Software for Transportation & Logistics
Software for Transportation & Logistics
Software for Transportation & Logistics
Software for Transportation & Logistics
Software for Transportation & Logistics
Software for Transportation & Logistics

Software for Transportation & Logistics

Software Development Company

We develop superb and custom software for your business to boost logistics and supply chain processes. We design and build powerful TMS, CRM, E-Commerce, and ERP systems for desktop, iOS, and Android platforms. Our apps will forever optimize your operational performance and reduce your expenses.

We'll Help You

We'll Help You
Optimize logistics chain operations
Improve data organization
Automate business processes
Boost fleet performance
Improve customer relationships
Make digital transition seamless
Scale your business
Improve warehouse performance
Reduce operational expenses by up to 30%

Maximize your efficiency with a logistics software development company

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Analysis & Plan Specification
Consultation With an Expert
Meeting 15 min
Requirements Collection and Idea Validation
Meeting 15 min
Brainstorming with the team and choosing the right solution 2-3 days
Commercial Offer Presentation
Meeting 45-90 min
Contract Approval and Signing
Meeting 15 min
Assigning a personal manager to be in touch with you 24/7 and forming a development team
Sprint 1. Discovery Stage 2-4 weeks
Project architecture development
UX Design/Backlog/Roadmap
Weekly meetings 60 min
Official report
Sprint 1 results presentation
Sprint 2 - N. Development
Weekly meetings Weekly meetings 60 min
Official report
Weekly results presentation
Releasing & Support
Regression Testing
Cloud based or on-premise installation
Partying and celebrating!
30-Day Warranty Technical Support
Maintenance & Support
Negotiated individually

What We Do

Our developers use the latest and the most efficient for scalability technologies for both web and mobile application development. We build solutions that satisfy all your needs.


Questions & Answers

 What software is used in logistics? What software is used in logistics?

Software for logistics companies mainly includes solutions that are designed to boost the company’s efficiency and profit. Tools like transportation management systems (TMS), customer relationship management systems (CRM), and other software for logistics management are commonly used in this industry. The main goal of logistics software systems is to organize and automate processes.

 What are the main activities of logistics systems? What are the main activities of logistics systems?

Logistics software solutions consist of three main activities: order processing, inventory management, and freight transportation. Logistics transport software covers different aspects of all of these processes as they require accuracy and attention to detail. Order processing is a series of actions taken from the time an order is placed to the time it is delivered to the client. This activity includes the following: picking orders, sorting them, shipping, and tracking the progress of each order. Inventory management refers to storing and using inventory and freight transportation refers to the movement of goods. Vehicle management systems are designed to help with multiple details included in these activities so everything goes well.

 Do you develop SaaS products for the logistics industry? Do you develop SaaS products for the logistics industry?

Our company develops SaaS software solutions for logistics for mobile and other platforms. The services we provide include SaaS logistics tracking software and other types of tools for transportation businesses. Freight and logistics software in the form of SaaS solutions are usually more affordable and convenient in the working process for transportation businesses.


Working with them has been very positive. Our CRM system is working perfectly, and the knowledge level has also improved. Adding on to that, our workshop app has made it easy to manage processes with our customers. Thanks to their help, we’ve duplicated our contact with our customers.

Peter Sachse,
Country Manager, John Deere UA

They tried to understand our desires to find out the optimal solution for the implementation of the app.

Yelena Semegen,
Digital Service Specialist, Delivery Group

We were very pleased with the completed projects, we completed everything even ahead of schedule. All promptly, efficiently.

Dmytro Khoptiuk,
CMO, UTEC Logistics

Their communication was excellent, and all decisions were reasoned and explained from a technical point of view. There were always several solutions of problem. We are satisfied with the result.

Vadym Tarasenko,
Head of Digital Marketing, Riel


We create logistics management software for all platforms
Creating powerful web-applications that take care of the customer's needs and customer service in the most efficient ways. We develop web-services, corporate websites, progressive web apps, single-page web-applications, B2C and B2B portals, e-commerces, marketplaces, and much more.
We create robust tools that boost your performance on every convenient platform. Our desktop applications are immersive, vigorous, and pragmatic. We make sure to optimize our applications for any device using the latest and most efficient technologies.
Whether we are developing an extension to the main digital resource or building an SaaS from scratch that is only available on mobile platforms, we always make it high-quality with top notch performance no matter what.

Software Development Services We Provide

Custom Software Development
At Wezom we provide a full development cycle to deliver the highest quality solution that is unique to your business. Much of our work is focused on listening, studying, and understanding our client’s vision, industry, and processes to create instruments that extend the capabilities of your business.
When creating applications for our clients, we make sure to cover everything in regards to functionality, performance, and scalability. By aligning the most practical development methodologies with the level of experience of our team, we build MVPs that are nearly identical to the full product.
Dedicated Team
Our approach to working with clients is entirely custom, which is why we assign a new team of qualified experts for each project we begin. The system ensures that the right people with the right skills work on specific parts of your project. With more than 2000 cases and 22 years of experience, we became experts in building teams that deliver fast and high-quality results.

Logistics software Development for Your Business

If you own a business that deals with retail, manufacturing, and distribution, you already know that having a transport management system (TMS) is critical. It allows you to manage and enhance the daily operations of your transportation companies. The work of this system is to plan and implement the physical movement of your goods. Having TMS software optimizes your operations and enhances the functioning of your business. Here is the importance transportation software development.

Less Paperwork

TMS systems help in the automation of accounts. This saves money and time used in paperwork. It eliminates errors in billing and invoices. In turn, it improves efficiency in overall operations.

Optimized Supply Chain Management

When integrated into the supply chain, this system provides a clear view of the whole supply chain. This allows managers to act up and solve issues before they happen.