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Your Landing Page (also called as a "Selling Page", "Lead Capture Page", or a "Lander") is a single web page that contains information about your products or services. It appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or a contextual advertisement. The main task of the Landing Page is to sell, sell and sell again.

The Landing Page is often where your visitors get their first glimpse of your company.  This page should fascinate your customers and make them curious enough to proceed to your website.

You get only one chance to capture the visitor and usher him to your website where he can become a customer. The Landing Page can be optimized to intrigue and amaze your prospects, so take advantage of embellishments to convince visitors to explore deeper.

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How To Create a High Converting Landing Page

Creating an exceptional website landing page is not easy. It is simply a single web page that is designed to attract and inform customers and the point of it is to convert customers and sell your product or service. By using a landing page you can boost advertising efficiency, profits, and rates of conversion. So, how do you create a landing page that is going to be high-converting? There are a number of essential elements that are consistent across successful landing pages that you can work into your own. Unsure of whether you can pull it off? Keep reading to find out how Chicago-based web agency, Wezom Studio, can help you build a killer landing page.

The Essentials to a High-Converting and Responsive Landing Page

Although every business or product landing page is different and unique, there are some consistent elements and characteristics that show up across the board in successful and high-converting landing pages.

  1. The Headline. Your headline needs to attract the reader’s attention – and hold on to it. It should be informative, but not too long. And it should be interesting enough that they will click on it and look at your landing page.
  2. The Subheadline. Right after the headline, comes the subheadline. It needs to be just as captivating as the headline in order to keep your reader, reading. It should be persuasive and it should go deeper into detail; whether you’re doing a product landing page or you’re selling a service, the subheadline should give more information about either the product or service you are trying to discuss.
  3. The Picture. Did you know that the brain processes images faster than it processes text? Well, it does and by a lot. Images on your landing page will help draw your reader in and will affect them deeper than just text. It should be big enough to be very noticeable and also (most importantly) relevant to what you’re selling. If you’re selling a product, make sure the picture is of the product. If your landing page is relevant to a location, say Chicago, then you could incorporate a picture of the Chicago skyline. And don’t forget to use high-quality images; a reader isn’t going to trust your business if they’re not sure you can even choose a good quality picture.
  4. The Explanation. Don’t worry about being funny or cute, be direct and straightforward with your explanation. It can integrate with your headline/subheadline, but it’s not necessary. However, you should include a couple sentences to a paragraph to explain more about what the landing page is for; it should also demonstrate the benefits of what you’re selling.
  5. The Proposition. This part is very important, because it tells the user what they’re going to get out of this. A simple way to do this is to list the benefits of what you’re selling (make sure they are unquestionably focused on the benefits the user would get).
  6. The Flow. A landing page should not be confusing, make sure that there is a logical flow to the customer.
  7. The Pain. This may initially seem counterintuitive but you should mention somewhere in your landing page what your customers will avoid by engaging with your product or service, not just what they will get out of it.
  8. The Pleasure. Right after the pain, you need to get the user to see what kind of pleasure they could gain out of what you’re selling.
  9. The Testimonial. Knowing that someone else really liked the product or service can make someone much more likely to trust your business.
  10. The Contact. If you don’t include adequate contact information on your landing page, this may also make you seem untrustworthy. Include everything from email, address, contact form, or just a phone number.
  11. The Guarantee. Reassure your customers by providing a guarantee that is relevant and works for your business type and your product. It’s shown that even including the word “guarantee” can help raise the rates of conversion off of landing pages.
  12. The Call to Action. This is honestly the top priority in a landing page. If you don’t have a good call to action, your conversion rates are going to be less than thrilling. Make it big and bold and compelling. Use colors and buttons to your advantage to draw readers in to see it and be compelled to click on the button. The call to action has to stand out from the rest of the text, and readers should be naturally drawn there as much as you can make it.

How A Landing Page Development Company Can Help

Creating a business landing page is usually best left to the professionals. Although this article provides you with a comprehensive list of the essentials, for most people, it can be difficult to put together. That’s why turning to a company that has a proven track record of high-converting and responsive landing pages can be an exceptional investment. And, because a landing page is a single page website, it is less of a cost than developing a full-fledged website. At Wezom Studio, a full-service web agency based in Chicago, we have shown that we can increase profits for businesses by up to 70% with a competently designed and developed landing page. With our landing page development, you can start seeing boosts in your profits in as little as two weeks. Our clients have found that their customer flow has increased by more than 300%, their rates of conversion of visitors to customers have increased over 11%, and their advertising efficiency increases by 50%. When you have a landing page created by us, your customers won’t even want to leave it because of the unique design, correct approach, and high-converting texts that we include.

Want a killer landing page that will bring you high conversion rates and boost your profits? Then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio! Have any thoughts or questions? Leave a comment below and share with us.