Dedicated Team

When Should You Hire 
a Dedicated Team

There are multiple ways to get software that fulfills your business needs. You can use software development services for a custom solution or buy prepackaged or module-based software already available on the market. Another choice is to hire a dedicated team of developers to act upon your business’ requests. When should you hire a dedicated team?

●    Whenever you have your in-house developers that cannot complete the entire project. When the team needs to meet the project completion deadline, but there are not enough developers to make it a reality, you extend your existing team with a dedicated team to complete everything on time.

●    The project is flexible, and you change your team members all the time. Doing so may harm the integrity and reputation of your company, which is why you reach out to a separate entity for a dedicated team. Whenever you need to adjust the project specifications, you can request changes to the team without suffering time and effort. A similar system applies to a situation whenever you need additional people added to the team.

●    You lack a technical view of the project. Sometimes you know what you want to build but lack the resources of qualified technical experts to guide you on some decisions. Our members will develop a full-on technical scope of work with details and explanations. Then, you can be in charge of deciding which route you want to take regarding the technological choice.

●    Project launch is a timely matter for you, and you don’t have the time to hire specific people for the job. Moreover, it would take a while before a new team could efficiently perform the tasks. You would first test their competency and then focus on establishing the appropriate level of team communication. To make it a reality, you would spend weeks. However, if you decide on a dedicated team, you get a fully functional team of experts with experience and a strong level of communication.

How It Works

Requirements Collection

Determining the tasks for which you need a team; understanding the scope of work and results that need to be achieved.
The list of requirements for each team member.

Specialists Selection

Assigning a dedicated team of developers that satisfies the requirements and qualifies for work.
Specialists with the right skill sets are selected to work on your project.

Integration Within The Team

The team gets fully involved in the project and becomes a part of your business.
The team members know exactly what results to achieve, understand requirements, and form a work plan to complete the project.

Report Formation

The team and the business’ stakeholders agree on the development processes, deadlines for project reports, and order control measurements.
The project owner and stakeholders know and control all the development processes.

Project Launch

Setting up work processes and begin the project development.
The project development has launched, and the team is working.

Dedicated Team: When Is It Used?

A dedicated development team is a business model of partnership sed for the development of software. If you have a growing or established company, this model is the best. Your company can outsource the team to have access to professionals able to meet your business goals. It is like an in-house team only in that you don’t need to use HR or bother about taxes and administrative. In short, a dedicated development
team provides selected experts for overseeing a specific project. Here is an overview of the dedicated team model.

Who Makes the Dedicated Team?


Questions & Answers

 Why do you need a dedicated development team? Why do you need a dedicated development team?

Dedicated development teams are a collaboration model, which is widely used in remote work form. Dedicated teams often cooperate with a client on a long-term basis. Usually, dedicated software teams are selected specifically for your company’s professional goals and this kind of collaboration resembles an in-house team.

 What Are the Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team? What Are the Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team?

If you want to hire a dedicated team, the main advantage of this choice will be that you get an outsourced group of experts with unique skills and knowledge. This form of collaboration is used by both startup owners and owners of companies that have been on the market for a long time. The process of recruiting such specialists can be difficult, so hiring a dedicated development team is a better choice in terms of efficiency and resource savings, as well as in matters of finance.

In addition, addressing important business issues in a team increases the chances of finding the right approach as you collaborate with experts who have different views and ideas regarding the situation. Also, a team with a dedicated software development structure is more cost-effective for business owners as one of the significant advantages of such a model is cost reduction.

 How to organize work with a dedicated development team? How to organize work with a dedicated development team?

For the whole period of collaboration, the dedicated development company is a part of your business. In this kind of outsourced working process, you can discuss the issues related to the amount of work and progress directly with dedicated software developers, but the team is paid for the result, and not for the collaboration itself. Since cooperation with ​​dedicated software development teams allows cost reduction, it is suitable for companies that prioritize effective money investment. Also, hiring a dedicated development team may be effective if you need to improve the product features but you are not familiar with the needs of the target market as the members of an outsourced team have unique skills and experience.