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Does Organic CTR Effect SEO Rankings?
One perennial question discussed by SEO specialists is the connection between organic click-through rate and page…
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What Is Semantic Search and What Should You Do About It?
Nowadays SEO experts are doing their best to draw Google’s attention to the well-designed websites. However, a lot of them miss the fact that Google implements a kind of intercourse aimed at developing an algorithm for search results…
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How to Score a Perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights
The faster your website is the more privilege Google grants you. If you make your site load faster, your bounce rate will drop down and you will rank higher in…
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How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search Console in 2018
Fixing crawl errors can be defined as a crucial part of Internet marketing. In the structure of the latter, illustrated by a vivid Portent’s scheme, it corresponds to the "Infrastructure"…
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How to develop an app like uber
Even though a couple of years ago, you wouldn’t hear anyone saying “Let’s get an Uber”, it is today something that’s said pretty often around the world. It’s the go-to phrase when you want to get from point A to point B. But, what is Uber anyways? How did it came to…
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How to claim and optimize your Google My Business Profile
Google My Business is one of the best tools to help small businesses to grow and increase their visibility in the eyes of their customers and prospects. You can use it to verify and edit your company info in order to enable your customers find you easily and tell them your…
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Small Advertising Budgets for Big Results
Are you a small business seeking to get big results out of your advertising efforts but without increasing your size? If you are, this article seeks to show you the possibilities of achieving all this without spending a…
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Content Strategists: What You Should Know About Them
In an information age where content is king, it is no longer tenable just to have information, especially where it involves an online audience. The reason is that the Internet is filled with excess information, and hence, your content is most likely to be swallowed in a sea of…
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Neuromarketing Fundamentals
Since its dawn in the early 90s, neuromarketing has increased in scope and adaptation within different industries. But before proceeding, how well do you know this genre of marketing? If you desire to learn more about it, then it is necessary to remain with this discourse up to the…
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How Long Should Content Be?
Creating a blog post is not enough to promote your business ideas. You need to do it right to achieve at least some kind of significant results. One of the most common questions all business owners have is about how long articles and everyday posts should…
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