Web Development Case Studies

See how Wezom has helped its clients achieve their vision of digital innovation

Oil & GasCase: CRM in ERP

In 2021, we were approached by a client representing a conglomerate of companies in the field of gas and electricity distribution services to develop a custom CRM system. At the time of the first contact, these companies used disparate ready-made software, such as Microsoft Dynamics.

eCommerceCybersecurity in eCommerce: How to wipe out weaknesses

How we analyzing a digital company for weaknesses with our service Cybersecurity in eCommerce

Logistics (Transportation)EasyLoad TMS

Development of a complex SaaS TMS solution for logistics business

Implemented projects in IT
EducationCorporate platform WEZOM INFO

We launched a personal cabinet for onboarding, staff education, and recruitment automation.

eCommerce, ManufacturingCooper&Hunter: AI for customer calls

We created an innovative VoIP telephony platform for an industrial giant. Also, we used AI to automate the processing of applications.

Oil & GasERP with Dedicated Team in OIL&GAS

Development of a custom Enterprise Resource Planning System for a company in an oil and gas sector

EducationWEZOM Academy: a platform for online learning

By creating a platform for gamified online learning and a new personal student dashboard, we achieved a 30% increase in IT course sales.

Our clients

Logistics (Transportation)
Nova Lines of America is one of the market leaders in the trucking industry. The company's trucks deliver daily throughout the United States, adhering to demanding standards and regulations.
Real Estate
A 3D modeling and rendering company in the real estate industry. This industry utilizes virtual staging services and is extremely popular in the US. The client used well-known file sharing systems such as WeTransfer and Dropbox to transfer files.
GRATA International is a dynamically growing international law firm to serve projects in Eastern Europe.
Logistics (Transportation)
Interpipe is a leading global steel pipe manufacturer based in Ukraine with more than 25 years of industry experience. Interpipe's success is due to its state-of-the-art production facilities, advanced technology and skilled workforce of 12,000 employees.
Roshen is a Ukrainian confectionery corporation, one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
Logistics (Transportation)
Loadaza is a trucking company based in the Chicago area with over 10 years of experience transporting cars, trucks, and appliances. Known in the tight-knit Chicago trucking community.
A large hosting provider.An ambitious idea was realized for the company to launch its own cloud-based VOIP service that would surpass all online telephony available in the market.
Metinvest is an international mining and metals group of companies. The group includes mining and metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine, Europe and the USA
WEZOM team has been developing its own educational direction for more than 10 years. Our teachers train future coders, designers, testers, managers and other specialists. In 2019, we thought about creating online courses that allow students to study remotely.
Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) is the European division of Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG). TMHG is part of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO). It is the world's leading manufacturer of loading equipment and warehouse equipment.
Cooper & Hunter International Corporation was established in 1916, the focus of which is the manufacture of Cooper & Hunter air conditioners.
Deere & Company is an American engineering company that manufactures agricultural, construction and forestry equipment.
Logistics (Transportation)
Aptiv PLC (formerly known as Delphi Automotive PLC) is an international company, the largest manufacturer of automotive components in the world. The company is included in the S&P 500.
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New technologies are not an end in themselves, and not progress for the sake of progress. They should make our life better, give new opportunities, reveal the creative potential of a person. The mission of IT company WEZOM is to transform business with the help of technology, to give it the tools for sustainable growth.

The economy of the future will be primarily digital, which means that businesses cannot do without investments in digital. The only question is how to extract the maximum return from these investments. Our IT product company has been creating digital business solutions for over 24 years. We firmly know how to make IT products for solving applied problems, avoiding typical mistakes, non-obvious problems and “draining” budgets.

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