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We create native mobile applications for Android platform based on the analysis of the target audience, and the prototype prepared by our designers. When creating a unique graphic design for your application, we follow the Material Design for Android. We write the application code in Java programming language. The application backend can be prepared in PHP or ASP.NET.


We are experienced in carrying out such features as:


  • User authorization and verification
  • Integration with geo tracking systems
  • Purchase and order placement systems
  • Integration with electronic payment systems
  • Questionnaire and form systems
  • Intelligent synchronization and operation in offline mode
  • Chat, instant messenger, and notification systems
  • Integration with GPS, accelerometer, or the camera of the device
  • Data encryption, secure connection systems (in accordance with the safety standards)
  • Integration with databases, CRM system, or the company's Intranet

native Android applications
working out the usability of applications
backend part of applications
integration with any website
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Benefits of Android App Development

The vast majority of business owners understand that having a business website is important, but app development is a slightly further step then some are willing to take. And many business owners are hesitant to spend the money on getting an app created. However, working with an Android app development company can solidly put you way ahead of the competition and generate a high returns on investment. When you think of all the top companies, they all have taken the next step and had an app developed and you should be taking that next step right along with them. At Wezom Studio, we are a top Android developer in Chicago, and we know exactly how much of an opportunity that Android apps are for your business. Want to learn more about the benefits of Android app development? Keep reading to learn how your business can benefit from this investment, and how Wezom Studio can make it happen for you once you’re convinced you need an app for yourself.

Benefits of Android App Development

  1. With an Android app developed, you’ll be accessing more than 2/3 of the smartphone market. There are more than a billion devices that are powered with the Android operating system which can be a huge opportunity for businesses to take advantage of.
  2. Android is open source and free, which is a huge up-side for small businesses and start-ups in particular. This means that working with an android developer could be less expensive for a business with a smaller budget. This means you know you’ll have a high ROI because the initial investment is lower in the first place. In fact, Android openly distributes its SDK (software development kit).
  3. Android apps have the advantage of customizable user interface (UI) because Google has always focused on making it as personable and customizable as possible. This would provide more opportunities for business owners and developers alike to work with the user interface to get the most out of it.
  4. With the customizable UI, Android also offers developers more options for custom work. After the app has been released into the market, it’s much easier for developers to adapt and tweak the app based on updates and new features.
  5. A key philosophy at Google, which extends to its Android software and products, is imagination and creativity. When you’re developing an app with Android software, you know that your developers will have full custom, creative freedom.
  6. Android apps are also easier to approve; other companies put apps through a complex and strict approval process prior to the app being released into the open market. For business owners, this is a huge advantage, because it dramatically cuts down on the wait time from the initial concept through development to it being available to your customers.
  7. You can access a wider network with Android apps, because it isn’t restricted to just the official Google app marketplace. Android apps are also sold on third party marketplaces. This way, you can easily reach a much larger audience and increase your market and profit potential. As a business owner, if you’ve put in the investment to get an Android app created, you’ll want it to be on the open marketplace as soon as possible. Android and Google understand this, which is exactly why they don’t have a stringent approval process to hinder your business’s growth.
  8. You can access an even wider network with Android apps because they actually run on different manufacturers devices in a number of different configurations of hardware. This means that your market potential is a dramatic increase over any other operating system.

How to Find The Best Android App Developer

Now that we have convinced you about the major benefits that android apps can provide you with, it’s time for you to find the right development company. If you feel that an Android app is the key to taking your business to the next step of growth and visibility, then you want to make sure you collaborate with a developer that is trustworthy, experienced, and professional. Just because Android generously offers its SDK to any developer, doesn’t mean you should trust your app development with any developer. When searching and researching, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure to evaluate their previous work and their portfolio. How many apps have they created for Android? Do you like the kind of apps they make? While it’s wonderful if you find a super professional and experienced company, make sure their portfolio matches the kind of app you’re looking to create.

Next, find out whether they have an in-house development team or they outsource the work to save on cost. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, and want to work with a company that has a development team available in-house, then this is something you want to ask. On a similar point, make sure to ask questions about what kind of engineers are in-house that will be actually creating the app. Maybe the company overall has been creating Android apps for several years, but all of their current engineers are complete newbies with limited experience.

At Wezom Studio, we are a top Android app development company in Chicago. We know how to create an exceptional, innovative, and creative app that will capture people’s attention in the marketplace and excite your existing customers. Whatever you dream is for your upcoming Android app, we can help you make it into a reality. Our professional and experienced staff know how to take your ideas and concepts, and turn them into functions and features on the app.

If you’re interested in working with us to create your new and amazing Android app, then contact us today to start your app development with Wezom Studio! Have any questions or comments about our services or about Android app development? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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