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Your Landing Page (also called as a "Selling Page", "Lead Capture Page", or a "Lander") is a single web page that contains information about your products or services. It appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or a contextual advertisement. The main task of the Landing Page is to sell, sell and sell again.

The Landing Page is often where your visitors get their first glimpse of your company.  This page should fascinate your customers and make them curious enough to proceed to your website.

You get only one chance to capture the visitor and usher him to your website where he can become a customer. The Landing Page can be optimized to intrigue and amaze your prospects, so take advantage of embellishments to convince visitors to explore deeper.

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Why are landing pages used?

Experienced website design agencies know the value of landing pages and they develop them according to the demands of marketing services. Marketing services like SEO and SMO promote a site for its specific products. They direct visitors to product landing pages, where they can find everything they need.

Every page has a specific function

As great a “window” to your business as a Landing Page might be, a single page cannot perform all the operations of a website. To usher your prospect to the products or services that will interest them most, catalog items, product descriptions, unit prices and order instructions must be laid out clearly. Buttons and links must be logical and accurate, taking customers exactly where they expect to go.

Trying to put too much detail onto your Landing Page will only result in a visually unattractive and cluttered page. It will not entice, but confuse, your prospect. 

To make the buying experience seamless for the customer marketing services can also easily promote such pages separately and land the prospects on dedicated pages.

Avoid web developers who try to make every page a landing page

The one-page website is not good for any online business. You may find some website designers and developers who have ruined their clients’ website by creating all- in- one pages for all of their services.

You should plan a custom landing page and create web pages according to type of services you sell and the information you wish to impart to your customer.

 At Wezom, you will have the chance to meet the online marketing experts and hear their suggestions for the best way to develop landing pages and all the subsequent pages you will need to represent your business online.

Let’s find a company that excels in designing effective landing pages

If you don’t want to waste your time in meeting marketing experts and then finding landing page services, then simply hunt for a single company that performs both operations. Yes, there are website development services that do both.

Such a company as Wezom will understand which important features your website needs to gain a large number of visitors. We will develop responsive landing and subsequent pages, to give you the perfect website to support all of your online marketing strategies.