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Want to promote your website, but you do not know where to start? Not sure which form of promotion will work best for your business? Start with an SEO Audit. We will prepare a report on all optimization errors and provide you with the guidelines on the methods that will be most beneficial for you.

When is it time to perform an audit? 

  • "I've created a new website." It needs to meet the requirements of search engines, in order to be visible online.
  • "I doubt whether optimization brings any revenue." We will analyze your business sector and prepare a list of your competitors along with a list of the actions that need to be taken in order to stay ahead of the competition.
  • "My website is already being optimized by another agency, but it still isn't visible." We will check whether current activities are effective and prepare the recommendations for better strategy.
  • "I've got my own SEO department and I want to check its effectiveness." No problem. We will be happy to share our experience.

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SEO Audit

Do you think your website can be represented better in the web? No matter how brilliant your web resource is, there always exists some place for improvement. Web-engineers cannot account for all search nuances so after your site is done, you’d better ask some SEO agency to assess your web-performance. Even if a full-scale search engine optimization (SEO) is not your priority right now, you have an opportunity to simply order SEO Audit that fits your current aims.

If your company is headquartered in Chicago and you want to get your website audit done by experienced and qualified professionals, Wezom Studio seems the perfect place to go. Although we conduct SEO website audit any time we plan to make search engine optimization, we don’t refuse to make it without the entire procedure. We are not a SEO audit company but we stay prepared to help clients by giving a piece of advice and revealing areas for improvement so that they will become familiar of how to make their site more attractive for for search engine systems.

Clients like search engine optimization audit because they pay less and then ask their in-house webmasters or separate agencies to implement recommendations. This way they remove the need for further optimization, decrease costs on web resource exploitation, and quickly get new clients from search engine channels. 17 years of expertise and more than 900 successful projects have helped to hone and develop our SEO audit service so as to not omit any substantial detail of web-performance.

How We Implement Seo Audit?

Mere knowledge about what is SEO audit is not sufficient to accomplish it well. Search engines and optimization strategies develop every day, and the way we do such audit differs over time. Now the whole procedure for accomplishing SEO audit by our webmasters includes the following components:

  1. Structural analysis: can you transmute a makeup of your web pages for refining a displaying promptness?
  2. Semantic assessment: is content of your web resource applied to your executed service and do keywords fit nicely with your customers typical requests?
  3. Technical analysis: are there any technical problems deteriorating usage and making search engines throw your webpage back?
  4. Commercial assessment: how well does your site functions compared to competitors and are there any issues causing search engines put competitors before you?
  5. Content assessment: does your content correspond to your business, what is its level of uniqueness, and are there any ways to improve your website in terms of text?
  6. Link analysis: does your internet resource make use of an adequate amount of links; are there any broken links and do links on web pages carry out well on the web?

Structural analysis

Website developers seldom take into account how structural decisions can affect a website’s representation in the Internet. Any site owners stay more disquieted about design features and user-friendliness of resource and only those accustomed to what is a website audit, can assess whether a website composition seems effective or not. Structural analysis stays an indispensable component of every SEO audit and it includes:

  • Analysis of keywords optimization;
  • Appropriateness of using classification for your products portfolio and tag cloud;
  • Assessment of whether PR methods are used productively for expansion in inbound links, and whether there is any improvement of keyword location in search engine results page?
  • Analysis of your link structure in on- and off-page space.

The abovementioned part will never replace website technical audit, but if anything functions abnormally on a structural analysis stage, it sounds like an alarm to webmasters and audit executors.

Semantic analysis

Even though Google engineers have instructed this search engine to record search requests of users, and use machine learning to discern exact essence of every word close to what they’ve been preliminarily looking for, the story does not end here. Straight semantic analysis includes checkup of:

  • Availability of relevant words, safeguarding correct interpretation of target keywords;
  • Relevance of keywords to the scope of resource content;
  • Congruence of images metadata and names applied for construction of your page.

When proper semantic assessment is accomplished, clients will remain absolutely sure that their website will match the requests of demanding audience.

