Developing a Custom LMS: Advancing Global Learning Practices


WEZOM Academy

The WEZOM team has been developing its own educational program for over 10 years. Our teachers train future coders, designers, testers, managers, and other specialists. In 2019, we started thinking about creating online courses that would allow students to study remotely.

However, high-quality online courses require a powerful digital platform. We were not satisfied with the "boxed" solutions for remote learning available on the market - they had limited functionality and students did not like them. So it was time to build our own EdTech system from scratch.

We set out to create a new custom learning management system. In world practice, such platforms are called Learning Managment System (LMS).

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Goals and objectives

Goals and Objectives of The LMS

create a new personal account with four user roles: admin, student, tutor, and teacher
develop a rating and evaluation system, gamify learning;
to implement an internal chat for convenient and seamless" communication between teacher and student;
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Out LMS Solution

We implemented the concept of a modern web-based online course platform that is convenient for students and teachers.

Technology used
Material UI
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New personal account

The web application has four user roles: admin, teacher, tutor, and student. Each student is assigned a teacher and a tutor. Teachers are responsible for recording lessons and QA sessions, and tutors check homework.

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Gamified learning process

Students can see the rating of their group members in their personal account, which is based on the course completion. The competitive element motivates students to put more effort into their studies.

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Integrating chat with a teacher directly into classroom practice

The chat looks like a typical messenger window. Through it, students can not only ask general questions, but also "tie" their request to a specific homework assignment, saving time for themselves and the teacher.

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A digital educational hub that attracts students and motivates them to succeed

The new WEZOM Academy platform has made it possible to speed up learning and automate internal processes.
Thanks to the introduction of a rating system, the number of students who complete all their homework has increased by 76%. But the best results are in attracting new students and increasing their interest in learning. The release of the new platform has increased course sales by 37%, and the rate of completion of courses to the end (to obtain a certificate) has increased by 48%.

Project manager
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Backend Developer
UI Designer
Product Managers
QA manual and QA automation
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