How to Communicate with American Customers

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How to Communicate with American Customers: CEO of Wezom Speaks From Experience

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  1. From Kyiv to Chicago – The Main Differences in Mentality
  2. What Do We Know About the USA Client?
  3. Recommendations and Marketing – What Works Better in the USA
  4. Conclusion – Is it Worth Building Business in the USA?

The goal of almost every big or small business in Europe is to reach the American market and gain American clients or partners. This is due to the security American connections can bring when European businesses face issues such as inflation.  

But how difficult and risky is it to enter the American service market? No doubt the competition is rife, however it’s also worth noting the variation in mindset. What may be considered normal in European countries can be considered new and alternative to Americans. 

We interviewed Sergei Guzenko, the CEO of Wezom, and gained valuable insight into the differences in mentality, the difficulties in adapting, and other nuances of cooperating with the American market. 

From Kyiv to Chicago – The Main Differences in Mentality 

During Sergei’s many extended trips to the United States, he was able to identify, in his opinion, the main aspects that Europeans and Americans are extremely diverse in. 

It is one thing to watch American films and listen to stories of foreigners who have briefly lived there, however you can only draw superficial conclusions about the mentality of the people in the States from these sources. 

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Immersing yourself in the culture and way of life for prolonged periods of time will allow for a better understanding of the work culture, as well as, the daily habits of the American people in general compared to those in Europe. The following examples illustrate the varying differences: 

  • There is a blatant gastronomic aspect. To purchase good quality food in America is not cheap and can be hard to come by depending on the area you are located in. The taste can vary from European food, which is to be expected. Medicines can be pricy depending on your economic status due to expensive insurance costs.    
  • Outward appearance. A serious businessman in Ukraine is likely to own an expensive car, luxury watches, brand clothes, and other indications of a "life with money". In America, on the contrary, you cannot distinguish a businessman from other people. The main thing for them is simplicity and quality, which is not necessarily demonstrated by expensive things. 
  • The mentality. This is possibly the most important difference, and it cannot be identified through sight or taste. To understand this difference, you need to talk to customers from America. Everyone with whom you will have business negotiations with will behave attentively and politely towards you. This is not an indication that they are interested in the deal and there is a potential to dismiss and forget about the interaction altogether. This is because American audiences tend to take a long time to make up their minds. For example, while Slavic entrepreneurs will not pass up any opportunity to improve their business and use new connections to do so, American entrepreneurs do not see the long-term benefit of making new acquaintances. 

"It's much easier to build communication with native clients who are developing business in America than with American clients."

Sergei Guzenko 

What Do We Know About the USA Client? 

Despite all our similarities in terms of a business approach to marketing, there is one major difference that makes entrepreneurs from America and Europe very different. 

In the States, narrowness is more developed, which means that a company will not be involved in several sectors at once. For example, if a company is involved in shipping, it will be exclusively one type of shipping, such as freeze shipping.

The logic can be seen in this decision, as it would be strange if, for example, a company engaged in shoemaking suddenly started making cosmetics. This is the main difference between American businessmen, as their attention is directed toward one service sector at a time. 

Wezom's primary target audience in the US is towards logistics company owners, who are involved in the transport of various goods. The company also has the significant advantage of having an office in Chicago. Many companies in 2022  do not have a personal workplace, and so having a company office is critical, as the customer is able to  personally verify the existence of the logistics company. 

Recommendations and Marketing – What Works Better in the USA 

Now let's find the answer to the main question – what works better in the States, marketing or recommendations? It is worth saying that at the outset marketing for each company and each product has to be different. Promotional activities that work great for one kind of service may not work for another kind of service. 

On the other hand, that doesn't mean that marketing and using social media as a promotion won't help your business. In fact, by using LinkedIn, you can find not only new clients but also new employees. For example, we can tell you how to find drivers for your logistics business on this social media platform. 

If you decide to promote your business and your idea, you will need these three key components: 

  • A portfolio 
  • Successful cases 
  • Recommendations

The latter is especially important when looking for new clients. Even when applying for a job, you may be asked for references from your previous workplace. Large clients are no exception – they want to see what your other clientele say about you. 

Statistically, 2 out of 10 clients come by recommendation, and the chances of these clients becoming regulars is much higher. 

"I have always considered recommendations to be one of the channels of marketing. It is a critical part of advertising because when a person recommends someone, he is subconsciously responsible for what he recommends.”

Sergei Guzenko 

Conclusion – Is it Worth Building Business in the USA?

Finally, we would like to emphasize again the importance of reaching out to your customer base, especially in the US market. It is definitely worth doing business with America, especially if it is readily available for you to do so. 

A tip for further development overseas would be to work with customer testimonials. Do not hesitate to ask for feedback from your clients and do not forget to handle negative feedback in the appropriate manner. Getting positive feedback can be difficult, but negative feedback has the potential to be very damaging. 

A final and perhaps obvious tip is to enjoy the work process. After all, it works in both ways – the emotions provoked from the work you do, your clients will see in the services you provide. 

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