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An online shop (also known as an “e-shop” or “e-commerce”) is an interactive website with a catalog representing goods and services, capped off with a user-friendly and secure order device. An online shop will help you expand your market, automate work with your regular customers, and present a full range of products to increase and speed up sales.

Creating an appealing web store is all about getting visitors to the right products easily and quickly as they surf online. You have to give them enough visual and written information to help them make the buying decision.

Wezom Studio helps you create a platform where you can accomplish all of these criteria.  Our aim is to provide user friendly interface to enhance customer experience and to help you increase your bottom-line.

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Advantages of Ecommerce Websites Over Traditional Retail

The ecommerce industry is rapidly expanding, and is one of the fastest growing industries out there. As technology has adapted and improved over the past decade, the rise of ecommerce stores has exploded as business owners and entrepreneurs have realized the potential in it and the draw people have to online shopping. Entrepreneurs don’t always have the funds to own, rent, or construct their own brick and mortar store, and paying for ecommerce website development ends up being a much smaller expense. And if you are looking for ecommerce development in Chicago, Wezom Studio is the perfect business for you.

Ecommerce has provided consumers with a 24/7 shopping experience-from wherever they feel like doing it. In fact, statistics show that almost 2/3 of people are turning towards their devices to purchase products online. There are a multitude of benefits for both you (as the business owner) and your customers. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of an ecommerce business over traditional retail, and how Wezom Studio can help!

How Ecommerce Can Push You Ahead of Traditional Retail

  1. Ecommerce provides an easy and convenient way of shopping for consumers. They can purchase products from wherever they are at the moment and at any time of the day. It also provides an ease of payment, because transferring funds online is generally faster and more user-friendly. Consumers find they save time and money when they turn to online purchases.
  2. An ecommerce website provides customers with much more product information. In a traditional brick and mortar store, there may be dimensions of products or past reviews that they are unable to get. Online, they are much more likely to get a plethora of information about the product and also previous customers reactions, which can help them make decisions and be more confident in their purchase.
  3. You can utilize search engine optimization with your store to attract new customers. If you’re unsure how to do SEO, an ecommerce development company can easily help optimize your entire website. But, SEO is really valuable because you can drive traffic to your website. For example, Wezom Studio is a full-service web agency in Chicago. To drive traffic to our site, we would optimize it for search words like “ecommerce website design Chicago”. If you were in the retail industry, you would find keyword that match the product you sell.
  4. An ecommerce business is going to cost less for you, whether it’s from startup costs to inventory management. Inventory management can be automated through their management software, and operational costs can be lowered. Although you will still need to pay for storing, packaging, and shipping costs, you won’t need to pay for cashiers or store clerks.
  5. You can keep a better eye on your customer’s buying habits. All of this information will be easily kept online and you can see exactly when certain purchases happen. You can much more easily follow data trends when you are working online, which can help you make decisions on anything from promotional deals to sales to pricing of products or marketing options.
  6. You can greatly expand your customer base. With a traditional brick and mortar store, your customer base is limited to the people in the area. With an ecommerce store, you can sell your products at any time and in any place across the globe.
  7. With the expansion of your customer base, ecommerce also provides an avenue to expand the market for niche or super unique products. If you have a very specialized product you’re selling, an ecommerce business can work to your advantage because of the great expansion of your customer base. You’ll be much more likely to find a consistent stream of customers.

How Wezom Studio Can Help You Create an Ecommerce Store

Now that you’ve heard the advantages of an ecommerce store, it’s important to know the factors that go into an exceptional ecommerce website. After all, your website needs to be as impressive as you would create your brick-and-mortar store to be. It should attract your visitors and lead them into high rates of conversion (as well as keep them coming back for more). You will need a platform that is appealing to look at, easy for customers to use, safe and secure for them to enter personal information into, and simple for you to stay on top of and manage.

Not only are we a full-service web agency, but we are also an ecommerce website development company. Our goal is to help you create a platform where you can accomplish all the necessary aspects of an exceptional online store: getting visitors to the products they want easily and quickly, with adequate visual and written information. Our work on online stores have created user-friendly websites that have intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces; we strive to give our clients websites that will enhance their customer’s experience (and their bottom-line).

Our ecommerce website developers understand the importance of a well-crafted ecommerce website, and can handle projects of any degree of complexity to give your business the most strategic and efficient website. The systems that we use have exceptional security and reliability; we understand that the success of your business relies on the success of your website’s usability and reliability. We can provide you with affordable services, so even as a small business just starting out, you can have a customized and responsive website that will help launch your business. Our team will stick with you throughout your ecommerce journey, as we can provide tech support as quick as we can. You can put your trust in our innovative and experienced team to make your investment worth it with an exceptional and high-quality ecommerce website.

If you want to work with a dedicated and professional ecommerce website development team, then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio! Do you have personal experience running an ecommerce business? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences!