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Dispatch and Shipment Management System

About Dispatch and Shipment Management

What is Dispatch and Shipment Management

The core of any solid supply chain model is a well-coordinated movement of resources. Achieving cost-efficient transportation of goods requires implementing a system that automates logistics processes associated with navigating products, fleet, people, or any related business assets. Dispatch and shipment management systems come in handy to deal with such tasks.

 Dispatch and Shipment 
 Management System Features 

Dispatch and Shipment management software will drastically improve the operational performance of your business. It all depends on which areas you want the system to be focused on the most - fleet organization features, call center management, document management, task generation functionality, or vast route optimization capabilities. In general, a custom dispatch and shipment management software, you can expect to have the following features:

●    end-to-end driver and fleet visibility;

●    data centralization and unified control panel;

●    the ability to add integrations, functionality, and scale the system to your needs;

●    predictive data analytics and reporting tools;

●    automated notifications for clients and management;

●    task-generating capabilities for drivers and employees;

●    automatic route planning for optimized deliveries.

Development Stages

Project Evaluation

Research and identify your logistics opportunities and needs; determine tasks to solve with the product; estimate resources needed for the project.
Preliminary work assessment: estimating the time and cost for the development.

System and Functionality Specifications

Select the technologies, platforms, build system design, and product functionality based on your requirements and expectations.
Full development work plan.

UI/UX Design

Structure the entire system using visualization tools; develop the prototype and design.
Visualized product; you know exactly what to expect, engineers know exactly what to build.


Front-end development (client-oriented part); back-end (system-oriented part).
Practically functional system.


Find and fix defects; make sure the product satisfies your expectations and our standards.
Dispatch and shipment management system is ready for launch.

Deployment and Support

Release the product and make it available for the end-users; train the employees to use the system; provide system support and updates during the process.
Your dispatch and shipment management system is live and makes your business more profitable.