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Your Landing Page (also called as a "Selling Page", "Lead Capture Page", or a "Lander") is a single web page that contains information about your products or services. It appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or a contextual advertisement. The main task of the Landing Page is to sell, sell and sell again.

The Landing Page is often where your visitors get their first glimpse of your company.  This page should fascinate your customers and make them curious enough to proceed to your website.

You get only one chance to capture the visitor and usher him to your website where he can become a customer. The Landing Page can be optimized to intrigue and amaze your prospects, so take advantage of embellishments to convince visitors to explore deeper.

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Are you interested in selling effectively online and want to attract and retain clients? If yes, then you require landing page development services for your website. A landing page is a favorable tool for businesses that yields tremendous results and is implemented for the following purposes:

• fast sale of goods/service;

• the increase in demand for your brand;

• attracting potential buyers;

• gaining an edge over competitors.

Landing Page development means developing that one page where the customer lands after logging on to the website. The purpose of the page is to advertise goods and/or services and to encourage the visitor to submit an order and make a purchase. In other words, it attracts and retains clients for the company. For the customer, it provides the perfect opportunity to stay and gauge the merits and demerits of the product or/and service before making a purchase.

You can order an e-commerce landing page from the professional developing company, Wezom and witness an increase of profits by 70%. You can get an idea and feel of our completed projects by viewing them in the ‘Portfolio' section.


The e-commerce landing page is a powerful marketing tool for businesses that:

  1. Sell one specific good or service.
  2. Plans to launch contextual advertising on social networks or/and search engines.
  3. Want to head in a new direction by bringing new goods to the market.
  4. Sell exclusive and unique goods or services.

The advantages of this powerful marketing tool surpass the developing cost and therefore, should be considered as an investment instead of an expense. Generally, the company is able to reap returns from the Custom Landing Page within a period of 25-30 days. In the meanwhile, the expenses on advertising are reduced considerably by a minimum of 20%. Unlike other e-commerce shops or creation of the landing pages that take a reasonable amount of time, Wezom takes no more than 2 weeks.

If clients and profits margins are important to a certain company then a standard website is not good enough. One requires an effective instrument for online sales that would sell rapidly without incurring heavy advertisement costs. If you believe in it then Wezom is here to help you. It is an agency that offers system solutions by offering development services to help you attain goals of any magnitude.


A cheap landing page doesn't promise the achievement of goals. In fact, the landing page should become that one-page website that turns into an effective sales instrument because proper operations at all stages of web creation are carried out. Moreover, the landing page price must guarantee high conversion rate of visitors to clients, flawless design and enhancement of sales.

It is worth mentioning that the expenditures on the development of the landing page are lower than on the creation of a traditional online resource page. And the landing page is ready in 2 weeks after the order.

Development of an effective ‘landing page' consists of the following stages:

  1. Studying of features and advantages for the client and their business.
  2. Analysis of target audience and market of competitors.
  3. Writing of the selling advertising content by professional writers.
  4. Use of triggers that develop the trust of buyers.
  5. Development of unique design which will emphasize advantages of the sold goods or/and services.


Creation of the ‘landing page' is a difficult process that requires knowledge and experience of implementation of the niche selling elements. Competently developed landing page from Wezom is capable of increasing profits by 70%. Our previous projects testify to these stats.

Why do companies choose to acquire our services for landing pages? The answer is very simple. Unlike other developers we:

  • we give 100% warranty of observance of time periods;
  • we don't require complete advance payment;
  • we create unique designs;
  • we don't use outdated, ineffective methods;
  • we write the ‘correct' texts that motivate users to make purchases;
  • we test development at all stages – from a prototype to the end result.

Results received by our clients are:

• conversion of visitors to clients by 11% and above;

• increase in a flow of clients by 300%

• increase in advertising efficiency by 50%.

We create landing pages for websites that customers simply do not wish to leave. The unique design, the selling texts and the correct approach to goals advancement will allow you to be ahead of competitors considerably. Promo page from Wezom always hit the mark.


As it was mentioned above, a quality Landing Page cannot be made cheaply. Wezom Agency does not believe in creating sub-standard websites by copying examples of competitors. Each of our projects is exclusive and therefore the price of each order is determined individually. To learn the estimated cost of development, call us or order free consultation today.

The estimated cost of the service depends on the requirements, wishes, specifics of business, features of a functionality, the number of screens, complexity of project implementation in general and periods of execution. Furthermore, the actual cost can only be given to the customer after calculating the time that each development stage of the website will take and the number of experts that will be involved in it.

Development of landing page is cheaper in comparison with the creation of the full-fledged website. You will be able to compensate the expense within a month. And as for profits, they would not only be long-term but would be at least three times the money that is spent. By acquiring the service for the creation of the landing page by Wezom, you are making a highly favorable investment.


The most significant advantage of Wezom custom landing pages is that its development does not take a lot of time as compared to traditional websites. Ideally, you will be able to realize your first profits from the landing page within 2 weeks of ordering. But, it is vital to understand that the period of development depends on the complexity of the project.

Having ordered the one-page website by system solutions agency, Wezom, you receive the effective selling tool which turns visitors into clients of your company. The landing page works 24/7, convincing target audience of advantages of the ordering the goods or/and services. While you may be resting or are engaged with personal commitments, the selling website Landing Page would perform the work of a manager by informing, selling and making the profit.

Order development of the selling page from true professionals and receive maximum sales from the Internet!