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The Internet offers almost unlimited business opportunities but the global web is growing at a dizzying pace. Every second the data is increased by 30 GB which is more than 2 million domains annually. There are over a billion websites already. So how to get along in such a digitized world?

Over a period of 18 years we have created and promoted hundreds of websites for clients from all over the world. On the basis of our experience we have developed a DC package. This comprehensive service includes 8 stages and allows you to turn your website into a smart sales tool.

Maciej Nikodemski – główny marketer
Wezom Digital Complex
Next Generation 
Over a period of 18 years we have created and promoted more than 1000 websites for clients from all over the world. We have worked for startups, global concerns and companies of all sizes and industries. On the basis of our experience we have developed the Website Digital Complex – a comprehensive strategy that allows you to change your regular website into an effective sales platform.

Maciej Nikodemski, Marketing specialist

Smart Internet 
Platforms for 
Every Business
We develop website design for a selected target group, based on a thorough analysis of the industry, market and client's company.

We start the service with market and competition analysis, as well as defining the client's business goals. On this basis, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, competitive advantages and the most attractive niches. We define key target groups and tailor to them all our activities, from website design to graphics and content creation.

Market positioning of your company.
Market and competition analysis, target groups identification, selection of tools and communication channels that support your website.
Clear objectives, content adapted to the consumer and written “in the language of benefits”, a targeted offer formed with regard to selected target groups.
On the basis of a thorough analysis of the company considering the market, industry and competition, the client receives a set of solutions aimed at providing a firm company position on the Internet.
Individual Strategy 
and Comprehensive 
We define client's business goals and develop specific corresponding solutions. We plan the budget, create a strategy, and then select technologies and marketing tools.

These activities are focused on the creation of semantic core and keyword strategy, selection of SEO strategies, defining challenges and planning activities aimed at generating as much organic traffic as possible.

Promotion of your website on the Internet.
Semantic core development, SEO strategies selection, choosing a key words strategy, development of the basic message: the main idea, the mission and company values, as well as the main PR communication strategy and site map.
Well-thought-out and consecutively implemented actions, consistent communication through all channels, consumer-targeted tools, flexible budget management (depending on the needs).
The client receives an individual strategy that covers all areas of e-marketing activities: from semantic layer planning, branding, graphic design, targeting and content creation to activities at all promotion channels.
A Unique Graphic 
Design and 
Deliberate User 
Our well-thought-out projects are developed in line to the prevailing UI and UX trends. We create them individually for each client and selected target groups.

We develop modern and unique graphic design, tailored to the company and to the target group. Thanks to the thorough analysis of the market, industry, client’s company and competition our layouts are thought out and combine both what the client is looking for and what the company wants to show.

The creation of an effective service for a selected target group.
UX design (website mockup), UI design (UI Guide), graphic design (page layout).
Well-thought-out UX and UI, market-, industry- and target group-adapted content and graphics, unique design in line with current trends, well-thought-out and consistently built branding.
A client receives a modern and well-thought-out website tailored to their business, adapted to the market and customers: a thoroughly designed UX and user-friendly interface.
A Reliable, Effective 
and Fully Optimized 
Web Page
With our original CMS system we create web pages that have no technical limitations. We guarantee security, comprehensive technical support and work in conformity with the highest standards.

From the very web page creation stage we optimize it for search engines and mobile devices; we test all the elements and bring them into line with modern security standards. As a result, you receive a modern, optimized and responsive web page for which we develop an individual e-marketing strategy.

Page optimization.
Frontend and backend programming, search engine optimization, optimization for mobile devices (responsiveness), technical optimization (loading speed), content supplementation, testing, year’s guaranty and technical support.
The page is reliable, responsive (adapted to mobile devices), fast loading, optimized for browsers and provided with an SEO module.
The customer receives a fully optimized and tested page, a guarantee of reliability and technical support for a year.
Website Traffic 
and Increasing the 
Scale of Your 
We design websites in such a way as to increase the competitiveness of our clients. We provide websites with sales tools and change them into platforms that allow you to increase your business efficiency.

In order to generate as much website traffic as possible we implement a number of activities in many Internet channels. Along with others SEO services we use SEM, web portals advertising, as well as promotion in search engines and social media.

