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Website Optimization

Website Search Engine Optimization (internal) should be understood as a work package that makes it possible to quickly and accurately rank the website by search engines. This raises the website to the top positions of search results.

Although the digital world has gone far ahead of SEO, it is still considered one of the leading ways to enhance a business’s visibility and growth.  In order to get noticed, your business must appear on the top of the search page when a prospect clicks “find.”

When you get search results, for example in the Google system, your attention falls on those sites that are at the beginning of the search thread. How often do you get to the last link – or to the second page?

But insure that your site comes up first in a search, and you will increases the number of regular visitors to your site and raises the number of sales – and profits – you will see.  Support from an experienced SEO expert will help your website and business name rise to the top of the page. 

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What You Need to Know About On Page SEO

On page SEO is a form of website optimization to individual web pages to work with both the content and the HTML source code of a page in order to rank higher in search engines as well as have more relevant traffic driven to your site. When you are optimizing individual web pages, you are essentially working it so that it matches certain criteria of search engine algorithms in order to move up in the rankings and get more visibility. As a full service web agency based in Chicago, we understand how important and effective on page SEO is. And we are here to tell you about how on page SEO can give you a one-up on your competitors by exponentially increasing your visibility.

The Basics

Imagine you’re looking something up on a search engine. How far back in the pages do you go? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even reach the last result on the first page, let along go onto the second page. Now imagine other people searching for similar products or services that you also provide. If your business isn’t on the first page (or maybe not even the second), how much business do you think you’re missing out on? You could be potentially missing out on larger profits. That’s why on page optimization is so crucial to any business’s website. The basics of internal optimization use a handful of essential elements to increase your search rankings, visibility, and even your profits.

The first essential is keywords. This will be particularly helpful if you do keyword research ahead of time. Keywords can be included in everything from longer content (product descriptions, About Us pages, or anything copy that available on your site) to title tags and meta descriptions. For example, we are based in Chicago, so we may include that with other relevant keywords because it matches what our target audience might type in the search engine box. You don’t need to go crazy with keywords but anytime you have the opportunity to write a line of text, think about it in terms of keywords.

Make sure to include some lengthier content on your website. This informs search engines that it is most likely a more in-depth take on whatever topic you’re discussing, and that chances are, it is higher quality information. Search engines are designed to give the highest quality results, so you have to tailor your optimization with that in mind.

As much as you possibly can, avoid duplicate content of any kind. This will raise a red flag to the search engines but will also confuse the search engine because it may not know which version to choose to display in the search results.

The last big element that’s important for on page SEO is improving website performance. Website speed and the ease of navigation are actually both factors that come into play with search rankings. This means you should improve your page loading time, you should make sure that all your website features are functioning properly, and that the navigation is easy to use and relatively intuitive. Your website will not rank well if it’s slow and difficult to use.

The Benefits

  1. You can get better local results. If the location of your customer is highly relevant (maybe you’re a local business, or you only ship to certain areas, or you only provide service to a certain area) you can optimize your website to rank within local search listings. This can be implemented in the landing page, sitemaps, Google map, etc. So, if you’re a business in Chicago you can tailor your business to show up in search results that occur in the Chicago area.
  2. You will definitely have a return on your investment. Whether you have an ecommerce business or not, you’ll be able to track how on page SEO increases your ranking position, the amount of traffic to your website, and more.
  3. You will definitely increase your traffic. The better your on page SEO is, the better your search rankings. And the better your search rankings, the more likely that people will select your business to go forward with.
  4. It’s a powerful marketing tools that tends to be cost effective. It also is worth the investment! The reason why it is so cost effective is because it is targeting a market that is filled with individuals who are actively looking for what you are offering. This means it tends to lead to better rates of conversion.
  5. When you work with effective search engine optimization, the process of internal optimization of the website structure itself will increase the site usability for your customers. Making your website easier to navigate will help you rank higher in search engines, but that will also increase the customer experience.
  6. Increased brand visibility means increased brand awareness. The higher you are on search rankings the more visibility your brand will receive. Even if people don’t choose you initially, you still showed up in their search results. Website search optimization will increase not only your brand awareness, but consumer’s impression of the brand.

How Wezom Can Help

At Wezom Studio, we are experts in on page SEO and website optimization. When you work with an experienced SEO agency, you can be guaranteed that your website and business name will start to rise to the top of search rankings. Our professional optimization guarantee includes making a more user friendly website, increasing your brand awareness, insuring larger profits, and making you much more popular than your competition. You will be sure to have positive returns on investment when you include search engine optimization and on page SEO into your marketing budget.

If you want to boost your marketing efforts with expertly done on page SEO, then contact us today to start your project with Wezom Studio! Have any questions or experiences with on page SEO and website optimization? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.