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SEO 2.0. is a next generation of positioning that allows you to increase both website’s traffic and conversion. Thanks to the combination of the most effective SEO techniques and modern marketing tools, we guarantee our clients higher search engine positions and noticeable business benefits.
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Online store of Ukraine’s largest tire distributor.
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Playing cards online store.
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Online door store.
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We offer transparent rules and terms of cooperation described in detail. The contract is signed for an indefinite period of time and it includes 4 legal and financial guarantees.
Reimbursement in case of failure to meet the terms of the contract.
Reimbursement and position improvement in case Google applies a filter.
Reimbursement in case a report is not ready by the specified time.
Positioning cost is fixed and guaranteed by the contract.
Denis Manager
Number of projects:
5 years
Marina Link-Manager
Number of projects:
2,5 years
Yuri SEO optimizer
Number of projects:
4 years
Anastasia SMM manager
Number of projects:
3 years
Ilya Marketing Specialist
Number of projects:
1 year
Alla Copywriter
Number of projects:
2 years
Vladislav Front-end developer
Number of projects:
6 years
Alexander Back-end developer
Number of projects:
1 year
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At least 8 specialists work on the success of each page. Our team includes experienced managers, SEO experts, programmers, marketers and copywriters. We are at your disposal at any time.
Website code optimization.
Content optimization (tags, meta tags, keywords).
Mobile Optimization.
Web Usability (tips to improve the usability of the site).
Ranking in the Top 10.
Long Tail positioning.
Local positioning.
Optimization for voice search.
Our goal is to generate as much traffic as possible on the website. For this purpose we position on the website all phrases related to the given industry.
We provide SEO, loading speed and mobile optimization of the website.
By placing links on important thematic websites we create a link network for the website.
We select the most effective key phrases of a given industry for site positioning (TOP 10).
We provide constant monitoring and report the results of our activity.
We track website traffic and visitors’ activity.
We analyze and optimize your site with regard to its visitors’ activity.
In order to increase the conversion we create an automatic sales tunnel and manage website communication.
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The Importance of SEO Optimization

In this article, we will look at SEO optimization as the tool which is capable to do wonders in promoting the site and answer the question, why you should not neglect it while planning to develop your business. The article will be especially beneficial for those whose project in based in Chicago, Illinois.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of activities for website development, a change in its environment, the analysis of user behavior, aimed at improving the existing positions on the target queries in the search engines and getting good positions (desirably top 10) on the new web search requests. Are you looking for an SEO consultant in Chicago?

You can rely on Wezom Studio as it is affordable SEO company. The services of our search engine optimization company will include:

  • Analysis of search engine ranking algorithms, for identifying key ranking factors, tracking novelties of search engines;
  • Analysis of the current demand (statistics of search requests, site visits in the subject matter);
  • The semantic kernel: compiling a list of promoted queries;
  • Internal optimization, that is website improvement;
  • External optimization: to increase the references on the website in the network;
  • Improving behavioral factors: analyzing the behavior of users on the pages reached via the search results, and on the website;
  • Tracking the results (traffic, positions for target requests, etc.) and making adjustments to the current work scheme by experienced Chicago SEO professional.

What Are the Advantages of Ordering Services from Professional SEO Company?

Professional promotion implies not only one-time service. At the time of ordering services, the reliable webmasters at Wezom Studio in Chicago, Illinois always follow the site, its positions, and graphs of user behavior.

The skills and techniques that help to achieve success in promoting the sites come with experience only. If you do not have experience, you should not undertake the promotion of a commercial website in the search engines yourself. You can deal with traditional methods of customers’ attraction - advertising on TV, radio, newspapers, leaflets; however, search engine promotion is better to be delegated to professionals. Even with lots of literature, videos, and blogs available, relying on them makes little sense. That’s so because the algorithms of search engines constantly change, the methods of promotion are not permanent, and only a professional – your Chicago SEO expert - can determine what is better to do for this or that business/website.

