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The Basics of PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click, or PPC advertising can be a huge asset to any company who is looking to increase the amount of visibility they receive, particularly in search results. Essentially, it’s one of the most popular ways to use targeted marketing and advertising to your advantage in the results of top search engines like Google and Bing. You can work with a variety of search parameters to tailor when your ad will show up; for example, if you’re a PPC marketing company in Chicago, you may set your keywords to “target ad Chicago”, so someone in the Chicago area looking for target ads could find your advertisement on their search results and be led straight to your website! But, how does it work exactly? Keep reading to find out the beginner’s basics of PPC advertising, and how Wezom Studio, a PPC management Chicago-based agency, can help you build your Pay Per Click campaign.

How Does PPC Work?

When you create a campaign with a search engine like Google for Pay Per Click ads, you’re allowed to set the budget. You pay the search engine the amount of money you have, for them to list your PPC ad in organic search rankings. When the ad is successful (when someone clicks on it), that’s when the ad is paid for from your budget. Once the money runs out, the search engine stops running your target ad.

PPC is generally easier to implement than some of the other digital marketing strategies, but that doesn’t mean you want to rush into the process. Below are three basic tips to get you started on a PPC campaign, whether you’re planning on doing it yourself or you’re looking for an agency to help.

Begin by Creating Goals

The best way to determine all the details about the ad, is to first determine your goals. The first thing to figure out is who you want this ad to be targeted to; when you’re determining keywords or writing out the ad text, you want to gear your PPC ad towards what your target audience would to read (and then click on). If you were a member of your target audience, what text or keywords would capture your attention?

Next, you should figure out what you want out of PPC advertising. What’s your goal outcome? Do you want to increase social media engagement or do you want to increase rates of conversion? Whatever your best outcome is, that’s how you should work to set up your ad for after someone clicks on it. Your best bet is to direct them with a clear call to action, which is where your goal outcome will be included and introduced.

Finally, figure out how you’ll determine whether your PPC campaign was successful. The best way to do this is to preemptively set up a way to measure your success with ongoing analysis of the metrics from your PPC campaign. If you see great numbers for whatever you decided was your goal outcome (say, increase in conversion rates), then you can safely say your campaign was a success!

Campaign Structure

You want your campaign structure to be easy to use. The two things to keep in mind when establishing the structure are to keep it simple (don’t make it something complex to manage, make sure the structure is intuitive so you can effectively monitor your campaign’s successes or identify problems), and keep it relevant to your business (ad groups should center around a small group of highly relevant keywords).

Don’t Forget About Your PPC Settings

There are plenty of useful PPC settings that you can find and change in Google Adwords. For example, Google’s default setting is to put your campaign in the full Google Network. If you’re just getting started, or you have a smaller budget, it may be best to opt out of this setting. Your budget could be depleted extremely fast, which won’t help your visibility over time.

Also, make sure you take advantage of the local searches settings within Google Adwords. The default setting is to have your campaign live across the nationally. If a more specific location is highly relevant to your business (local business, service provided only to a certain area, shipping to only certain states), then customizing “location targeting” in Google adwords could make your money work for you much more efficiently. Back to the initial example, if you’re a PPC marketing company in Chicago, and you want your keywords to be broader than just “PPC campaign management Chicago,” but you don’t want your ad to be displayed in California, then setting location specific targeting settings with Google Adwords can be hugely beneficial for the success of your campaign and for your budget.

Wezom Studio and Contextual Advertising

Unsure of whether you can create and manage a PPC campaign by yourself? Most people are! With many types of advertising, it takes experience and in-depth knowledge of the software that you’re working with to create a truly successful and effective campaign, even with Pay Per Click advertising. By working with an agency, you can be guided through the steps that need to be taken and have professionals who know exactly how to attract the attention of your target audience. And that’s exactly where Wezom Studio comes in!

As we come into our tenth year in advertising, we have made our way through a variety of advertising techniques. And targeted advertising (including pay per click search engine advertising) is a niche advertising method that we pride ourselves on, and is part of the reason why our customers keep coming back and keep sending others. Specifically, we can promote your site on both American and Canadian platforms, so we have a wide option to help you with targeted advertising.

If you’re looking for an agency to help you conquer the advertising strategy of PPC, then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio!

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