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SEO Audit

SEO Audit

The SEO audit provides a detailed internal analysis of your website. It identifies problems that might be keeping you from good search engine ranking.

We have shown how SEO will draw customers’ attention to your site.  An SEO Audit will ensure that everything has been done to help your site rise in the search engine results. If you want your site to appear in the top of the search results, qualified efforts will pay off.

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The internet I littered with millions of websites offering all manner of services. Needless to say, the competition is cut-throat and only the best of the best are able to successfully get customers to visit their websites. Increasing traffic to your website means everything for an online business. Search engine optimization Audit is designed to achieve exactly that. With the ever-changing search engine arithmetic, there is need to audit your site regularly. In this article we will lay bare the secrets of SEO auditing.


When an individual types a key phrase into the browser, they are shooting in the dark. They never know what results they are going to get. It would seem like total chaos, but in the background, the search engine is hard at work, processing large amounts of data from millions of websites and deciding which sites it should present to you and in what order. Thanks to Search Engine Optimization Audit, you can take advantage make your online business successful.

Because SEO is such a crucial factor in getting hits to your website, Search engine optimization Audit (SEO Audit) is done to analyze just how well your site is doing. A SEO audit uncovers the problems that are keeping you down, gives you your current ranking and most importantly outlines a list of adjustments that would drastically improve your ranking.


You can choose to either perform the SEO Audit or hire professionals to do it. It is always better to let experts handle things. Whichever method you decided to use, a good audit should be able to give key information as this will be valuable in improving your site. First and foremost, it should give you a detailed report card of your websites current performance. Secondly, it should prescribe solutions to the current problems.


Technical SEO audit should always be the first auditing process done to your site. This address the technical issues that stop customers from reaching your site. Creating new content for your website would be pointless if they can’t access it in the first place. The technical aspect is broadly categorized into Accessibility and indexing.

ACCESSIBILITY: it simply refers to how easily users are able to reach your websites. HTTP status codes, XML sitemap and site architecture are some of the factors that maybe restricting access to your pages and contents. Robots.txt file may also be an impediment as they are used to restrict crawlers from getting to parts of your website.

INDEXABILTY: this refers to the presentation of the said pages within the search engine. The most common source of a problem is search engine penalty, which can be solved by identifying the reason for the penalty, correcting it and applying for reconsideration. However, in some cases, conducting index checks and page searches are enough to solve the problem.


Once all the other issues have been sorted out, it is time to focus your attention on the website itself. For this reason, it is sometimes called local SEO audit. The individual pages may hold the answer to your problems. The chief suspect in the on-page analysis is the URLs. It makes sense to start your analysis here as URLs are the gateway to your page. A good URL should be short as this makes it easy to type leading to fewer errors. It should also contain the necessary keywords that match with the content of your website. It presents an opportunity for search engine optimization.


Your websites may comply with all the on-site ranking factors but it ultimately boils down to the users. Simply put, on-site ranking factors gets you to the website but it is the off-page ranking factors that make your customers continue to visit your website. The aim of the audit here is to determine just how popular and trustworthy your website is. Popularity in this context refers to how much traffic you are generating as compared to your competition. On the other hand, trust means your site is free from malware and spam.


SEO content audit is the analysis of the actual material your website is about. In essence, it is about the product or service you are offering. Most content creators end up posting conflicting ideas that only end up confusing the customers. The website is supposed to contain relevant material that is needed by the targeted audience. Keywords are also important in this part. However, in an attempt to get the right keyword density, most websites fall victim to keyword cannibalism. This refers to a situation where different pages of a website target the same keyword leading to confusion. SEO content audit also reveals if there are any duplicate issues. Another important aspect is online interaction. Creating conversations is getting half the job done. With social media platforms like Facebook and Google+, you can interact with your customers easily.

Other factors that add overall appeal to the content are the page titles. These should be short and clear. Incorporation of images improves the visual appeal of the page.


Is your website experiencing a dry spell? Have you tried to boost traffic to your website with little or no success? If the answer to any of this question is YES, then the information above must have been really helpful. It is my hope that you already know that quick fixes are merely treating the symptoms and not the disease. Your website may have deeper lying issues that can only be revealed by a complete SEO audit. The importance of SEO Auditing cannot be overlooked. In an age where online marketing has emerged as a real marketing tool for millions of businesses, it is important that you conduct an SEO audit for your website regularly to make sure that it retains that advantage over your competition. Much like our bodies need regular health checks, so does your websites. Search engine analytics are constantly changing and so your website should keep up.

It’s time to take action. Conduct an SEO audit for your website. It is a decision that will pay up.