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Delivery Group Client

Delivery Group is a leader in transportation and logistics services for B2B segment with more than 20 years of experience. The company manages 430 warehouses nationwide and provides services to more than 500 customers each month.

Goals and objectives

Create a cross-platform mobile application with fresh design and multiple advanced features

Redesign the previous system
Implement new digital tools to automate transportation processes
Create a user-friendly application with the most intuitive interface
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We designed a new structure, developed a CN calculator and new services

  • Allow inspection of cargo, impose and remove a ban on delivery;
  • Change the recipient, sender and payer, change the type of payment;
  • Readdressing of cargo both within the settlement and to other settlements;
  • Creation of templates and draft receipts;
  • Convenient tracking, which shows the location of the cargo and its status;
  • Search for a warehouse or office using geolocation and a list;
  • Access to your data in the loyalty program - information about the weight of transportation and the tariff plan;
  • Parcel alias for the Sender role
  • "Service Investigations" option

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New Structure

We divided the structure into three parts: primary, commercial, and informational sections. The structure of the app contains more than 70 different screens.

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New Design

The design we developed is consistent and adheres to the brand's image of Delivery Auto. We also made it clean and convenient for the users to understand and navigate with ease.

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CPQ System

The app automatically generates quotes based on the freight, type of delivery, plans, and other parameters.

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Tripling Downloads and Doubling Conversions

The result of our work is a cross-platform instrument that allows Delivery Auto's clients to go through the delivery cycle with ease and convenience: from invoice generation until delivery to the final destination. Using just a mobile device, the user can input delivery info, receive the price for the services, and receive the services themselves with just a few clicks.

After we launched the product, the organic downloads skyrocketed by 300%. The app was featured in App Store’s top 30 and Google Play's top 20 in the Business categories. During the first 9 months after the release, Delivery Auto increased its customer base by two times compared to the same period for the last year.

Project manager
UX Designer
QA Engineer
UI Designer
Flutter Developer
Product Managers
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