Cooper&Hunter: digitalization for top manufacturer of air conditioners


The Cooper&Hunter Company

The Cooper&Hunter company is one of the world leaders in production of home and industrial air conditioners. Last year in November, brand representatives turned to us in search of digital tools to organize the work of technicians, simplify repair and maintenance of units.

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Goals and objectives

Creating a digital infrastructure from several tools connected by a common backend and admin panel.

Develop a cross-platform service application;
Create a corporate website;
Combine these tools through a new backend and admin panel.
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We developed a cross-platform mobile application and website, combined them on a new backend.

Technology used
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New mobile application

Cross-platform development for IOS and Android, with two user roles. The owner of the air conditioner can register it in the system. The technician can order components and communicate directly with technical support in the chat.

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Find solution mechanism

The find solution mechanism is implemented on the new corporate website - a selling feature that replaces the salesperson-consultant. The user can adjust the climate system in a couple of mouse clicks.

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New backend and admin panel

It is a convenient foundation for the entire digital ecosystem with unlimited potential for scaling.

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Convenient and high-quality digital maintenance on new software

In just six months, we went through the entire cycle of developing a large digital ecosystem - from the stage of searching for ideas to the release of the finished product. New tools greatly simplified the work of technicians - repairing equipment, ordering spare parts, communicating with Cooper&Hunter technical support. In the future, the ecosystem will receive another user role - for corporate clients from the B2B segment. It is about mass maintenance of hundreds of air conditioners at enterprises, engineering maintenance of complex and large-scale climate systems

Project manager
UX Designer
Frontend Developer
QA Engineer
Backend Developer
UI Designer
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