easy enough to work with that no adaptations need to be made to match the increasing scale of your business.
  4. Make your brand identity consistent and cohesive. If every piece of the brand doesn’t work towards the overall brand identity, then it needs to be removed or fixed. Everything in your business is an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity.
  5. Make your brand identity easy to apply to actual graphic design. It should be intuitive and easy to apply for designers. Or, if it’s complex, find a good way to explain it to designers. But, a complex and difficult to work with brand identity design most likely speaks to something that isn’t working quite well in the foundation of the brand identity.

The Behind-the-Scenes Work of a Brand Identity

As always, the first step is research. Which includes a lot of questions to determine what your brand should showcase and represent. If you are going ahead to work with a team or a designer, you should be able to express everything that is relevant within your business.

First, what is the audience of the brand? If it’s a local business targeting young women in Chicago, then that should be reflected somehow. If it’s a major corporation with an expansive audience, then that should also be reflected. Figure out your target audience, and then figure out what your target audience would want to engage with.

If you’re building from an existing brand, then the next step is to assess the current brand identity, and whether it needs to be redone or simply tweaked. The next piece of information to determine is the competition. As mentioned earlier, an incredibly important aspect of brand identity design is to differentiate your brand from other companies.

The next steps with design for brand identity is dependent on how you go forward; are you planning on working with an agency who specializes it or are you considering going forward solo? As a company that specializes in brand identity design in Chicago, we highly recommend working with professionals. With something as complex and comprehensive as brand identity, it’s important to have experienced professionals to help.

If you’re working with a professional agency, the next steps in the brand design process include concept brainstorming, production, and then building a brand style guide for your company to follow.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Brand Identity

With a comprehensive brand identity, you will raise the standard of how potential customers see you. This means they could be willing to pay more, they expect a well-established company, and they think you are well worth the investment of their business. With the raised standard of perception, customers will also be more likely to trust you as an authority, expert, or leader in the industry you are in. They will also be more likely to develop into loyal customers if they sense a strong brand identity. They will perceive your company to be more stable than it is, because with a strong identity to send the message that you’re a business that will stick around.

With a comprehensive brand identity, you’ll stand out against your competition, which will give you a competitive edge in whatever industry you are in. With the increased brand recognition that comes with a coherent brand identity, the more a customer recognizes your brand, the more competitive and elevated your brand will become

If you’re looking for a design company to help you create a comprehensive and unique brand identity, then Wezom Studio can help. Our dedicated and hard-working staff of professionals can work with you to create a consistent look and message across all elements of your business. Are you interested in going forward with a brand identity project with Wezom Studio? Then contact us today! Do you have any questions or thoughts about brand identity design? Then leave a comment below and share your opinions with us.

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