The promotion of website consists not only in getting a position on the top search results, but concerns many other factors. Currently, the results of the query may vary not only depending on the time, place, or device used. All the programs with which you browse the Internet collect statistics and transmit it to the search engines to some extent. It turns out that when handling a query, the search engine already knows what is necessary for you based on the statistics of the requests that you made previously.

The speed and duration of working on the site are also important for the company’s progress. A superficially optimized website with a lot of links may not give the expected effect. All work needs to be done gradually by affordable search engine optimization company such as Wezom so that the search engines see that the site is developing. It’s a really meaningful decision to order promotion from professionals, paid on actual basis of growth in attendance and sales.

SEO Strategy

  • What Factors Are Considered for Modern SEO Optimization Strategies

Now, let's move on to the specifics. Usually, promotion methods are divided into three groups that can make a good SEO strategy plan:

  1. Internal optimization of text, headings, meta tags, deletion of content duplication, etc.
  2. External SEO: receiving free and paid ways of incoming links to your site.
  3. Usability and quality of content: to obtain adequate behavior of users on your resource and in the results provided by the search engines (which will be typical and domain-relevant).

The first two groups of factors are aimed at attracting the maximum number of visitors from search engines (due to the promotion in the Top 10 for the required queries), but the third group of SEO factors is oriented on retaining the conquered positions.

Your web resource, in addition to effective SEO strategies, must meet certain technical requirements of search engines (prohibition of indexing duplicate pages, correct server response codes, etc.) as periodic inaccessibility of the site can stultify all your efforts.

Keyword Research as One of Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Keyword selection is one of the most important and cost-effective stages of SEO. The fate of your site depends on whether you choose the "right" keyword phrases for optimization. SEO keyword research (research of popular search queries) is necessary not only for compiling the semantic kernel of the site but also for studying your target audience.

Correctly selected keywords will attract targeted traffic to your site. The advantage of a well-written semantic kernel by Wezom keyword research company is difficult to overestimate. Due to our services, you will be able to predict demand ups and downs, respond promptly to changes in market conditions, and offer consumers the goods, services, and content they need. In the entire history of marketing, there were no more effective ways of studying the target audience than working with keywords.

How to Determine the Value of Keywords?

There are many tools for determining the frequency of keywords. However, this information is not enough to understand whether customers who have moved to the site due to these search queries will bring profit to you. The process of evaluating the value of a keyword is much more complicated and consists of several stages:

1. Planning of SEO keyword strategy

It is necessary to analyze the following:

  • Is the keyword relevant to the content of your site?
  • Will users on your site find what they are looking for using this keyword?
  • Will they like what they find?
  • Will these visitors bring profit (or help to achieve other goals)?

2. Analysis of the keyword issuance results in the main search engines

To understand how competitive the chosen word is and how easy or difficult it will be for you to get to the first positions due to it, the sites that are already issued should be analyzed.

Attention should be paid to whether other sites are advertised for the same request. As a rule, the more paid ads are shown when searching for a keyword, the more valuable and profitable it is. On the other hand, this means that the keyword is highly competitive and advancing with it will require higher costs.

3. Launching a trial advertising campaign for the selected keyword in Google AdWords

If your site is not shown on the search page for the query that interests you, the right strategy will be to buy "test" traffic to analyze how much conversion this request requires.

In Google AdWords, it can be done by setting an "exact" match type for your passphrase and sending traffic to a relevant page on your site. Then the level of conversion of the key phrase will need to be analyzed (after receiving at least 200-300 clicks).

4. Determining the value of the keyword based on the obtained data

You need to compare how many users viewed the ad, how many of them proceeded to the site, how many visitors made the targeted action and what revenue was received as the result.

