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Our client is a 3D modeling and rendering company for the real estate industry. This industry uses virtual staging services and is extremely popular in the United States.

Client used well-known file-sharing systems like WeTransfer and Dropbox to transfer files. They are convenient, but there is no way to link file transfer to bill payment with such services and as a result, 15-20% of the studio's work remains unpaid

Costumer needed a way to send the results of their work to clients in a safe way and hence the concept of was born.

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The development process was generally stable: we established SCRUM and moved in sprints with a slight lead time. It took the team just over four months to create the MVP.
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In addition, the team presented the results of each sprint separately. Technical experts and team leads could answer any questions, evaluate some of the client's assumptions, and suggest new features.
Goals and objectives

At the start, the goal of the development was very simple: to create a web service with paid file transfer functionality.

In the first phase, we created an MVP where the contractor could upload their images to the server, and the customer could preview them in a reduced quality, pay for them, and download them.
The platform had to work from any browser, integrate seamlessly with any payment method, and provide fast and reliable file uploads/downloads.
If successful, this small tool could be turned into a secure content sales service for creative businesses.
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The client asked for the integration of payment services

The platform lets the file seller, the file buyer, and the platform all talk to each other in three ways. And while Stripe has already implemented such functionality, PayPal is in the beta testing phase. Its implementation requires close communication with the service representatives.

But all these are administrative and bureaucratic difficulties rather than technical ones. All of them will be resolved.

Technology used
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The launch of an MVP with key functionality

The key functionality of the service is paid file transfer.

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The platform should attract similar companies and freelancers who want to sell their content safely

That's why, almost immediately after the successful launch of the MVP, the team started working on a new version of the product.

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The "second" version of MakeIt not only provides a mechanism for paid file transfer but also provides the platform's partners with all related services.

 In fact, it is a simplified CRM system where content makers can manage their digital sales. A number of features have been implemented for such users:

  • a database of companies/customers and filters for them;
  • the ability to export data from all transfers (for example, in the format of excel spreadsheets);
  • integration with third-party cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox)
  • The ability to download all your transfers as a single archive;
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Result Results

We managed to fully realize the client's idea of creating a simple and fast paid file transfer system that helps creatives minimize financial risks.

The new version of has been released recently; today it is a beautiful and convenient platform for securely selling visual content, attracting photographers, artists, designers, and 3D modelers.

The client already has a plan for the new version of the product: it can become a SaaS platform where accounts can be sold on a subscription basis to companies or independent freelancers.

We are happy to assist them with their vision. Here is a service that can change the lives of freelancers for the better once and for all.

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