Technical analysis

When users are searching for a company, they don’t like waiting and excessive searching. Owners may spend thousands on keyword optimization but if users face difficulties with turning up web pages, competitive advantage is gone. When we conduct technical site audit, we try to make main emphasis on the following issues:

  1. Can this resource be optimized at all and how well does the URL composition work? SEO tech audit analyzes both site architecture and structure of employed URL for finding out whether optimization will be really worthwhile. From time to time the whole site requires re-engineering in order to take a modest position in search outcomes.
  2. How fast does this website turn up? Clients lose interest if they wait needed resources to turn up for more than 3 seconds (which is apparently not what they expect from you);
  3. Is this website flexibly functional for different devices? It is not a secret that Google checks websites, which are easily accessible from the smartphone, much more severely than those approachable from the computer only;
  4. Are there any issues on keyword cannibalization ( more than two links competing for the same set of keywords, or when the keyword is too heavily used)?
  5. Are there any negative redirect incidents? 302 redirects with redirect chains never assist the site’s performance improvement, SEO technical audit service safeguards that these redirects will be mostly replaced by 301 redirects.
  6. Does the site have any issues of duplicate content or 404 errors? Although these issues are not that telling, opulent amount of them is able to turn your SERP position down dramatically.

Commercial analysis

Every website owner should remember that not only he addresses the professionals to ask for SEO optimization. Competitors also pay money and employ the assistance of the best SEO executives to pull up in SERP. The task of ecommerce SEO audit is not solely checking access and technical features of website, but also idenfitying any areas of improvement for keyword optimization. When we conduct this type of analysis, we usually come up with the following questions:

  • Are targeted keywords chosen properly? If you select the first keys obtained from Adwords, you commence struggling with numerous companies. You may not have enough authority to outpace their SEO strategies and Illinois website SEO audit services are those, who can reveal your linking failures;
  • Are there any keyword opportunities you’ve missed? Sometimes good keywords stay at hand but we reject them as too simple or hackneyed. Keys rejected by everyone can be a determinative option for someone and you will promptly pay back SEO audit cost if you permit us to find these opportunities.

You cannot grab the entire market and in one moment returns on your SEO expenditures might start to decrease. Commercial assessment will assist you in comprehension whether you use your SEO funds in due course and efficiently and whether you stay able to allocate your funds superiorly.

Content analysis

Content is the third important thing after the modest access to the website is reached, and you are complacent with your position on SERP. There is no difference whether you’ve requested text writing from a copywriter or you’ve done it by yourself, you need some external specialist to check how the text is perceived from the reader’s perspective. The problems we are seeking out while doing content analysis include:

  • Is this content original and informative? If your texts are not unique, your webpage is very unlikely to appear on one of the first positions. Owners should use all creativity and apply original ideas, otherwise, readers will mislay this content in contemporary whirl of information;
  • Is the content properly structured and easily readable? If your content is full of long paragraphs, don’t even think of proper SEO. It is necessary to put ourselves in the potential users’ place, and kindly question ourselves do we indeed like this website and its functioning;
  • Does your content really stimulate consumers to purchase your service? In the circumstances of modern marketing, consumers is the main priority of any activity, specifically, your target audience is the key. If your text or the home page composition are not reasonably stimulating, clients are likely to get annoyed and use the competitors’ services instead;
  • How well are keywords included into the content? Sometimes the text uses enough keywords but these keywords make the text unreadable. When implementing content assessment, we constantly endeavor to assess the equilibrium between readability and content utilization and reveal if something goes wrong.

Link analysis

The manner of link construction is one of the crucial parts of search engine optimization. While we implement SEO link audit, we endeavor to assess any link on web pages to reveal any incident of:

  1. Link irrelevancy: are all links successful in reaching the resource they are targeted at?
  2. Link multiplicity: one type of backlinks is never enough, that is why we always check the diversity of links portfolio and search for the most authoritative clusters among them;
  3. Link targeting: websites optimized in the due course always keep the balance between links on a landing page and links directed to peculiar pages of the website.
  4. Link authority: does this site have a sufficient number of links from sites having modest standing and authority?
  5. The velocity of links: permanent links are always more preferable than temporary. We have enough tools to record performance of links within certain period of time, and find out their history.


The procedure of SEO audit used by Wezom Studio is the result of hard work, careful planning, well-developed strategies, and impressive experience. Every component of this procedure is important for practical purposes and we consider each of them when implementing the optimization. Although SEO audit price is much lower than the price of the whole optimization procedure, we put the same efforts to audit in both cases as we deeply respect our clients. Attention to details and more than 15 years of industry expertise will help to determine any weaknesses in your SEO strategy and identify how you can improve your web performance without rivalry with competitors and paying the tremendous amounts for SEO.

Have you set your targets for the position in SERP? Do you want to make your site more efficient and more attractive to consumers and search engines? Let us audit your web performance and tell you what you can do to make search engines your endless source of new clients.

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