Cooper & Hunter

Cooper & Hunter is an American company with a century of history. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air conditioners. The CH team reached out to us with the problem of processing service requests. Their managers had to write down the serial numbers of the equipment manually, under the dictation of customers by phone. This process had to be simplified and automated.

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Goals and objectives

Individually develop an online telephony platform, and implement serial number input using AI for voice recognition

To build an infrastructure for online telephony.
Create a web application for VOIP management and service call processing management.
Implement voice recognition functionality in the platform using AI.
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We developed a complex VOIP business platform from scratch

In most cloud IP telephony services, such features are not available today.

Technology used
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Individual development of IP telephony for businesses

The solution ensures the processing of telephone requests by sales, support, and service departments.

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A web application for processing requests with IP telephony.

The personal account contains several modules:

  • call queue screen, which contains information about clients;
  • call history;
  • recordings of all conversations;
  • analytics on all managers and conversations.
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OpenAI voice recognition.

The user can dictate the serial number of his product into the microphone, and AI instantly transforms what he hears into text for automatic search in the database.

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Automation of application processing and a new level of service

The new online telephony platform helped Cooper&Hunter simplify and speed up internal processes for working with clients and saved managers tens of hours of working time.

At the same time, the company's clients received faster and better service. If earlier during the “high season” the user could remain without a response from the manager due to excessive load on the call center, now not a single call is lost in the system.

Project manager
Frontend Developer
QA Engineer
Backend Developer
UX/UI Designers
VoIP Engineer
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