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We create native mobile applications for iOS platform based on the analysis of the target audience, as well as the prototype prepared by our designers. When creating the unique graphic design for your application, we keep everything consistent with Apple's guidelines. We write the application code in Swift programming language. The application backend can be prepared in PHP or ASP.NET.

We are experienced in carrying out such features as:

  • User authorization and verification
  • Integration with geo tracking systems
  • Purchase and order placement systems
  • Integration with electronic payment systems
  • Questionnaire and form systems
  • Intelligent synchronization and operation in offline mode
  • Chat, instant messenger, and notification systems
  • Integration with GPS, accelerometer, or the camera of the device
  • Data encryption, secure connection systems (following the modern safety standards)
  • Integration with databases, CRM system, or the company's Intranet

native iOS applications
working out the usability of applications
backend part of applications
integration with any website
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Why You Should Choose iOS For Your Next Mobile App

The newest way to engage and entice and interact with customers is to create an app for your business. Now, this may seem like a huge job and not worth the investment but, trust us, iOS app development is well worth it and will provide you with a high ROI. As an agency who is experienced in iOS app development in Chicago, we know exactly what kind of benefits you’ll get with an iOS app.

Money can’t buy you the kind of popularity and quality standards that Apple has just waiting for you to take opportunity of with your own app! As the online business industry continues to grow and expand and adapt to new technology, businesses have had to do the same right alongside it. And now, the next step for growth and adaptation is to create an app. Right now is the time to get ahead of your competitors by establishing your name and your brand in the Apple Store right alongside all the other big companies. Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn about 8 reasons why an iOS app will take you to the next level.

Reasons Why You Should Choose iOS for App Development

  1. You just can’t beat the quality of iPhone apps. There may be more Android apps in the marketplace, but that’s also because the quality standards are less strict. The quality of iOS apps is unmatched in the app developing industry. This is also beneficial to business owners because statistics show that, for some reason, iOS users are willing to spend a lot more money on apps.
  2. Apple does not allow carrier data, third-party apps, or even unnecessary apps.
  3. There is a lot of fragmentation within the user experience and interface of Android users because the large number of carries and manufacturers don’t have quality standards to continue updating as there are software updates. With iOS users, almost 2/3 of users are on the latest iPhone update which can be installed to any device as soon as it’s released. This keeps the user experience more consistent with the iOS programming, and more updated with latest technology and features.
  4. Apple provides better HTML support across the board, which can be extremely helpful for any iOS developer.
  5. The icons for iOS apps are meant to be more appealing to the eye. Apple takes into consideration every single little detail when it comes to design, and the icons for apps are no exception. They are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing.
  6. It is easier to separate between tablet friendly and not-so-tablet-friendly apps on the Apple store. While this is more for the enhancement of the user experience, it will be automatically more helpful for users when they know that they’ll be getting your iPhone app rather than your iPad app.
  7. Although with Android development, they offer their SDK for free, Apple’s programming is easier to code. This can be huge for developers and for business owners alike because more complex and advanced features and functions can be much easier to implement within the app development.
  8. Your customers will be assured that there won’t be any security issues. Most developers will actually suggest to business owners that iOS should be their first choice because of the more advanced security features.

When you choose to go with iPhone app development rather than another app software, you get to take advantage of the extreme popularity of the iOS platform. iOS is one of the most consistently functioning operating systems and so it means the devices it runs on are going to be trusted more. Now that you’re convinced, what do you do next? Assuming that you aren’t an experienced app developer, the next step is to find a company that can help build you an app.

So, How Do You Find the Right iPhone App Developer?

iOS has strict quality standards, and so you should only trust an expert with the tasks of creating an iOS app. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and money. There are a few things you should check out about any business before going forward with them. First, find out how long it takes them to create an app. From conception to being on the marketplace, ask them to provide you with an expected timeline. With that, you should also find out how much it is going to cost you. Do you due diligence with research and find out what an average cost would be so you know you’re getting a reasonable deal. Finally, make sure you are getting a company that will provide you with support after the fact. If a company can provide you with support after the app is on the marketplace, you know that company will be worth the investment. Eventually, Apple will update its software and hardware and you will need your app updated right along with it.

At Wezom Studio, we are a top iPhone app development company located in Chicago. We have a depth of experience and knowledge in iOS mobile development on our developing team and we have made clients happy with our exceptional and innovative designs. Our apps will help you catch shopper’s eye in the Apple Store as well as excite your current customers into becoming more loyal to the brand. If you have a dream and a vision of what you want your iOS app to look like, we can help make it happen. We know how to listen to your needs and your customer’s wants and turn it into a fully functioning and high quality iOS application.

Are you interested in our iOS app development services? If you want our developer team to create your next step into the world of app development, then contact us today to start it with Wezom Studio! Do you have any thoughts or questions about iOS app development and the services we offer? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts with us. 

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