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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing services

Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of attracting traffic and drawing attention to a product’s brand through social platforms. Social media used as a channel for company’s promotion and other business solutions. Wezom Agency invites you to try our SMM (Social Media Marketing) service to promote your product on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, You Tube, Pinterest, etc.

The cost of social media marketing services depends on the number of actions to be carried out by masters of promotion. Wezom Chicago has over a decade of experience with SMM.  We have extensive resources and include the most unusual and effective methods. This helps us to achieve a successful media marketing experience. Social media optimization services are a new way to attract the target audience, no matter their demographic. If they are on the Internet – and who isn’t? – then SMM is suitable and a good investment for your business. 

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What is Social media marketing services

Of course, most of the activities are designed for the Millennial market, as they are proven to be the most active users of social networks. Social media marketing uses all available resources and sites: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and many others, the most frequently visited by a specific target audience.

Social media marketing also works with various forums and other means of communication among network users. Social media management services do not directly sell, but they help create a positive image of the company to potential customers, gaining credibility for your business.

Ask yourself: do you give your business to a company with high visibility, good reviews, and with a presence on social networks that are open for comment? Or are you more likely to spend your money with an unknown company? Social Media networks build trust for sellers who speak openly about their activities, interact with customers and behave in such a way that it is impossible not to trust them. This greatly improves not only the respect of customers, but also their desire to interact regularly.

Social Media Management Company price varies depending on the level of your business, whether it be the initial stage of your promotion or maintenance of your well-established presence, which is an ongoing process.

Social media promotion is aimed at studying the average representative of your target audience and his or her needs. This is a mistaken view that a positive image is necessary only. In fact, customers appreciate the realism of such projects. To do this, you need to demonstrate not only a satisfied customer, but also what the company refers to as “the sensible objective criticism,” willing and able to resolve conflicts to a  client’s satisfaction.

Social network marketing will be your best friend if you contact us: fast and effective promotion through social networks is our strong point. As soon as your company attracts positive attention from potential buyers, their orders are not long in coming. On the Internet, everything becomes public very quickly and SMO marketing is a great opportunity to wrap the rumors to your advantage.

Services and prices are discussed with each client privately, which is our policy. You will be surprised by the affordability of our work:  we know the value of every word, and understand how social networks run. Watching how your ranking and respect among customers grows – you will feel the power of SMM advertising.

Every company sooner or later thinks about expanding to the online market. However, the creation of a website does not guarantee good sales and a top position on a web search engine. Therefore, entrepreneurs often turn to overall internet marketing optimization – including SEO optimization and SMM. It helps to promote your resource and overtake competitors in website traffic. It is important to note that not every internet marketing company can offer effective professional services. However, if you turn to professionals, the cost of such work will pay off in the nearest future.


Internet marketing services are so popular that expenses on such advertising currently exceeds spending on media, outdoor, and TV advertising. Social media promotion services provide the consumer with all the necessary information about goods or services and allows them to proceed to purchase in the same place.

Customers can save time and effort: they do not have to go shopping because they can find everything on their computers. All he or she has to do is enter a query into an internet search engine to find a necessary product, and order it. Businesses, in their turn, do not have to spend money on numerous employees. In this connection, price on services delivered online is much lower. Thus, the company needs a competent internet advertising agency to increase traffic and profitability.

Remember, as easily as a prospect can find and buy from you, they can just as easily click away to your competitor if they aren’t satisfied.


Internet marketing includes several tools for site promotion. However, a comprehensive approach is the most effective one. Moreover, it is the most flexible method used by online marketing company, which will enable you to achieve rapid (and most importantly – efficient) results.

Services of web marketing company have to lead to the following results:

  • increase of site traffic;
  • introduction of your products or services to the audience;
  • increase of brand awareness;
  • increase of sales;
  • expansion of the target audience;
  • search engine optimization.

In view of the fact that site promotion is complex and ever-changing it should be entrusted to a professional website marketing company only. The right firm will help you to choose the best promotional methods. A typical set of tools of a search marketing agency includes the following:

When used correctly, each of these methods will help you outperform competitors. When selecting a tool for web promotion, internet marketing firms take into account many factors:

  1. The specifics of the client's business. After all, to choose the right solutions, the promoter needs to clearly understand his or her customer.
  2. Target audience. This is one of the key factors that search engine marketing agency has to know to choose the right strategy.
  3. Business planning and strategic goals of the company. This factor is important for a long-term promotion for the successful consolidation in the online marketplace.


Given the multitude of avenues available to promote a website, it is important for an agency to have a professional and competent staff. Wezom Chicago Studio has a broad regular office staff and experienced professional freelancers, who help us to provide services of the best quality. We know that effective and one-sided marketing are incompatible concepts. After all, every new advertising tool can significantly enhance the effect of its predecessors, which can ensure the creation of a foundation for international expansion.

Web analytics statistics allows us to evaluate each tool objectively, in combination or separately. Providing search engine marketing services, viral advertising, SMM, or any other service, we analyze the complete picture, allowing you to make informed decisions about the distribution of the marketing budget of your firm.