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Gun shop STVOL

Leader in the Ukrainian arms retail market, one of the flagships of the national shooting culture. Over the 30 years of its existence, the company has built an all-Ukrainian trading network and created the largest indoor shooting range in Europe.

At the beginning of 2021, the company approached us with ideas to create a new online store. The old STVOL website was hopelessly outdated by that time: it was inconvenient for users, it worked slowly and did not make it possible to implement new plans.

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Goals and objectives

Create "Amazon for Guns" and introduce the unique indoor shooting range STVOL

Design a new UX, give users modern e-Commerce conveniences
Create a flexible and convenient product catalog, display the current product balances on the site
Present indoor shooting range of the company
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Developed a new product catalog, integrated payment and delivery services, implemented voice search

Technology used
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Human directory

The catalog has a flexible system of filters, the product range is uploaded to the site directly from 1C. Modules of popular delivery and payment services are implemented in product cards

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Smart Search

Elasticsearch technology makes it possible to find the right product in a couple of seconds. The search window understands user errors and returns correct results even if the client has confused the keyboard layout

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Indoor shooting range presentation

A separate landing page and catalog are implemented for the shooting gallery. The client clearly sees what you can shoot from

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A promising tool for increasing sales online

Already, the new site is increasing conversions and attracting a younger audience. The company received a modern platform on which it will be possible to implement new ideas without restrictions.

UPD:The result of the work was an increase in the number of orders by more than 30% in the first period of the project launch and also an increase in the average bill.

Project manager
UX Designer
Frontend Developer
QA Engineer
Backend Developer
UI Designer
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