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We create functional online stores and advanced e-commerce systems that allow users to quickly introduce themselves with your product, compare it with other products, and then easily buy it, with an option to make an online payment. This is the essential functionality every online store must have. We start each project with the analysis of the business segment and the audience’s needs. We then choose the appropriate technology that will allow us to carry out the project in accordance with the your requirements.


  • designing the functionality of the website based on the analysis of target audience and products that you offer
  • creating a dedicated graphic design
  • adjusting the website for mobile devices (RWD)
  • integration with a convenient content management system
  • integration with the electronic payment systems, e. g. Dotpay, PayU, as well as external websites, price comparison websites,, and CRM systems
  • search engine optimization in accordance with the Google guidelines
  • built-in statistical system for tracking users' interactions
  • we can also create a dedicated mobile application
We will build a service that fully matches your business model

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Why You Need a Custom Website

Everyone understand the draw of using a pre-made template with website building software. You can create it yourself, it’s less money to create, and you probably can get it up and running within only a few days. But, although it’s less money, what is using a template (over a custom website) really costing you? As a custom web development Chicago-based company, we fully understand the benefits you can gain from having a custom designed website.

When you’re looking to create a website for your business, you have to decide whether you want to get a website custom made (by, say, a Chicago web agency like ourselves) or whether you want to go forward using free or paid templates. It’s understandable that there is a draw towards free templates because, well, it’s free. But you need to consider how what is going to be most advantageous for your business in the long run. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and advantages of getting a custom made website.

Advantages of Custom Web Development

  1. Custom web sites rank better in search engines. Generally, they are more SEO friendly and better suited to handle online advertising strategies. Statistically, custom designed websites move up the search engine rankings chart faster than basic free templates that hundreds, if not thousands, of other business have as well. A custom website can be designed with optimization in mind so that every day it’s online is a day that it can move higher up the search rankings past your competitors.
  2. Your unique website will not only match your brand better, but it will be more likely to stand out. It will be exceedingly difficult to find a free template that matches the look and personality of your brand and your business, and you will definitely not find a free template that is unique from thousands of other businesses. You can demonstrate the uniqueness of your products and services through a unique, brand-consistent website. In the process of custom design, a custom web development company can use an original logo, content, and images that all revolve around your core brand.
  3. A custom-designed website will be more flexible, and easier to use. The development of the website will be centered around the customer in order to create the best customer experience possible, with the most intuitive and user-friendly navigation system and structure. A custom website can also take advantage of updated technology and apply it to the website in order to increase performance, which will only help make your customer’s more likely to convert. Custom design is also much more flexible than templates; if there is specific, customized features that you want to be part of your site (as in, a specific way to do things that you want to be unique to your website), prepare yourself to not have it with a free template design. While some template websites have some customization features available, it is difficult to do large scale customization.
  4. It is worth the investment and you’ll most likely end up spending less down the road. As one of the top custom design websites in Chicago, we can say from experience that clients who have worked with free or cheap services that aren’t professionals, end up spending more in the long run because of issues with their website, attempts to upgrade, and finally putting in the investment towards a custom design. Your marketing money (inbound content marketing, SEO, etc.) that works directly within your website will also be used more efficiently with a website that is designed for it, which will also save you money in the long run. Custom web development pricing varies depending on the complexity of the website you want, but it is still possible to have a company create a custom website for your business and for it to be affordable and within your budget.
  5. There will be more room to grow. This is one of the biggest selling points with a custom, individual website. There is more room for expansion, adaptation, and development. A quality website design will provide you with a website that has a solid foundation, ready for changes and improvements as your company changes and improves. If you’re adding on to your products or services, the addition will be easier and more seamless when you have created a solid platform.
  6. You will have more control and better security. When you have a custom website that is specifically built for you and your business’s needs, you will automatically have more independence and control. When you work with a generic template, you’ll have to do a lot of messing with features to get it as close as possible to what you actually want (which you probably won’t be able to). You will also have a more secure website because you won’t be relying on some content management software.
  7. It’s easier to create responsive design. Along with creating a custom website, a design team can work with you to make sure that your website has been made with a responsive design so that it can come off polished and professional (or however you want your site to look) whether it is on a desktop computer or a mobile device. With website building software, it isn’t always as easy to create a well-executed responsive design. With the rate of people using mobile web browsers daily, you want to make sure you have a high-quality mobile version.

At Wezom Studio, we are highly experienced in custom website development. As one of the top full-service web agencies in Chicago, we know how to give you a site that goes way beyond the basics. We want to create sophisticated design solutions that will work specifically for your unique project.

If you want to work with a dedicated and professional full-service web agency, then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio! Have any questions or thoughts about custom website development? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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