7. Jak długo trzeba czekać na efekty pozycjonowania strony?

W przypadku pozycjonowania stron internetowych nie da się jednoznacznnie określić jak długo trzeba czekać na efekty SEO. Wiele zależy od obecnej kondycji strony internetowej oraz konkurencji na rynku. Zwykle pierwsze efekty pojawiają się już po kilku tygodniach, jednak przy bardziej złożonych serwisach, działających na bardzo konkurencyjnym rynku czas ten może się wydłużyć nawet do kilku miesięcy.

Using What Keywords to Move on?

Everyone wants to get to the top with highly competitive keywords, which bring thousands of views daily. Many are not aware, but these "popular" keywords are only 30% of all queries that visitors use. The remaining 70% are low-frequency queries.

One of the main advantages of low-frequency queries is the high level of conversion. The fact is that the people who put them have already passed the first stages of the sales funnel. The user who enters the query "shoes", most likely, has not yet made a choice and is not ready to purchase. On the other hand, if a person types "buy sneakers Converse size 40", he already has his purse ready.

Where to Search for Keywords?

Wezom Studio offers the best keyword research services using many resources that provide information about search queries. But for most optimizers, the Google AdWords keyword planner is the starting point for finding keywords. This tool not only offers keyword ideas and estimates the traffic that they can bring, but is also able to predict how much you will need to spend on paid advertising to promote them.

Link Building Strategies for Your Website

SEO linkbilding is the creation of a set of external links used for search promotion. However, there is a conceptual difference between increasing the reference mass in general and link building. For example, not all optimizers refer to link building as the purchase of external links on the exchange markets.

The Crucial Difference

The conceptual difference between link promotion and link building is that the “purchase” is not “construction” inherently. You can quickly build reference mass by buying it, but get links from domains with wrong content, where issues don’t match. It seems that your website has progressed, and then the search engine figured it all out and again removed the site from the top search results.

Another thing is the gradual building up of the reference mass, the scrupulous study of catalogs of articles, lengthy negotiations with the owners of related sites and some other options that Wezom Studio offers. It's a routine that takes considerable time, and not everyone wants to do it. But we are professionals who do all the work, and you as the client will simply count the profit and rejoice that your site occupies the top of the search results and remains there for a long time.

Link Building Services Practically

We will not overly theorize as we hope that you are already considering a recommendation to turn to the experienced professionals, who can apply all of its strategies, in the matter of linkbuilding. It is essential as the search engines are, like living organisms, staying in constant dynamics, continuously developing, even thinking in some sense of the word. Therefore, none of the recommendations listed above or below should be simply copied. Adaptation to each specific case is important. Only this way, link building is sure to suit the search engines.

According to the opinion of the most experienced optimizers, successful SEO link building implies obtaining external links from the following sources.

1. Trust sites

Following this strategy, the professionals write letters to administrations of trust sites with the proposal to refer, if necessary, to positive feedback on their activities posted on your site. Different large companies like to write on their pages something like "Our reputation is confirmed by thousands of positive feedback that you can read here (link to your site)." In general, it’s good to cooperate more actively with trust sites.

2. Social networks and forums

The reason for trust in these links on the part of search engines is understandable. No optimizer is able to bribe millions of users of social networks. And if an external link is posted here, then there is a high probability that it is natural. One of the ways to get an external link from the social network is to become a member of a certain network group. The value of the link from the forums is slightly lower than that from the social networks, but it also exists, and it should not be ignored in any case.

3. Catalogs of articles

This is all about the white catalogs. To apply this strategy, some interesting articles are written, the necessary links are integrated into the texts, then these articles are placed in the catalogs and one can expect the site to improve its position. The only hitch is to find a truly white catalog. The situation in this segment of the Internet is very dynamic. Catalog lists are constantly updated, and here you have to keep your hand on the pulse constantly as we do at Wezom. The effect can exceed all expectations. Catalogs of articles are still one of the most reliable tools for linkbuilding, even the free ones. If the budget of promotion allows, it is better to place the articles in the paid catalog of course.

