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We blend our creative vision, latest technology, and rich experience in business to make sure that you receive an unparalleled graphic design. Unconventional solutions are our inspiration. 

The main advantage of 3D graphics lies in its unique opportunity to create something unseen before, and bring it to perfection. Only computer graphics can express the author's authentic message - as the room for experiments it provides is absolutely boundless. 

First impression and professional look are the basis for all types of relations - especially in business.


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What Are Essential Elements of Website Design?  

Many people overlook just how important well done website and graphic design is, and they don’t realize how affected they are when they are viewing it (in comparison to a website with less than thrilling website design). If a business works with a professional web design company, it’s obvious in everything from the styling of the website, the set-up of each page, all the way down to the usability of the website. Having an exceptional website with high quality graphic design elements can put your business ahead of the competition; visitors will automatically view your website more favorably and have a richer and more enjoyable experience just by looking at it. Visitors will be more likely to view your brand as more professional, more together, and also remember how great your website is.

How do we know this? As a company who specializes in web design in Chicago, we know exactly what goes into creating an exceptionally designed website-and we can help you achieve it as well. Want to learn more about what goes into a successful website design? Keep reading to find out all the essential elements, and how Wezom Studio can help implement them into your business website in order to wow every visitor that comes your way.

Essential Elements of Successful Website Design

As a web design company in Chicago, we understand that the graphic design of a website is one of its most important elements. That is what is going to showcase your brand and the attitude and personality of your business. However, there are a number of elements that are most important to pay attention to when designing a website.

  1. Space is an incredibly important tool in a designer’s tool belt. Concentrating on space can increase the flow and readability of your websites. You could also concentrate on the consistency of spacing; if there are two similar elements then should have similar spacing within the website. Basically, things shouldn’t be crammed in all together and it should be lined up and organized in an appealing way.
  2. Simplistic and intuitive navigation is key. Navigation should not be complex, no excuses. If users can’t navigate your website, how can you expect them to use your website? Things should be kept minimalistic (just the important things), have flow (things progress the way you would expect), and should function well. This is also a great tip when it comes to SEO, because a tricky navigation system will affect your search rankings.
  3. Always include an About Us page, particularly for a small business owner. You should show companies who you are and what your business can do for them. Whether you have a mission, a philosophy, or a goal that identifies you and your business, it should be shared on this page. However, don’t get too wordy. Keep it simple.
  4. Do not ever make the mistake of not including your contact information. Otherwise, how else will customers be able to reach you? And do not place it in some obscure part of the website. It should be so obvious to visitors to your website there might as well be a neon sign pointing directly to it.
  5. An obvious call to action is another key element. Make your call to action just as obvious as your contact information, and make sure it sends a strong message. How to do this? Try to get your call to action to lead towards what your site is supposed to do. Design is in a way that it makes this action obvious and the rest of the design leads visitors to it.
  6. A search bar is a super useful tool to include on a website, particularly for websites with a blog. The prospect of trying to find a blog post you liked from months ago may be tricky, so a search bar right within the site is an excellent addition to make your visitor experience better.
  7. Make sure your website designer includes a nice little informational section at the footer of the website. This is an easy one because most websites have it, so most people will expect there to be some sort of secondary navigation system as well as additional information (like contact information) in the footer of a website.
  8. Make sure your buttons are clearly buttons. Contrasting colors, similar shapes across all buttons, whatever works to make your buttons be obviously buttons, then do it. The point of the button is for a visitor to click on it, but if they don’t realize what it is then they definitely won’t.
  9. Include high quality images in your website. Visuals are incredibly important to a website, and also can make it more interesting for visitors to look at. Don’t overcrowd your website with images, and don’t waste time using ones that aren’t good quality. Use an image to showcase something relevant to your brand and your products or services.
  10.  Don’t overlook the importance of a great font. That means stay away from Comic Sans (no offense to fans of the font) because you want something that is going to look professional but will also match up with the personality and attitude of your brand and your business.

How Wezom Studio Can Help Develop Your New Website

At Wezom Studio, we can provide you with exceptional graphic design services. Our services include website design (and redesign), logo development, corporate styling projects, slide shows or banners, and promotional items. We are one of the top graphic design studios in Chicago, and we know how to create a stunning website that will show your business as the unique and creative brand that it is. Interested in working with us to create your new and updated website? Then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio! Have any questions or thoughts about the most essential elements of graphic design for a website? Leave a comment below and share your opinion with us.

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