DelightDale: Fine wines and delicacies for sale online



The client approached us with the idea of creating an up-to-date, user-friendly online gourmet food store featuring premium products: exquisite cheeses, meat delicacies, collector's wines, and more. DelightDale is a fictitious name, as we cannot disclose the real title due to NDA.

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Goals and objectives

We have created a complex eCommerce system for food industry

A web store and a crossplatform mobile app developed based on a unified backend;
A CRM-enabled admin panel implemented for the food and beverage eCommerce store;
An AI-powered personalized product search and recommendation system built and integrated.
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Convenient and elegant luxury products market in your smartphone

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Bestsellers section

A special homepage section makes user navigation through the catalog simple and encourages action.

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AI-based personalization

Smart algorithms process user profile information, browsing history, and purchase history to provide personalized recommendations.

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User cabinet

Users can customize their profile, save order history, and manage notifications.

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Premium food eCommerce with fine dining aesthetics

DelightDale offers more than just gourmet food — it provides a space for aesthetic pleasure, high-end culinary culture, and vivid emotions after each order.

The project’s first phase was the launch of the online store, which was quite successful and has already received positive feedback from satisfied users. A robust admin panel and backend will serve as a solid foundation for further business development. The next step will be the release of a cross-platform mobile app, which is planned for the near future.

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