Generating as much website traffic as possible and increasing the scale of your business.
SEO Positioning, AdWords campaigns (SEM), contextual advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, buzz marketing.
Stably high positions in search engines, organic traffic generation (from search engines), advertising in search engines and social media, consistent content marketing.
The client receives support in the form of planned and consistently implemented e-marketing activities. They include comprehensive services in several areas: SEO, SEM, social media marketing and online advertising.
Building Trust with 
Your Brand and 
Generating Leads
Building a positive company image is a complicated process. In many industries a customer does not make a choice immediately and it takes much time to make a decision. Our task is to do our best and turn a user who visited the site into a customer interested in the offer.

For this purpose we create a "Lead magnet" strategy that allows you to collect e-mail addresses, as well as a "starter" product which provides a positive impression of interaction with the company. This way we can always keep in touch with the customer and adapt to the communication.

Generate as many sales leads as possible.
Development of a "starter" product/service, development and implementation of "lead magnet" strategy, implementation of "lead magnet" solutions.
Collecting e-mail addresses of your website visitors, providing positive interaction with the customer by sharing knowledge or providing a free service, constant communication with the customer and consistent building of trust with your brand.
Planning and implementation of the "lead magnet" system based on starter products and services.
Warming Up Leads 
and Increasing 
The challenge is to design an automatic sales funnel and keep in touch with the customer at various stages of the buying decision process – from seeking information to getting interested in the offer.

In order to increase page conversion rate we use modern analytic tools. We track website traffic and visitors’ activity, determine the probability of buying and distinguish cold, warm and hot leads. On this basis, we design the so-called «sales funnel» in which the user is warmed up from "cold" to "hot".

Increasing page conversion rate.
Designing a sales funnel and communication paths for cold, warm and hot leads, implementing conversion-enhancing solutions.
Warming leads up, turning leads into customers, conversion, efficiency and sales increase.
More requests and higher sales conversion rate.
Sales Process 
After completing all the previous stages the finishing touch will be the automation of all processes on the page.

With the help of marketing automation activities we change the website into a sales perpetual motion. We achieve this by segmenting customers, adjusting messages to them based on the previously collected data, and implementing conversion-increasing automated actions.

Increasing service efficiency with the help of sales automation.
Planning and implementing remarketing and marketing automation.
Lowering labor costs, relieving employees of their website duties, automated communication, services and sales.
Automated sales process.
Стоимость зависит от тематики сайта
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Wezom DC
Market, industry, competition, client’s strengths and weaknesses analysis:
Not provided or provided for a fee.
Detailed examination, identification and use of strengths during the formulation of USP.
Website as a sales tool:
A website is created mainly to represent the company, its products and services. The creation of website and content, as well as marketing and sales are usually carried out by someone else, thus there is no synergy in these activities.
Our website is integrated into the general concept of the company's internet marketing. All our activities are planned and implemented comprehensively with the use of the synergy effect that enables the cooperation and involvement of specialists from various fields.
Creation time:
In case of low-budget projects, the terms often remain unspecified, so the implementation period is extended greatly.
There’s a fixed work schedule, and the deadline is strictly defined.
Content creation:
Content creation is usually not included in the services list. The content is provided by the client, while the contractor only completes the service.
We prepare the list of necessary materials in advance (e.g. photos or information about the company) and we add them within the specified time. As a part of the service we also offer high-quality content creation for your website.
SEO optimization:
As a rule, it is not included in the scope of services or it can be fulfilled as an additional service.
We optimize the site for search engines at the stage of website creation. Our website is equipped with an SEO module, and as a part of our service we also choose the right strategy and offer website positioning.
Lead generation:
Usually, only contact forms are used.
We offer a comprehensive communication strategy aimed at conversion. Alongside with contact forms, we use chat bots, popups and widgets to generate leads. We combine these activities with our general e-marketing strategy.
Integration with CRM or external websites:
Usually not included in the offer or priced separately.
Integration with CRM and external websites is included in the offer.
Website promotional advertising (contextual advertising, AdWords) and sales support (remarketing and marketing automation) are not included in the offer. These types of services are usually provided by specialized external companies.
We create a comprehensive website promotion strategy. Our campaigns concern search engines, web portals and social media. Besides planning, configuring and implementing remarketing activities, we automate all website processes.
An empty and inefficient website that doesn’t attract customers.
A modern and fully-automated website, provided with modern tools that increase website traffic, boost conversion and increase sales. It is a solution that ensures quick return on investment.
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The Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

