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Feedback is a really effective tool that adds to creating a positive image of the company. Moreover, according to the recent Google guidelines, the links from organic comments published on forums have a considerable impact on the search engine rank of the website. With an effective buzz marketing strategy, you will have control over your company's reputation online.



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Everything You Need To Know About Guerilla Marketing

If you have a limited budget and prefer unconventional and innovative approaches to business, then this article is for you. Guerilla marketing is an advertising strategy that is both unconventional and innovative, as well as being low cost. Guerilla marketing has been used in a variety of different ways since the term was first coined in the 1980’s. Now, it has adapted to match the online market and updated technologies that are available to companies now. However, guerilla marketing is not always easy to pull off; it requires high energy tactics and a lot of imagination.

As a full-service web agency based in Chicago, we can help you achieve this innovative and cost-effective advertising strategy. Still interested and want to learn more? Keep reading to find out more about what the benefits you can gain from guerilla marketing and tips to make it happen yourself.

Benefits of Guerilla Marketing Online

  1. This sort of marketing is great for companies who have a lower budget to work with. A lot of unconventional methods that guerrilla marketers uses tend to be more cost-effective because in their unconventionality there is usually a simplicity involved. This is hugely beneficial to businesses because you could set up a guerilla marketing campaign and then it could go viral and that makes it even more cost-effective.
  2. Speaking of viral, guerilla and viral marketing go hand in hand. With the “selfie culture” that we live in that is filled with smartphones and social media, so many daily aspects of people’s lives that are entirely normal, are documented on the internet. Successful guerrilla marketing takes advantage of that, and make campaigns that go viral and literally do the work for you.
  3. You can use guerilla marketing to build partnerships. Everyday situations are usually a factor in guerilla marketing, so pairing with local businesses can be to your advantage. If you live in Chicago and want to try this strategy out, then you could reach out to other businesses located in the Chicago area. As well as potentially being beneficial for business partnerships, it can also help you more easily target your niche audience.
  4. Guerilla marketing campaigns are almost always more unique and much more memorable than traditional advertising strategies. A successful campaign will usually cause some strong emotions in individuals. Innovative and experiential advertising strategies aren’t designed to be forgettable, so there has to be some sort of shock factor so that your campaign will stick around in people’s minds.
  5. With your marketing now being more memorable, it will also help build your customer base. Who doesn’t love a brand that’s memorable? It will stick around in your customer’s mind so next time they need a product or service similar to what you’re offering, they will most likely think of you first.
  6. Guerilla marketing also allows you to be more creative than usual. If that’s something that is either important to you or you feel is very representative of your brand, then it’s something that could be very beneficial to your business. If you go big with a shocking and memorable marketing strategy because that’s how you want your business to be portrayed, then go for it!
  7. This marketing strategy also takes advantage (and works hand-in-hand) with word of mouth marketing. And what better way to enhance the cost effectiveness of your marketing strategy then by getting people to talk about you?

Tips to Get Online Guerilla Marketing to Work for You

Now, not all of these tips are the crazy and memorable guerilla marketing strategies you may have seen with big businesses. However, they are highly applicable to the average business owner.

  1. Create a LinkedIn group to get more exposure. You can start a group for free and work to get more members to no additional cost, and you can build a group that has a large audience who can all become potential customers.
  2. Use your LinkedIn group to create a networking event. Invite everyone to come to the networking event, and people from the group you created may show up and even pay to attend!
  3. Sometimes, although this seems counterintuitive, give out your products for free. An offer of free products can draw a lot of eyes to your business, and can actually lead to some purchase if people think it’s something they really want to have.
  4. Work to concentrate your marketing effort into creating more videos. Videos are a much more effective marketing strategy and are much more likely to go viral than just plain text. Make it fun and interesting and people could share it with their friends and family, and that’s marketing you didn’t even have to pay for!
  5. Launch a contest for your company. Creating a contest that is associated with your products or services can generate a lot of exposure and attention towards your company.

As a full service web agency based out of Chicago, we have worked with a variety of small business. We understand that not everyone has an extensive marketing budget, and so they have to make it work for themselves and the money they have to spend. Guerilla marketing is an excellent way to make a small budget work for you, and it can also be a fun and innovative way to get yourself at the forefront of existing and potential customers. Plus, consumers always enjoy and appreciate a creative and unconventional approach to get their attention. We can help you figure out the best way for it to work for your business, your brand, your target audience, and your budget.

Interested in working with us to create your own guerilla marketing campaign? Then contact us today to start your campaign with Wezom Studio! Have any experiences or stories about guerilla marketing campaigns that you did yourself or that someone else did that you enjoyed? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

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