With our help, you can apply any strategy from those proposed. The key to successful promotion will be creative comprehension of the needed approach and the use, to smaller or bigger extent, of all other methods. Only under the condition of complex SEO linkbuilding services, you can succeed in promoting the website.

How to Use Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is simply necessary for modern business, and the more competitive the niche is, the faster you need to claim yourself a place on the map. Most businesses for which territorial designation is important (medical, law, restaurant, hotel businesses, etc.) are already promoting sites linked to the location so that customers will find them much faster. The longer you wait, the less chance you have to get ahead of your "colleagues".

To date, local SEO solutions are especially relevant, because there is a real opportunity to get a lot of customers through geographic location. Basic rules for local optimization are easy to understand, though there are some issues to understand, for example, connected to choosing Google or other search engines suitable for promotion.

Moreover, Google uses local issuance for commercial sites, so in different regions the same query will have different results of issuance. Business should always be aimed at a certain region, be it a country or a city.

All this has a significant connection to the local optimization of the site. For example, if you make Chicago local SEO a priority, you need to add the names of region/city/settlement/country in title and description. If your site appears on the first page of the issue on request with a link to a specific place, consider that you have received new customers who feel physically convenient to use your service.

If your resource is promoted by local anchor keywords, the content of the site is understandable to search bots, and Google My Business is correctly configured, your company will appear on the first page of the search results. For example, a request made as the "Chicago Illinois service center" will show some of the most popular resources with brief information about services and accurate location on Google Maps, which are sufficient for initial acquaintance with the service. If the service has worked on visibility in Google My Business, the following information will be visible to the customers:

  • exact location
  • ratings
  • working hours
  • office address
  • phone
  • website address

Semantic marking is needed for every ambitious site, as with its help, search robots easily obtain the necessary information about the content of the site, pass on to indexing and you find your site in the top search results. Authoritative search engines, including Google, have adopted the standard of semantic markup - the Schema dictionary, which offers a list of relevant formats for semantic markup along with microdata.

After the elements offered by this dictionary are added to your site, search engines will display up-to-date information about your business. Wezom as local SEO company uses this great strategy because in such a way location data will be available to all interested customers. Before implementing the semantic markup on client’s site, we always make sure that it's correct and that the bots will be able to collect exactly the data that you want to provide. Thus, you can rely on the local SEO services that we offer.

Why You Need SEO Optimization for Your Website

  • Advantages of SEO Optimization

At present, the Internet has completely changed the phenomenon of website promotion. Online businesses need the help of SEO professionals as without optimization, much of everyday's traffic is lost. If you do not use search engine optimization, then you should reconsider this. There are many advantages of search engine optimization, some of them can be:

• Increase in profits: Due to the fact that the targeted traffic comes from search engines, there is a big possibility that these people will be interested in buying your product or using your service.

• Low cost and high return: SEO has a low cost compared to other forms of online marketing, and is the most effective method. That's why this promotion technique is so popular today.

• Powerful traffic generator: the search engines give a lot of incoming traffic, and this is not the limit – a lot of people are searching on the Internet every day.

• Brand advertising: the more people see the name of your brand or company in search, the more popular it will be; and the more popular the company's name is, the more trust it will have. Trust and reliability are excellent customer-generators.

Professional optimizers at Wezom can fully optimize your site so that you will have much more targeted traffic than before. The simple fact that SEO provides a strong and long-term rather than a temporary result (such as advertising and buying clicks) means that optimized sites can count on a much higher level of success that will stand the test of time. Instead of getting more limited short-term results from standard advertising, you can try to start working with SEO, and after a while understand how profitable it is.

As you can see, search engine optimization is a highly efficient method to attract the customers, but only with one condition: it should be performed by professionals. Such help is needed not only to avoid penalties for your site due to unprofessional dealing with search engines, but also to increase the number of real buyers, not only visitors. To achieve the best results, our Chicago search engine optimization professionals will determine and implement the proper promotion strategy for your particular business.