As technology updates, so does digital marketing. If you have yet to get on the digital marketing train, then this article is a warning to you that if you don’t get going, your business will fall behind your competition. At Wezom Studio, we are a digital marketing agency in Chicago, and we can help you build a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that will include the most effective strategies. From search engine marketing to PPC and social media, we will help drive traffic and boost sales all through online marketing techniques.

Three of the top digital marketing strategies are search engine optimization, contextual advertising, and social media marketing. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of each one, and why they should be included in your digital marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the best techniques to improve website traffic to your website. This strategy uses certain methods to increase the visibility of your website/your business and increase the number of visitors by getting your business ranked better in website search rankings. It’s an extremely effective online marketing tool, and there are a number of reasons why it should be a top choice in your digital marketing tool belt.

First, SEO creates better rankings for your website in online searches. Since organic search results have shown to be almost 2/3 of website visits, doing well in search rankings is incredibly important for any business. SEO can also work with local search rankings, which can be incredibly beneficial for small business. If you are running a local business, say a Chicago digital marketing company, if someone in the area searches for a digital marketing company and you have worked on your local search SEO, you will most likely pop up at the top of the page.

SEO can also make your brand more credible. Think about when you perform an online search; how often do you go farther than the first or second page of results? Any online search can bring up hundreds of millions of results, and yet we stay on the first couple of pages. The higher your business appears, the more legitimate and credible it will seem to customers. And this can be especially important for any business, because consumers will most likely research products they want to buy before going out and buying them, and that includes doing some research on your business.

Contextual Advertising/PPC

Contextual Advertising is also referred to as Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC. It is a form of targeted advertising in search results by displaying a textual advertisement within search results on search engines like Google or Bing.

One of the major benefits of PPC advertising to companies is that you only have to pay for it when an interested person clicks on it. Instead of just spending a bunch of money on advertising and hope it works, with PPC you truly only have to pay for it when it works. This also means you can set your budget to control the cost of your advertising. You can set a daily cap on spending, and once you’ve reached that cap, your PPC ad will no longer appear. Similar to Facebook advertising, you have complete control of setting the budget you’re comfortable with.

PPC advertising is also really advantageous for targeted marketing. You can use location targeting and delivery to show your ad at just the right moment. You can even set your ad to show up when a person is nearby your location. For example, if someone is searching for “digital marketing companies Chicago” and they are local to your business, your ad can appear.

Another great benefit of using PPC advertising is that it can help inform how you should use other marketing channels. For example, it ties in very well with SEO because it can inform you whether a certain keyword or set of keywords is working very well. If you’ve been using keywords like “internet marketing company Chicago” and find it’s not working as well as you want, you will be easily informed of it by PPC advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a digital marketing strategy design to attract attention and traffic to a business through its social media platforms, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, or Google+. Social media marketing has an incredible number of benefits, and with the huge traffic flow on platforms daily it is an incredibly important digital marketing opportunity that business should not miss out on.

Social media increases your brand recognition; it increases your visibility on consumers feeds but it also gives your brand an ability to showcase your message and personality. It also gives customers more opportunities to convert; think of it this way, every time you post on social media, it is a chance for consumers to see your image and convert into customers. Which leads to the next benefit: utilizing social media marketing has proven to increase rates of conversion. This, in part, is because social media provides a way for customers to have a richer experience with your brand. It also gives them a chance to directly engage with you, and gain an insight into your company.

At Wezom Studio, we can help you take these techniques and apply them to your business in the most effective way possible. The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to stay relevant and updated with new marketing techniques and updated technology. We have a lot of experience in both, and we can help guide you through it. Whether you’re new to digital marketing, or you need to update your current techniques, we are here to help. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level (and take it online), then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio! Do you have any experiences with digital marketing or questions about our services? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.