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Data Science and machine learning
Of business-driven software. Our data scientists and engineers use statistics, mathematics, and cutting edge techniques to build models that collect data and generate actionable insights for businesses to enhance targeting, increase business efficiency, and maximize sales.
End-to-end development of a system that recognizes logical structure of legal documents. Based on the corpora of the client documents (up to 40 unique document types) we’ve developed a machine learning tool which efficiently recognizes the document's logical structure. Our solution is able to work with documents that have different styles and belong to a spectrum of different legal documents from different countries. We've also integrated the solution into the customer's production environment. Results per cent time saving when processing legal documents improvement of client’s experience with the product in general CASES The tool analyses the documents` visual structure: indentation, font sizes, etc. As a result it represents the document as a set of logical sections - articles, paragraphs, items.

Developing an instrument to help HR make strategic decisions in a timely fashion.

We dived into the company’s data and made a list of 20+ hypotheses on how to identify employees with high potential/effectiveness using the spectrum of data available to derive the ‘portrait’ of an employee. Having done detailed research combining professional experience, emotional state in the workplace, results of assessments and history within the company of each employee we managed to aggregate 2 profiles: most effective employee and the one with the highest potential. The results were visualized as a set of analytical panels in Power BI (Microsoft) where HR can easily select any employee, apply several filters and match his/her profile with one of the aggregated `ideal` ones to see the % of correlation, deviation zones/skills to make further decisions. We gave HRs a much more objective talent assessment tool than typical subjective assessments and reduced paperwork.


A large agro-business wants to launch an exchange and become a worldwide marketmaker for a specific product.

Initially, we assessed the data sources available to cover the needs of the client. Next, we aggregated the data and visualized it in a set of interactive analytical panels with multiple filters to ensure quick and easy singlepoint access to the data from web and mobile. Integrated ‘Ask data’ tool helps search engine users find exact information avoiding wider search through the panels. Based on all the data we collect, we developed a model to predict the price 10 days in advance according to confidence intervals. We helped gain valuable insights from the data to make more informed and profitable decisions.


Creating a tool to detect abnormal event detection through video surveillance cameras. We developed a real-time response system that detects abnormal human behavior in a video stream from a connected by IP-address camera.

Initially, we created an unsupervised learning model, which we took as a baseline. Having changed our approach to transfer learning and fine-tuning the model with a new scene we significantly improved the accuracy of the tool. Our approach shows 78,2% accuracy, which is 4,2% higher than the current state-of-the-art model. For now, our tool detects the anomaly in real-time video stream and can inform a person in front of the screen about it through written or sound notice.


Finding trends and dependencies in public data to increase transparency, attract more users and find potential fraud. ProZorro is a hybrid electronic open source government eprocurement system in Ukraine actively promoting transparency in doing business with the State.

We designed easy-to-use interactive analytical dashboards for 8 of the most popular industries in public procurement demonstrating seasonality and geography of demand (covering all Ukrainian regions), cost of contracts, market size for the product/service etc. We also aggregated all available information about both Customers and Service providers in ‘Profiles’, so that one can study potential partners before approving the contract. The database from AntiMonopoly Committee was integrated into the Profiles as well.


Launching a tool to make finding a parking slot on big parking areas easy.

Through access to video surveillance system (6 cameras) of the business district we created a virtual map of a parking lot with all the existing places to park a vehicle. Next, we designed a model that analyzes the shots from cameras updating every 12 seconds with information about availability of parking spaces. Also, we developed a graphical user interface in a form of mobile application to visualize the response of a model and help track the current state of the parking lot. Finally, we added web based dashboard for parking owners with all the relevant statistics gathered about the performance of their parking lot.


Designing interactive analytical panels on open data to show trends of the campaign.

We conducted a multi-approach analysis throughout the campaign using the open data from Google Trends, Facebook and Central Election Committee of Ukraine. Among the tools developed was an interactive map of Ukraine, reflecting geographical distribution of the public interest for the TOP-10 candidates; a graph of audience flow from candidates in the 1st round of elections to those in the 2nd round. Based on open data from the Central Election Committee we built an interactive map of Ukraine showing anomaly poll stations which can be suspected of fraud. Also the model of preference flow between Parliamentary Elections 2014 and Presidential Elections 2019 in various regions.


