Case Studies

See how Wezom has helped its clients achieve their vision of digital innovation

eCommerceSaaS for End-to-End Analytics

Development of a SaaS for end-to-end analytics for small and medium-sized businesses, marketing agencies, and marketing experts

Oil & GasBilling CMS for the Energetic Company

Development of a CMS for accounting and management of financial transactions and billing of services provided by the company to its customers

Logistics (Transportation)MVS fuel optimization app

Development of a custom expenses optimization app to display on the way of drivers all gas stations with current fuel prices

Logistics (Transportation)Gamma TMS

Development of a custom TMS to automate and synchronize business processes of the trucking company’s departments.

Implemented projects in IT
Oil & GasWorkFlow system for the Energetic Company

Development of a document management system for creating, processing, receiving, transferring, saving, and archiving documents at the enterprise.

AgricultureIndustrial Project

How we created five digital platforms that have changed the client's business

Logistics (Transportation)EasyLoad TMS

Development of a complex SaaS TMS solution for logistics business

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We digitalize businesses, create ecosystems

New technologies are not an end in themselves, and not progress for the sake of progress. They should make our life better, give new opportunities, reveal the creative potential of a person. The mission of IT company WEZOM is to transform business with the help of technology, to give it the tools for sustainable growth.

The economy of the future will be primarily digital, which means that businesses cannot do without investments in digital. The only question is how to extract the maximum return from these investments. Our IT product company has been creating digital business solutions for over 23 years. We firmly know how to make IT products for solving applied problems, avoiding typical mistakes, non-obvious problems and “draining” budgets.

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