We developed an analytical tool for manufactured goods market in Ukraine. It gives an ability to easily generate business insights based on Data about:

  1. Manufactured goods imported/exported to/from Ukraine; their producers, country of origin, procurement procedure and volume;
  2. Price range of manufactured goods which are imported/exported to/from Ukraine, their major logistics centers;
  3. Wholesale and retail demand for manufactured products which are imported/exported to/from Ukraine in different price range.

Create analytical systems for flexible data representation via BI tools (Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio)

Create customized visualization panels based on Dash (by Plotly) Create smart monitoring systems


Build data pipeline to feed the services with data from different sources (via Airflow, Spark, Beam, Kafka)

Set-up and configure wide spectrum of cloud-based services on a Google Cloud Service (GCS) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Set-up and configure the development infrastructure (VPN, CI & CD, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes)




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The Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

As technology updates, so does digital marketing. If you have yet to get on the digital marketing train, then this article is a warning to you that if you don’t get going, your business will fall behind your competition. At Wezom Studio, we are a digital marketing agency in Chicago, and we can help you build a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that will include the most effective strategies. From search engine marketing to PPC and social media, we will help drive traffic and boost sales all through online marketing techniques.

Three of the top digital marketing strategies are search engine optimization, contextual advertising, and social media marketing. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of each one, and why they should be included in your digital marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the best techniques to improve website traffic to your website. This strategy uses certain methods to increase the visibility of your website/your business and increase the number of visitors by getting your business ranked better in website search rankings. It’s an extremely effective online marketing tool, and there are a number of reasons why it should be a top choice in your digital marketing tool belt.

First, SEO creates better rankings for your website in online searches. Since organic search results have shown to be almost 2/3 of website visits, doing well in search rankings is incredibly important for any business. SEO can also work with local search rankings, which can be incredibly beneficial for small business. If you are running a local business, say a Chicago digital marketing company, if someone in the area searches for a digital marketing company and you have worked on your local search SEO, you will most likely pop up at the top of the page.

SEO can also make your brand more credible. Think about when you perform an online search; how often do you go farther than the first or second page of results? Any online search can bring up hundreds of millions of results, and yet we stay on the first couple of pages. The higher your business appears, the more legitimate and credible it will seem to customers. And this can be especially important for any business, because consumers will most likely research products they want to buy before going out and buying them, and that includes doing some research on your business.

Contextual Advertising/PPC

Contextual Advertising is also referred to as Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC. It is a form of targeted advertising in search results by displaying a textual advertisement within search results on search engines like Google or Bing.

One of the major benefits of PPC advertising to companies is that you only have to pay for it when an interested person clicks on it. Instead of just spending a bunch of money on advertising and hope it works, with PPC you truly only have to pay for it when it works. This also means you can set your budget to control the cost of your advertising. You can set a daily cap on spending, and once you’ve reached that cap, your PPC ad will no longer appear. Similar to Facebook advertising, you have complete control of setting the budget you’re comfortable with.

PPC advertising is also really advantageous for targeted marketing. You can use location targeting and delivery to show your ad at just the right moment. You can even set your ad to show up when a person is nearby your location. For example, if someone is searching for “digital marketing companies Chicago” and they are local to your business, your ad can appear.

Another great benefit of using PPC advertising is that it can help inform how you should use other marketing channels. For example, it ties in very well with SEO because it can inform you whether a certain keyword or set of keywords is working very well. If you’ve been using keywords like “internet marketing company Chicago” and find it’s not working as well as you want, you will be easily informed of it by PPC advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a digital marketing strategy design to attract attention and traffic to a business through its social media platforms, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, or Google+. Social media marketing has an incredible number of benefits, and with the huge traffic flow on platforms daily it is an incredibly important digital marketing opportunity that business should not miss out on.

Social media increases your brand recognition; it increases your visibility on consumers feeds but it also gives your brand an ability to showcase your message and personality. It also gives customers more opportunities to convert; think of it this way, every time you post on social media, it is a chance for consumers to see your image and convert into customers. Which leads to the next benefit: utilizing social media marketing has proven to increase rates of conversion. This, in part, is because social media provides a way for customers to have a richer experience with your brand. It also gives them a chance to directly engage with you, and gain an insight into your company.

At Wezom Studio, we can help you take these techniques and apply them to your business in the most effective way possible. The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to stay relevant and updated with new marketing techniques and updated technology. We have a lot of experience in both, and we can help guide you through it. Whether you’re new to digital marketing, or you need to update your current techniques, we are here to help. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level (and take it online), then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio! Do you have any experiences with digital marketing or questions about our services? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.